Demon from the Dark

Chapter 19

Oh, yes, kiss!

The demon knelt in the water before her, like some wicked god of virility. His horns had straightened and grown duskier as they flared back from his head. His thick hair was drying to a dark blond threaded with golden strands, as if it'd been lightened by the sun. His body seemed to have grown even larger, his muscles bulging everywhere.

Her brawny demon protector was pierced, tattooed, and sinful.

And he was gazing between her legs with a transfixed expression, until she was s"uirming. "Malkom, kiss."

He licked his lips in such a feral display of lust, she shivered. Though she was convinced he'd never taken a woman with his mouth, he was heading that way now, leaning in. She felt his breath against her, his firm lips following.

When he gave a testing lick, she held her breath. He'd definitely never done this. Would he like -

"Carrow!" he ground out, rocking his hips, thrusting into the water. Then he set upon her, hungrily licking her up and down, groaning against her.

"Yes, Malkom! More ..." She knew demon males loved when females guided them by their horns, but when she grasped his, he wrenched his head back with a violent shake, loosing her hands. He cast her a warning look so ominous that she swallowed. "S-sorry, demon."

Still he glowered. Biting her bottom lip, she began petting her breasts for him. Ah, Hekate, she could tell that pleased him.

Mollified, he settled back in. When his tongue snaked over her throbbing clitoris, she cried out and he stilled.

"No, more, more. Keep going!"

Her back arched when he made a second foray there. Another firm flick came, then another. "Oh, yes!" she cried, surrendering completely, wantonly rolling her hips up to the demon's mouth.

When he began thrusting his forefinger as he licked, she mindlessly murmured, "You clever demon. It's so good, it's so ..." Her head fell back. The tension built and built, the coil tightening.

The feel of his thick finger exploring, his wonder, his strong tongue.

"Alton, ara," he grated against her. Come, female. But this time the phrase had a completely different meaning. It was a command uttered by a dangerous male who expected her to obey him.

Malkom had planned to feast on her luscious sex until he tasted her coming against his mouth.

She was about to, was undulating to ride his finger and tongue, stealing any control he'd thought he possessed.

Last, Slaine!??He feared he'd embarrass himself with her again.

The bud at her apex was sensitive - working his tongue over it made her s"ueeze her breasts more urgently, made her moans louder. So he circled her there over and over, gazing up at her face.

With glittering eyes, she met his gaze, panting as he plunged his finger inside her channel.

Between licks, he said, "Alton, Carrow!"

To see a female coming, my female ... to taste it.

Suddenly, she bucked, her body spasming as she rocked to his tongue. She screamed, "Malkom!"

He gave a desperate groan when he felt her little sheath gripping his finger again and again, as if sucking it deeper. Once he tasted her orgasm, he licked in ecstasy, growling with pride and pleasure.

"Ah, demon, yes!"

I wrought this from her. She was so beautiful like this, her body amazing him. She was made for me alone.

Eventually she pushed his head away though he still laved. Against his will, he surrendered his prize.

When he stood, trapping her body against the wall, his shaft strained between them. He'd never known it could pain him like this. "Sex, ara!" The water running over his heated skin was somehow arousing him even more.

"N-no, Malkom," she said between breaths.

Why can I not mate her? He'd pleasured her hard. He wanted to seize her breasts from behind, holding her steady as he planted his cock into her, deep where he'd licked her softness -

She pressed her mouth to his chest, her tongue darting against his pierced nipple.

His eyes widened. Would she reciprocate? When she brushed her lips lower, his heart thundered so loud he knew she could hear it.

At last! To know what this felt like....

He turned to lean back against the wall. With her collar in his hand, he guided her to kneel between his legs. "Kiss," he commanded in Anglish. She dutifully nuzzled the hair just below his navel, pressing her lips all around.

In Demonish he told her, "Give me this." He fisted his shaft to her mouth. "Take it betwixt your sweet lips."

Peering up at him to gauge his reaction, she daubed her tongue against the crown.

He bucked uncontrollably, nigh coming. Once he'd stilled his hips, inhaling for control, her tongue flicked out again.

His cock pulsed and a bead arose. He bit back a groan when she lapped up that hint of the seed. Voice gone hoarse, he told her, "I will want this from you, Carrow, every day, every night." He stared down into her bewitching green eyes.

Strange beautiful female. She was a gift, a treasure.

"You belong to me." Never will I be separated from this creature.

When he threaded his fingers into her hair, she cupped her hand round his shaft, drawing him to her lips. He gave a shout when she suckled the head into her hot little mouth.

Gods, he wanted to savor this, but she'd begun masturbating him as she circled her tongue around the tip.

With the water running over his body, her tongue swirling and fist pumping, his eyes rolled back in his head.

Cannot withstand this ... for much longer...

The demon had been so proud at how he'd pleasured her - she could perceive his masculine satisfaction. His pride had emanated as strongly as his wonder.

But on the heels of that, she could sense his agony. Her poor demon was about to explode, his engorged penis throbbing against her tongue.

Still, she couldn't deny the urge to tease him to a feverpitch, to make sure he would never forget his first time. His reactions told her this was yet another pleasure he'd never received.

So she eased back to drip water over his length, dotting droplets over each of his smooth piercings. His expression anguished, he rested one hand on her head, the other tightly covering her nape, guiding her head back. He grated in English, "More. Be ... good, ara." Telling her not to tease him?

"I'll be good, Malkom," she promised, returning her fist to stroke. But he surged forward, grinding into it. He's going to come in my hand, he's going to...

When she covered the head with her mouth, his legs "uaked. His brows drew together as if with pain. Bested by her mouth and hand, the demon warrior gave a helpless groan as he began to come.

The spasms seized him. His massive body jerked. "Carrow, more!" he bellowed to the ceiling, his muscles contracting in a breathtaking display.

The demon wanted more? She was merciless. Pumping ... licking ... sucking...

He yelled out until his voice was ragged. Finally, he collapsed back against the wall, tugging her off him. Satisfaction soared through him, and she drank it in.

He was euphoric long after he'd come, possessively cupping her head to his thigh, holding her there as she continued to trace his shaft in fascination.

But then he lowered both of his hands to cradle her face, and she detected another emotion. A pure, raw ferocity.

He gazed down at her not with the expression of a man who was happy with his fate, but with the expression of a man who'd slaughter anyone who tried to change that fate....

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