Beneath This Man

Chapter 10

I peel my eyes open and find myself tucked closely into Jesse's chest. It's not quite daylight, which means it's very early, and Jesse isn't awake, so it's definitely before five. My brain snaps awake immediately and I begin the meticulous task of freeing myself from his body without disturbing him. It's hard. He seems to hold onto me as tight in his sleep as he does when he's awake.

I tentatively edge myself away from him, pausing and tensing every time he shifts or sighs in his sleep. My body is rigid as I creep my way to the edge of the bed. Once I'm free, I release the breath that I've been holding and look down at my handsome man with two days' worth of stubble. I want to jump straight back into bed with him, but I resist. What I have planned spurs me to leave him sleeping peacefully while I rootle quietly through my bag for my phone.

It's five o'clock. Shit! Okay, I've got to be quick or he'll be waking soon to drag me around the streets of London on one of his torturous marathons. I creep about the bedroom like a naked burglar, retrieving my stash from the wooden trunk and easing out the contents. The carrier bag crumples, and I grit my teeth, freezing in place as he rolls onto his back on a moan.

I remain like a statue until I'm sure that he's settled, then make my way over to the bed, padding quietly across the thick carpet.

Right, Mr Ward!

I gently grasp his wrist and tug it gingerly up over his head to the wooden headboard. I struggle. His arm is heavy. I manage to get him in position and slip the handcuff over his wrist and then attach it to one of the wooden bars of the headboard. I stand back and admire my handiwork, feeling rather pleased with myself. Even if he does wake up now, he's not going anywhere.

I collect the other set of cuffs and make my way around the other side of the bed. I have to kneel on the bed to reach for his arm, but I'm not so worried about waking him now that I have at least one arm secured, although this will work better if he can't lay any hands on me.

I maneuver his arm cautiously above his head and fasten the other handcuff around the wrist of his damaged hand. It's looking much better, but I'm mindful that this could hurt if he fights against them.

I stand back smugly. That was way easier than I thought, and he's still dead to the world. I practically dance my way back over to the bag and finish my preparations before slipping into some stunning black lace underwear that I picked up on my last minute shopping exhibition.

Oh God, he's going to go spare. I make my way back over to my sprawled, restrained, naked God and climb up to straddle his hips. He stirs and I mentally laugh delightedly when I feel him begin to harden under me. I sit patiently and wait.

It's not long before his beautiful lashes start flickering and his lids start to twitch. His eyes open and find mine immediately, his morning erection now in full firmness beneath me.

'Hey, baby.' His throat is husky as he squints and gains focus.

I run my eyes down his torso, his muscles bunched and taut from the position of his arms. 'Hey,' I smile brightly and watch closely as he gains full consciousness and then moves his arms, clanging the metal on the wooden headboard. The abrupt yank on his wrists has his eyes snapping wide open, and I hold my breath, watching his sleepy face as he frowns and looks up over his head.

He jiggles his arms again. 'What the fuck?' His voice is still hoarse. He swings his eyes to mine. They are all wide and stunned. 'Ava, why the fuck am I handcuffed to the bed?'

I fight the grin from my face. 'I'm introducing a new kind of fuck to our relationship, Jesse.' I state calmly.

'Mouth!' He rattles his wrists again and takes another look at his restrained hands. I see realisation dawn on his handsome face as he turns his eyes back to me. 'These are not my handcuffs.' he says warily.

'No, and there are two pairs. I'm sure you've noticed.' I can't believe how calm I'm being. I'm crapping it. 'So, like I was saying, I've invented a new fuck, and guess what?' I ask with a little excitement in my voice. I'm really pushing my luck.

He doesn't scorn me this time. Instead, he arches a nervous brow. 'What?'

Oh, I could cuddle him. 'I thought of it just for you.' I grind myself onto him teasingly and his chest expands, his jaw tensing. 'I love you.'

'Oh, fucking hell.' he groans.

I place my hands on his chest and lower myself down to his face. He watches me as I descend, his eyes shimmering in anticipation and short pants of breath escaping his parted lips. 'How old are you?' I murmur, brushing my lips lightly over his.

He lifts his head to try and make better contact, but I pull back. He scowls, dropping his head back down. 'Thirty three.' he pants, and then moans in despair as I grind down again.

