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Author: Jaci Burton

And his jaw dropped.

Liz was on the bed, the only light in the room from candles lit on the nightstands. She was dressed in some silky, flimsy thing that rode high on her thighs and barely covered her breasts.

He went hard in an instant.

"Did we have a date I didn't know about?" he asked as he entered the room.

She was reclining on her side, her head resting on her hand. "No, but we were interrupted this morning. I thought we could finish what we started."

She patted the bed.

"Hell, yes."

As he walked toward the bed, he kicked off his shoes and pulled his shirt over his head. Liz sat up and crawled toward the end of the bed, her breasts nearly visible as she bent over.

"I like whatever it is you're wearing. Or almost not wearing."

She tilted her head back and gave him one hell of a sexy smile. "I bought it to tease you with."

While she unzipped his pants, he drew one of her straps down. "You aren't going to be wearing it long."

She sat on her heels. "That's the idea."

He shucked his jeans and underwear, his cock springing right into her hands. "Now, this is about where we were this morning, weren't we?"

Her hands were warm, her mouth inches away from giving him exactly what he'd spent the day thinking about. "I've been aching for your mouth on me all day."

"Is that right?" She fell forward onto her stomach, that slinky little thing she wore creeping up over her shapely ass, revealing that she had . . . absolutely nothing on underneath it.

His cock twitched and he surged forward, thrusting it into her hands.

"A little eager, are you?"

He looked down at her. "You know it. Now suck me."

"I get all tingly when you give me orders." She put her beautiful lips around his cock head, at the same time her tongue wound around him. Then she drew him into the sweet heat of her mouth, inch by slow, torturous inch, deliberately prolonging his pleasure.

"Aw, babe, that's so good." He bent forward and lifted the shift she wore, revealing the globes of her ass. He smoothed his hand over her flesh, parting it with his fingers so he could get to her pussy.

She was wet, and he slid his fingers into her at the same time she engulfed him, taking him deep.

"Fuck," he whispered, closing his eyes as she sucked him. "You're so good at that."

Her answering hum around his cock made his balls tighten. And when she withdrew, his cock wet from her mouth, it was all he could do not to shove back into the sweet warm cavern and come down her throat. But he wanted to explore her body. She'd gone to all the trouble of the candles and wearing that outfit that was driving him crazy. He wanted to be inside her, drawing her close, inhaling her scent and pumping into her. That's where he wanted to come.

So he pulled her up to her knees, drew her body against his, and kissed her, sweeping his hands over her curves and enjoying the feel of her breasts against his chest. Even after more than a year of marriage, Liz hit his hot buttons. She turned him on with an animal passion that still surprised him. He could never seem to get enough of her, and now that baseball season was over and he was home on a regular basis, he could indulge in his need for her.

He pushed her onto her back on the bed.

"Anxious?" she asked, her voice a husky, teasing caress.

"Yeah." He spread her legs and eased his cock into her, watching her face as he entered her. One thing he'd always loved about Liz was the way she enjoyed sex-no-holds-barred, always fully into it. She loved making love with him as much as he enjoyed being with her. And as she arched her hips and took him inside, he knew once again that he'd found the perfect woman for him.

He grasped her hips and pulled her down on his cock, listening to the sounds of her breathing, the moans and whimpers she made as he pumped into her. That silk riding over her hips drove him crazy, so he leaned over her, pulled the straps down and took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking it as he fucked her.

"Yes," she whispered against him. "Harder."

He gave her what she asked for, both with his mouth and with his cock. Her pussy squeezed his dick, making him fight for control.

"Kiss me," she said, and he moved up to take her mouth.

She sucked his tongue, making him groan and plunge his cock deeper. Liz moaned, writhing underneath him.

"That's going to make me come," she said.

He lifted up, met her gaze, and ground against her, giving her what she needed-a slow, hard deep movement that made her eyes widen.

And when she came, she raked her nails down his arms and shuddered against him. Unable to hold back, he went with her, his orgasm rocking his world and stealing his breath, like it always did.

Liz wrapped her legs around him and held him there while they both settled from the aftermath. She smoothed her hands down his arms, pressing a kiss and a love bite to his shoulder.

"That was a great way to end the day," he said.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. I sure did."

He rolled to his side, bringing Liz with him. She shivered, so he pulled up the blankets and they lay there. He hadn't been much of an after-sex cuddler before Liz came into his life, but now he enjoyed holding her in his arms, listening to her breathe.

"I took a pregnancy test this morning," she said.

He stilled. "And?"


He heard the flat tone of her voice. She tried to be nonchalant about it, but he knew how much it hurt her, how much she wanted to have a baby. He wanted to have one with her, so he kept the disappointment out of his voice. "It's okay, babe. We'll keep trying."

She sighed. "Yes, we will."

This was such a touchy subject, and Gavin never knew how to approach it . "It's going to happen."

