Dark Hunger

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And more. It was like her dreams, her shower fantasies, had come to life, as if somehow the universe had read her mind (or, at least, Dylan and Mike had) and decided to make this all come true. But it was too real, too creepy, and she found herself immobilized by the surreal.

Yet turned on beyond belief.

Finally, Dylan said, “I'm so sorry.” But he didn't mean it. His face burned with desire. And if Mike could see her face right now, she feared, he'd read her lust on her face, too.

Laura knew Dylan could make her wet. Those perfect, sculpted abs. And the thatch of hair at his waist – mmmmm. Those thick, sinewy arms folded across his chest. Smart, gleaming eyes and a smile like molasses reminded her of his sensuality.

Clever eyes, with flecks of gold, read her like a professor studying historic documents. He felt it, too. Everything but Mike disappeared.

A shot of destiny made her want them both, for they were meant for her, as one. Both were reeling.

Mike cleared his throat. “Want to clue me in?” His face rested on her thigh. She almost forgot he was there. The scent of her permeated Mike's skin and there it was again, that wave of guilt, but this time tinged with...possibility? Something crackled in the air between the three of them, a subtext she didn't understand, and Laura was starting to feel like maybe, just maybe, these two complete strangers were planning something that she didn't see coming.

A dog barked outside. Her senses froze. That was crazy, right? Apparently, they knew each other, though. How did they – ?

Dylan crossed the room fast. Then he stripped off his shirt. “Can we make this a triad?”

Laura's insides clenched and her body tingled. His rippled torso made her drool. He gave Mike a conspirator's half smile. There it was – a familiarity between them. Both were the alpha type yet they seemed less interested in establishing control and more interested in – her?

Laura was caught between the two men. What would Mike say?

Mike cleared his throat. “It's been a while, but...”

“You've, uh, done this before?” she blurted out, the words escaping before she could push them back in.

“You haven't?” His voice carried a sweet, incredulous tone. Her breath disappeared as he traced a lazy circle at the hollow of her throat. This was less an invitation and more a requirement.

“No, I mean – you two know each other?” Duh, Laura. Of course they did. “How do you...but I've been dating you both!”

“We know,” they said in unison.

Their chuckles made her even wetter, if that were possible. Mike looked up and caught her eye, one eyebrow cocked.

Cold blood flooded every cell of her body. This was a set up? Dylan and Mike not only knew that she'd been dating the other but they were some sort of item?

And they wanted a threesome with her? Go with it, her heart said. Maybe that wasn't her heart. Something much lower on her body swelled and pulsated, eager for her showerhead fantasies to come to life with flesh.

She liked it. Laura stared impolitely at Dylan's chest, eyed him up and down, and then turned back to Mike. Staring deep into Mike's eyes, she squinted and sighed in torment.

“Is this really what you want?” Please say yes, she thought.

Dylan groaned. “I vote yes!” he purred. His eyes were burning for her.

“Mike?” she asked. He licked her hip, rubbing his nose on the soft flesh where her belly and thigh met, the nuzzle somehow both playful and sensual.

“I'd say that's a yes,” she moaned. A drunk feeling enveloped her. Dylan's tan, muscled hands undid his jeans. Meanwhile, Mike resumed his activities. She closed her eyes. Her ears heard Dylan's jeans hit the floor. God, how she loved his ass. Her nipples tightened.

Two more hands roamed over her skin. She shivered, a sharp inhale and a wetness making her nearly cum. The tongue Mike flicked drove all thought away. She couldn't breathe now, was just a mass of nerve endings and goo.

Imagining Dylan's cock in her at the same time as Mike's made her moan and tweak her own nipple. A strong hand pushed it away.

“Oh, no, you don't,” Dylan's voice cajoled. “That's my job.”

She felt Mike's chuckle on her clit as he drove her crazy, soft tongue teasing her skin, bringing her so achingly close. Sliding her hand on Dylan's skin while the other buried itself in Mike's hair, Laura feared she would come this second. They were too much, together, but oh, God, how good it was.

The scent of both men mixed with hers, like the ocean at sunrise. Man and nothing but. She needed to taste them, and she pulled Dylan to her. Her tongue poked out and licked his arm.

“Don't waste that tongue there, Babe,” Dylan murmured.

And just then, Laura lost control. Mike moved up to kiss her. He was the gentle savior, always tender and sweet. Oh, how her clit craved attention. Four hands, two men, and she was still ravenous.

“Oh, please, more!” she begged. One hand found her clit and she bucked against it, eager for release. Mike's mouth grazed against her ear. She shivered, making her wetter. Dylan's other hand traveled up to her breasts, pinching as he rubbed her, keeping her orgasm at the ready, her hips bucking to find a rhythm for release.

“You have the most luscious body,” Mike groaned.

Laura wanted to believe it. Years of being teased for her curves had toughened her but now she found her true partners. All the insecurities she felt, every worry, roared into her mind, and then Dylan sidled up to her face, giving her a gentle kiss.

“Laura, I've wanted you for so long,” he said. “We have.” The hand on her clit, their words, all sent her over the edge, her cries a prayer as she came. Dylan held her, strong arms feeling the waves as she trembled and twitched, a flood of intensity making her head explode.