I drop my mouth to his neck and nibble my way up to his ear, licking and lapping as I go. 'Tell me the truth.' I whisper, and then bite his lobe gently.

His cheeks puff out. 'Holy shit! Ava, I am not telling you how old I am.'

I sit up on his chest and shake my head at him. 'Why?'

His lips form a straight, annoyed line. 'Undo the cuffs, I want to touch you.'


'No.' I toss back at him, grinding down again, rubbing him in just the right spot. I'm not unaffected myself, but I have to keep my control here.

'Fuck!' He yanks his hands and jerks his legs slightly, causing me to jolt forward. 'Remove the fucking cuffs, Ava!'

I steady myself. 'No!'

'For fuck sake!' he roars. 'Don't play games with me, lady!'

Oh, he's angry. 'I don't think you're in a position to tell me what to do.' I remind him coolly. He stills, but he's heaving long, heavy and very frustrated breaths. 'Are you going to stop being unreasonable and tell me?'

His eyes narrow good and proper. 'No!'

Oh, he really is a stubborn arse. This is ridiculous, but I'm not prepared to be kept in the dark on this stupid little issue anymore. 'Fine.' I say calmly. I fall down onto his chest and clasp his face in my palms. He gazes up at me, waiting for what I'm going to do. I plant my mouth on his and moan as he parts his lips and his tongue darts out, seeking mine.

I pull back.

He growls in frustration.

Shifting off of his lap, I wickedly give his erection a long, slow lick straight up his shaft.

'Ohhhh, fucking hell,' he moans despairingly. 'Ava!'

I smile, sitting on my heels between his legs before collecting my weapon of mass destruction and holding it up in front of him. His head lifts, his eyes nearly falling out when he registers what I'm clasping.

'Oh, no! Ava, I swear to God!' He throws his head back on the bed. 'You can't do this to me. FUCK!'

I smile and flick the on switch of the diamante embellished vibrator that Jesse took an immediate dislike to on our shopping trip in Camden. He really doesn't want to share me with anyone or anything. The vibrating kicks in and he moans, thrashing his head to the side.

This is going to kill him. 'Wow!' I blurt, getting the full force of the vibrator in my hand. 'This is one powerful machine.' I muse to myself.

His eyes are clenched shut, the muscles of his jaw ticking. 'Ava, remove the fucking cuffs!' He grates the words through his clenched teeth.

I couldn't have hoped for a better response. I will get his age out of him, even if I have to keep him here all morning. In fact, I hope he holds out for a little while. I think I might enjoy this.

I turn the vibrator off, placing it down on the bed, and he slowly opens his eyes. I wait for them to fall on mine. 'Are you going to tell me how old you are?' I ask, completely composed.

'No, I'm not.'

'Why are you being such a stubborn arse?' I ask. It's hard to keep the irritation from my tone. I don't want him to think he's winding me up, but even now he's impossible.

'Am I not your stubborn God?' he asks on a small smirk.

He won't be smirking in a minute. I lift myself to my knees and hold his eyes while I tuck my thumbs into the top of my lace knickers. 'This morning you're an arse.' I slowly draw my knickers down my thighs to my knees, and he follows their path with lust filled eyes. I can see the pulse in his erection beating regularly. 'Wouldn't you like to help me out here?' My voice is seductive and soft as I slowly lick my fingers and slide them down my front to my thighs.

His cheeks puff out again as he watches my hand slip between my legs. 'Ava, undo these cuffs now so I can fuck you until you're seeing stars.' His voice is calm, but I know he is anything but.

I slip my fingers over my clitoris and brush gently on a little gasp of air. It's not Jesse, but it still feels good. 'Tell me.'

'No.' He rests his head back. 'Remove the cuffs.'

I shake my head at my stubborn man and drop my hands to either side of his hips.

Stars? Oh, he'll be the one seeing stars. I rest my lips on his lower stomach next to his scar and circle my tongue in a few slow, sweeping laps before crawling up his body and kicking off my knickers on my way. I look down at him, but he refuses to open his eyes, so I kiss the corner of his mouth. It works. His head turns instinctively and his lips part as he takes my lips. I press down on his groin, my wetness causing me to slide up and down with ease.