She sat up in bed and leaned against the pillows. "I know it will. I'm determined."

He pushed up and sat next to her, giving her a grin. "If there's one thing I know about you, it's that you won't let anything stand in your way. But you have to relax about this. We'll get there."

"You're so sure. How can you be so sure?"

"Easy. I have insider information."

She tilted her head to the side and frowned. "Huh?"

"Let's check the magic cock of knowledge and see what it says."

She gave him a look of utter disbelief "What the hell are you talking about?"

He pulled the sheet back, grabbed his shaft. "You know, like the Magic 8 Ball."

She studied his dick and balls. "I don't know, Gavin. I only see two balls down there. Not eight. Unless you've been hiding six more somewhere."

He laughed. "Trust me. My cock knows all."

She arched a brow, raised her knees, and wrapped her arms around them. "Okay, this is interesting. Do go on."

He shook his cock back and forth, like all the kids used to do with their Magic 8 Balls. He could tell Liz was trying hard not to laugh.

"Oh, magic cock, is there a baby in our future?" he asked.

Her lips curved. "And what does the magic cock of knowledge say?"

He grasped his balls in his hand. "It says I've got your baby right here."

She laughed, then rolled over on top of him. "You always know just the right thing to say."

He wrapped his arms around her and tugged her close. "Stick with me, babe. You'll never go wrong."

Chapter Three

The family had gotten a suite at the stadium for the football game, all of them gathered together to share Mick and Cole's day.

Liz had stopped off at the owner's suite first thing to schmooze with Ted Miller, the owner of the St. Louis Traders, the home stadium. As an agent, it was her job to make sure her clients were well represented. Not that she represented Cole, but she had clients on the Traders as well as the San Francisco Sabers. She didn't take up too much of Ted's time, because she had a stop over to make at Irvin Stokes' suite as well. Touching base with the owner of the Sabers was equally as important. She wanted him to know she was there to support all of her clients. It was a perfect opportunity to mix in a little business with pleasure.

As soon as she finished with the work portion of her day, she went back to the family suite. Opening the door was like a burst of warmth and her heart swelled. Having no family of her own-at least, no family that loved and supported her, the Rileys belonged to her now.

"Liz. I was wondering where you'd wandered off to."

Gavin's mother had spotted her immediately, which wasn't at all a surprise. Kathleen Riley was great at taking care of her family, always making sure everyone felt welcome.

"I had some work to take care of."

Kathleen shook her head. "You're always working. When do you ever take a day off?"

Liz laid her hand over Kathleen's arm. "I take plenty of days off, Mom. Don't you worry about me. So what's to eat in here?"

"Well, not my lasagna for sure. But there's a lot of good stuff including some antipasto, chicken wings . . ."

Kathleen led her to the food, and Liz was hungry, so she filled a plate and grabbed something to drink. Kathleen chatted with her for a few more minutes and then wandered off to see to another family member. Liz spotted Savannah and Alicia huddled together at one of the tables and made her way over to them.

"Private conversation?" she asked, not wanting to intrude in case they were talking about something they'd rather she didn't hear.

Savannah offered up a smile. "Not at all, Liz. Please, come join us."

Liz took a seat and set down her plate and drink. "How are the boys looking out there?"

"Just warm-ups," Alicia said. "So nothing exciting yet."

"Good. Then I have time to eat while Savannah tells me about her trip to Chicago."

"It was good. And not sports-related for a change, so that was rather refreshing."

"As I recall, some CEO of a tech company, wasn't it?" Liz asked.

"Yes. A young techno-wizard, came out of nowhere. One of those kids that created something out of nothing and is now a multimillionaire. But now he's taking his company public and he needed an image makeover in the worst way. He's brilliant, but a bit socially awkward, and his style- Well, let's just say it was better suited to his parents' basement than to the cover of Time magazine."

Alicia smiled. "You're just the right person to give him the social and style makeover he needed."

"It was fun, actually. He's a great young man and he's definitely going places. I brought in a team to assist me with a fashion makeover and he and I spent a lot of time working on the social aspects of his persona. He's smart and very hip and I didn't want to change that about him. He just needed a few lessons in how to respond to the media so he didn't come across as . . ."

Savannah seemed at a loss for words. Then again, she was nicer and more politically correct than Liz.

"A douche?" Liz offered.

Savannah laughed. "Yes. That, exactly. He didn't need to go all GQ or turn into some stuffy exec. He just needed to become more comfortable in front of the camera. He's a very quick learner, so I believe he'll do just fine. Really, he's just a sweetheart. I also met his girlfriend, an Ivy League grad and law student who's going to be a wonderful asset to him, both professionally and personally."

"Sounds like a perfect combination. I'm glad it all worked out for you."

"Thanks, Liz. I'm just glad to be back home for a while. I missed Cole. And the timing couldn't be more perfect. I wouldn't have wanted to miss this game."

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