Halfway to the Grave

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As the hour dragged on, it became apparent that the bartender wasn't alone in his admiration of my new look. After refusing offer after offer of drinks or dancing, I had passed the flattered stage and gone into the irritated one. My God, I must look easy. No less than a baker's dozen had made a go at me.

The vampire came through the door with the gliding stealth only the undead could manifest. Judging from his height and black hair, it had to be Sergio. Even though he wasn't well muscled or overly handsome, his grace and aura of confidence had more than a few feminine eyes following him as he made his way through the throngs of people. In a nonchalant manner, I sipped my drink and stretched my legs, crossing them while rubbing one calf against the other. The bar I was at was elevated and in direct sight of the entrance, so he had a good view of me over the heads of the other patrons. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him pause, stare, and change direction. Headed now straight toward me.

The seat next to me was occupied by an older man staring fixedly down my dress, but the vampire never hesitated. With a flick of his hand, Sergio dislodged him from his chair. "Go," he commanded.

The other man walked away with his eyes glazed over. Mind control. Bones had warned me about that.

"Thank you," I remarked. "If he'd have drooled any more, the bartender would've had to mop the floor."

"Who can blame him?" The smooth accented voice flowed over my ears. "I can't take my eyes off you, either."

I smiled and took a deep sip of my drink, letting the liquid roll around inside my mouth before swallowing. He didn't miss a motion of it.

"I seem to have finished my drink."

I looked at him expectantly. He gestured to the bartender and a fresh one was poured.

"What's your name, my young beauty?"

"Cat," I replied, this time letting my tongue linger on the edge of my glass before swallowing another long draught.

"Cat. What a coincidence. I love pussies."

The double-entendre was so bald, I was glad Bones had put me through that dirty-talk test or I'd have blushed right then. Instead, I raised a brow in perfect imitation of his trademark.

"And you are, my pu**y-loving new friend?" Kudos to me, not a hint of a flush.

"Roberto. Cat, I must say, you look far too young to be gracing such a place."

I leaned forward conspiratorially, opening my dress to spectacular proportions. "Can you keep a secret? I'm not really twenty-one. Actually, I'm nineteen. My friend loaned me her ID, we look kind of alike. You won't tell, will you?"

From his expression, he was downright delighted. "But of course I will keep your secret, sweet one. Is your friend with you night?"

The question sounded innocent, but I knew what it meant. Will anyone miss you if you leave?

"No. She was supposed to meet me, but she hasn't shown up yet. Maybe she met someone, you know how it is. You just forget everything else around you."

He covered my hand with his and I almost gasped. Ten more points for Bones. Sergio's power nearly crawled up my arm. None of the other vampires but one had felt like this, and look where he'd gotten me.

"I know what you mean," he said, squeezing my hand.

I smiled seductively and squeezed back. "I think I do, too."

Less than thirty minutes later we were out the door. I made sure to drink multiple gin and tonics beforehand, so there was valid reason for me to be staggering in his eyes. Sergio kept up a steady stream of innuendo about pussies, cream, and licking that would have shocked me into bolting if it hadn't been for Bones. Damn him, but it was turning out he'd come in handy.

Sergio drove a Mercedes. Never having been in one before, I kept up a line of suggestive compliments about how I loved the interior. Especially the backseat. So roomy.

"This leather feels wonderful," I purred, rubbing my cheek against the cushion of the passenger seat. "That's why I wear the gloves and boots. Love the way it rubs against my skin."

The tops of my br**sts were straining against my push-up bra. Sergio grinned, showing a crooked front tooth he'd managed to conceal at the bar.

"Stop doing that, little pu**ycat, or I won't be able to drive. How about we go to my place instead of that club I told you about?"

Warning. "No," I breathed, getting an angry look in return. Clearly he didn't expect to be disagreed with, but there was no way we were doing that. Thinking fast, I caressed his arm. "I don't want to wait that long. Pull off somewhere. Kitty needs a tongue bath." Ick, my mind protested, but as incentive I rubbed my hands across my stomach and down to skim my outer thighs.

He bought it, hook, line, and sinker. Too well.

Sergio kept one hand on the steering wheel and reached over to run his other hand along my leg. It climbed higher up my thigh and toward his goal with relentless determination. As instructed, I wasn't wearing any underwear. The thought of his fingers touching me there sent a wave of revulsion through me. Quickly, I grabbed his hand and stuck it in my cle**age instead. Better there than the alternative.

"Not yet." Anxiety made me breathless. Hopefully he would think it was desire. "Pull off. Pull off now."

The sooner I had a stake in him, the better. His hand seemed happy where it was, but just in case, I unfastened my seat belt and climbed over the seat.

He gave me a surprised look. I wrapped my arms around him from behind, licking the side of his ear. Double ick. "I'm waiting, Roberto. Come and get me."

The car swerved to the shoulder of the road. Damn, we weren't even in the woods yet. I hoped someone wouldn't drive by while we were decapitating him. That would be hard to explain.

"I'm coming, pu**ycat," Sergio promised, and then his teeth clamped on my wrist.


The word flew out of my mouth in a yelp as he bit me savagely.

"You like this, pu**ycat?" he snarled, sucking at the blood pouring from my forearm. "Slut. Whore."

Furious, I unsheathed my stake with my free hand and plunged it into his neck. "Didn't your mother tell you not to talk with your mouth full?"

A howl escaped him and he let go of me to grab the stake. I yanked my arm out of his mouth, tearing it more, and went for my other stake.

In a flash, he was in the backseat. Sergio loomed over me, but I kicked out hard and scored a direct hit to his groin. Another pain-filled bellow shook the car.

"Bitch! I'm going to rip out your throat and f**k your bleeding neck!"

Not wanting him to get anywhere near my neck, I brought my knees up as a barrier when he flung himself on me. With my boots so close, I managed to extract the other stake and then ram it in his back.

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