She batted at Mike's hand, which still strummed her, the orgasm released, and she lay panting, with two naked, gorgeous men staring at her.

Oh, shit, she thought. Now what? She was so spent already, Laura didn't know what to do next. Two hot men were in her bed. She was about to have her first threesome. And all she could do was stare back.

“Ready for round two?” Dylan asked, as Mike took her hand and placed it on his rock-hard cock.

She slid her hand from the base to the tip as Dylan pressed her shoulder lightly, Mike moving to the side of the bed. She felt a small drop of pre-cum on Mike's rigid cock, and the fluid made it easier to stroke him, Mike's knees buckling as she groaned.

Meanwhile, Dylan climbed on top of her, his cock soon in her face, and as she took him in her lips she felt two fingers slide inside her soaking pussy. Not what she expected, so soon, and yet her body surprised her with a deep, abdominal muscle clench and a groan that made her vibrate against Dylan's cock, making him groan and he pushed against her, riding her mouth.

As she deep throated him, she focused on giving Mike attention, too. What were the chances she'd found two incredible men like this, hot for her, the girl who was teased when it came to romance? She knew they weren't lying; she could tell by how they touched her. She relaxed. It made this moment so much more precious, for they appreciated her for who she was.

Dylan stiffened and she knew he was about to cum. She wanted both of them in her, though. Was she crazy? The guys weren't touching each other.

“Oh, no!” Dylan shouted, pulling out of her mouth. “No, not like this,” he begged, glancing at Mike.

Mike nodded. His hand stopped on her clit, making her cry out. “Oh, Laura, this is going to be so fun,” he said, sliding up her body, caressing her, as Dylan walked over to the couch.

Filled with a new sense of confidence, Laura stood and ran her hands over her breasts. “Ah, Mike, the question is: Can you both satisfy me?” The question emboldened her and turned up the heat a notch, both men puffing out and elongating at her words, their hands and bodies larger and warmer, the air tingling with suspense.

His rough hands claimed her, the force shocking her, the crush of his lips an answer. Dylan pulled them apart gently, cocky and ready, as Mike sat down on the couch. Now Dylan kissed her, exploring and teasing, making her wet and eager for what was next.

Dylan nudged her to sit on Mike's hot, rigid cock; it was time, finally. Sliding down his pole, she straddled him as her pussy walls clenched and held on, Dylan bending her over just enough to make what came next possible.

A slick sensation hit her backside, Dylan getting her ready. His mouth was on her ass, shocking her, the sensation new and aching. Never before had she let her mind go there, the taboo so great that unless she read about rimming in a magazine or story she didn't consider it, pushing it out of her mind like so many other forbidden pleasures. It felt so good, yet seemed slightly wrong.

Right here, right now, though, it felt sooooo right. Her pussy tightened, making Mike groan, and Dylan slipped one finger past her sphincter.

“Ah!” she cried out. Mike was more than enough, but she needed Dylan, too. Dylan poured lube on her ass, then a finger slipped in, the finger stretching her, soon replaced with the tip of his cock. Meanwhile, Mike kissed her breasts, his hips keeping a slow rhythm, building a slow climax.

Now, oh! pain filled her, Dylan bracing himself behind her, the breach of her anus too much, to the point where she almost said “no!”

It pushed every boundary, unsure of herself, until Dylan leaned over and whispered, “Relax.”

Oh, how she did. That was part of the surprise and delight. Knowing they treasured her, Laura reveled in defying convention, creating a world where Dylan's hands were a sacrament. Both filled her completely, Mike's slick sweat against her as friction inside made her slippery and hot, all three breaths like a symphony, the sound a special music just for her.

Dylan's calloused hand took her nipple, his jaw tight and ready for more. Mike's eyes were light yet intense, loving her as she felt Dylan's hands slide over her belly, one hand finally slapping her ass, her groan all he needed to hear.

Her thighs were drenched as she rode Mike, all self-consciousness gone, and now Laura enjoyed the tactile sensation. She bit Mike's lower lip, hard, whispering, “I want you both so much.”

All flesh and bone and breath.

Mike lifted his hips up, his fingers – whose fingers? – now circling her clit and ringing her ass. She tipped her head back, leaning on Dylan's chest, her breasts in the moonlight, body on display, and she felt possessed by herself, unleashed and ready to gush.

“Oh, God, I'm so close,” Mike groaned, planting a sweet kiss on Laura's skin. Words escaped her, a sudden thunderclap inside her and she answered with a scream. Both men worked to keep up with her, and although she knew inside she should slow down, she felt something greater than guilt: need.

Now, the thin membrane between them became the center of her soul, stretching and turning and sliding and tingling until she felt her arms and legs and fingers and toes curl into one little supernova. Shaking, Laura lost all thought, fingers gouging Mike's chest, slipping on slick sweat, hands scratching and clawing for someone to cling to as the world ended and began all at once inside her core.

Dylan came next, his hands firm and rough and flexing against her ass, his body shuddering as he came, filling her with a hot wetness, his cock throbbing against her pulsing muscles.

She had never been so full, Dylan's cock expanding and meeting a need she never knew she craved. She was pleased with her own boldness. Spent, he leaned against her, making her want just a bit more, as if one wasn't enough.

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