'Oh, Jesus, Ava, please.'

'Tell me.' I bite his bottom lip and drag it through my teeth, but he just shakes his head lightly. I break our fused mouths. 'Fine, have it your way.' I rise and reposition myself back between his thighs and collect my weapon of mass destruction from the bed.

'Put it down.' His tone is full of warning, but I ignore him. I flick it on again, saying nothing. 'Ava, I swear to God!' The anger is returning. I hold his eyes as I slowly take the vibrator down to the apex of my thighs. 'Don't!' He throws his head back in total misery.

I can't believe he is putting himself through this. He can stop it in a heartbeat. Damn it, I want him to look at me. I swiftly change my destination and hold the vibrator out, slowly skimming it over his beautiful, beating cock. He jerks erratically. The bed shakes.

'Fuck! Ava, fucking fuck, fuck, fuck!' he yells, but his eyes are still firmly closed. I can't make him look at me, but I'll make damn sure he hears me. I return the vibrator to myself and rest the drumming head at the top of my clitoris.

Holy fucking shit!

I gasp, my knees shaking, as I jerk at the full force of its power stabbing me straight at my core. 'Ohhhhhhh, Goddddd!' I moan, and then increase the pressure slightly. That feels really nice.

His eyes snap open, his breathing all over the place and a heavy shimmer of sweat has formed a river in the crease on his forehead. His face is pure torture. I almost feel guilty.

'Ava, all of your pleasure comes from me.'

'Not today.' I muse, closing my eyes on a sigh.

'Ava!' he barks, clanging the cuffs against the headboard. 'Fuck! Ava, you're pushing it!'

I keep my eyes closed. 'Hmmm.' I hum, jerking slightly as the consistent vibrations tickle the tip of my clit.

'I'm thirty seven! For fuck sake woman, I'm thirty fucking seven!'

My eyes fly open.

Oh my God!

My mouth drops in shock and the vibrator falls to the bed. He told me? It bloody worked! I want to do a little jig on the bed and scream to the heavens in glory. Why didn't I think of this before? I'm not going to try and kid myself that I will get away with this again - he'll probably sleep with one eye open for the rest of his life, so perhaps I should take advantage of his vulnerable state and pump him for some more answers, like where that scar came from, how many women there have been and what the hell the police are doing at The Manor. Oh and the mystery woman and Sarah...

He glares at me, and I'm suddenly yanked straight out of my mental celebration dance and right into panic.

'' He emphasises each word slowly on a hiss.

Oh bloody hell. In all of my meticulous planning and execution of the truth fuck, I hadn't given a second thought to the aftermath. He's seething mad, and now I've got to release him. What is he going to do? I sprint through my options, but it doesn't take long because there are only two; release him and take my punishment, or leave him handcuffed to the bed forever.

I watch him with wide, cautious eyes as he watches me with dark, furious ones. What am I going to do? I place my hands on his strong thighs and inch myself up his body until my face is hovering above his. I need to lighten his mood.

Smoothing my hands through his hair, I drop my lips onto his. 'I still love you.' I mumble around my kiss. Maybe it's the reassurance he needs. Eleven years is nothing really. What's the problem? He's still my handsome, roguish God.

He moans as I give his mouth some extra special treatment. 'Good, now take the cuffs off.'

I kiss my way to his neck and nuzzle. 'Are you mad at me?'

'Fucking crazy mad, Ava!'

I sit up and look at him. He really is crazy mad, and now I'm shitting myself. I give him my best cheeky grin. 'Can't you be crazy in love?'

'I'm that too. Remove the cuffs.' He looks at me expectantly.

I shift to ease myself up and shudder when his arousal falls to my opening, the throbbing, wet head slipping over my entrance.

He bucks. 'Damn it, Ava! Take the fucking cuffs off!' He is completely deranged and now I know...I'm not taking the cuffs off. I get off the bed and stand at the side, looking at him rage.

'What are you going to do?' I ask nervously.

'Take them off.' He looks almost murderous.

'Not until you tell me what you're going to do.'

His breathing is heavy, his chest expanding. 'I'm going to fuck you until you beg me to stop, and then you're going to run fourteen miles,' He raises his head and stabs me with ferocious greens. 'And we won't be stopping for a muscle rub or a coffee break!'

What? I'll take the fuck, but I'm not running anywhere, except out of his penthouse. He's already made me do ten miles yesterday. That will be his way of regaining control; making me do something that I really don't want to do, and I definitely don't want to run fourteen miles.

'I don't want to go for a run.' I state as calmly as I can. 'You can't make me.'

His eyebrows jump up. 'Ava, you need to remember who holds the power in this relationship.'

I back away in disgust and then flick my eyes to his restrained wrists before returning them to him. 'I'm sorry, who has the power?' I say in a mocking tone that I really didn't mean. I am seriously poking the rattle snake, but that little statement has really got my back up.

My sarcasm only serves to notch his fury level up a little more - if that was possible. 'Ava, I'm warning you!'

'I can't believe you're being so cranky over this. It was okay for you to handcuff me!'

'I was in control!' he yells back at me.

Ah! So all of this is just about him being in control? That's stupid! 'You're a power freak!' I shout back, and he wriggles a little more. 'I'm going to get a shower.' I stomp off.

'I'm only a power freak with you!' he yells at my back. 'Ava!'

I slam the bathroom door and remove my bra. The arrogant, power obsessed, controlling arse! My delight in the fact that my truth fuck worked has been well and truly trampled. I throw myself in the shower and listen to my name being yelled repeatedly. If I wasn't so affronted, I would laugh. He really doesn't like not being able to touch me and he really, really doesn't like relinquishing power.

I shower and brush my teeth at a leisurely rate. It's still super early. I have plenty of time.

When I walk back into the bedroom, I find Jesse has calmed down slightly, but there is definitely still a hint on anger in his expression as he looks up at me.

'Baby, come and free me, please.' he pleads.

His sudden turn in mood has me suspicious and on my guard. I know his game, and I'm not falling for it. As soon as I free him, he'll be on me like a lion before manhandling me into my running kit and dragging me around the streets of London. I'm not denying that I would love to have him all over me right this minute, but I'm not hanging about to be tortured by fourteen miles. Unfortunately, they come as a package deal.

I sit myself in front of the floor length mirror to start drying my hair. I glance in the reflection every now and again and see him watching me, but he just scowls and throws his head back like a brooding schoolboy whenever I catch him. I smile to myself.

I apply my make-up and smother myself in coco butter and when I put on the cream lace underwear set that Jesse bought me, I hear him whimper. I smile smugly to myself. I may as well. I don't know how long I'm going to be holding this power. I slip my white ruffle blouse on with my black, slim fit trousers and black heels.

I'm ready. I walk over to my handcuffed man and lean down to drop a long, lingering kiss onto his parted lips. I don't know why I'm doing this. My bravado is commendable.

He sighs and brings his knees up so the soles of his feet are flat on the bed.

I reach down and wrap my hand around his still erect cock. I'm seriously in for it when he catches me.

He jerks. 'Ava. I love you so fucking much, but if you don't undo these cuffs, I'm going to fucking strangle you!' His voice is a mixture of pleasure and pain.

I smile around his mouth and give him a chaste kiss on the lips before leaning down and kissing my way from his chest to his solid cock, and then all the way to the tip, finishing off with a little swirl before taking him deep into my mouth.

'Ava, please!' he moans.

I release him and retrieve the key to the handcuffs from the chest of drawers. As I walk back over, he lets out a relieved breath. I don't know why, I'm not freeing him completely. I undo his damaged hand and it falls limply to the bed. A pang of guilt assaults me as he gingerly flexes his fist to try and get some life back into it. I walk over to the chest and place the key back on top.

'What are you doing?' he asks on a frown.

'Where is your phone?'

'Why?' The confusion in his face is clear.

'You'll need it. Where is it?'

'It's in my suit jacket. Ava, just give me the key.' He's losing his patience again.

I scan the room and spot his jacket on the floor where he obviously dumped it last night before he pounced on me in the bathroom. I find his phone in the inside pocket and place it on the bedside table, just out of reach. I don't want him calling for assistance before I make my escape.

I fetch my bag and stride out of the bedroom, leaving him a massive mess of unexploded male. I am so going to cop it later, but at least I released one hand. It might be his damaged one, but he'll be able to sort himself out... if he doesn't grip too hard.

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