Pretty When She Dies

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“Eww,” Samantha uttered.

“What will that do? Make her a vampire?” Amaliya looked uneasy.

“No. Give her some of your blood and...” he hesitated. “Lick her wound.”

“Double eww,” Samantha whispered.

“I'm kinda with her on this,” Amaliya said with some distaste.

“It will make the wound heal and keep her alive,” Jeff said in a firm voice. “Just like Cian kept Roberto alive for a hundred years with his blood.”

“I don't want to be her servant,” Samantha protested.

“What she said,” Amaliya said.

“Just feed her once then,” Jeff said in a short tone. He knew Samantha was starting to fade fast as was their chance of getting out alive.

“Do it, Amal, if it will keep her alive,” Innocente urged.

“Yeah. Do it. Then you can have some of my blood,” Sergio decided. He folded his arms over his big chest. “Yeah. Do it. She came here to save you.”

“Cian,” Samantha corrected. “I came to save Cian.”

Amaliya slightly laughed at Samantha's comment. She knew the other woman couldn't stand her, but she rose to her feet. “Fine. But I can't promise you guys that I can beat The Summoner.”

“No, but we don't have many options,” Jeff answered, and looked down at Samantha. He didn't want her to die.

Amaliya nodded and came over to them. Innocente took the dress, stood and spread out the skirt over their heads with her hands as a precaution against the sunlight. Under the makeshift umbrella, Amaliya leaned over Samantha.

“I know that I'm not your favorite person, but I'm doing this 'cause it's right,” Amaliya said.

Samantha looked toward Jeff. “I'm going to kick your ass later.” Her voice was raspy and full of pain, but her words made Jeff smile.

“I know.”

“I'm Amaliya,” the vampire said to him, extending her hand.

“Jeff Summerfield.”

“The vampire hunter,” Amaliya said with a wry smile. “You are definitely going to have to tell me how you two hooked up later.”

Jeff smiled back at her. “Sounds good.” He could see how Amaliya had intimidated Samantha. The longer he looked at her, the more alluring she seemed.

Amaliya carefully untied the makeshift bandage and looked at the deep, nasty wound it had covered. The blood was black and bubbly over the wound and Jeff could see hunger spring into her eyes.

“What do I do?”

“Give her some of your blood, then lick her wounds closed,” Jeff answered.

Amaliya looked at him thoughtfully for a moment, then shrugged. “Okay.”


Amaliya leaned over Samantha. “Never thought it would be like this between us.”

“Oh, shut up,” Samantha answered and rolled her eyes.

Amaliya could feel Samantha's life fading and she felt sorry for the girl. She really wasn't too bad. Just rather zealous when it came to her boyfriend. But then again, that passion had brought her family and Jeff to their rescue. She owed it to the girl to save her.

“Okay, let's do this,” the vampire said.

She let the blood lust fill her and felt her body pulse with the erotic pleasure of it. Her teeth ached as they descended, sharp and ready. She quickly bit into her own wrist, feeling the sharp pain of her action. Holding her torn wrist over Samantha's mouth, she rubbed her flesh to get her cold blood to run out.

“Gross,” Samantha managed to mutter and the blood trickle hit her lips. She almost jerked away, but Amaliya grabbed her chin with one hand.

“Drink,” she ordered, and held her dripping wrist firmly over the young woman's mouth.

Samantha weakly responded to her order and Amaliya felt Sam's lips locked over the wound and drink for a few wonderful tantalizing moments.

As Samantha drank, Amaliya craved Cian, but knew she had to keep her blood lust in check. She pulled her wrist away and drew her tongue over the wound, willing it to heal. Such an action would drain her a bit more of blood and power, but there was a feast waiting for her.

Before Samantha could protest, she fastened her mouth to the terrible wound over Samantha's left breast and tasted the infection. It was gross and she spit it out, but the blood just below the surface called to her. She pulled hard on the wound with her lips and the dark blood slowly gave way to richer, redder vitae. She drank only enough to clear out the wound and refresh herself from what she had given Samantha. She drew her tongue over the ragged edges of the wound over and over again until she felt it knitting shut. It should have been repulsive, but her body reacted as though it was the most erotic of actions.

“This shouldn't be kinda hot, right?” Sergio said behind her.

That broke the moment and Amaliya laughed as she drew back.

Samantha managed to give Sergio the finger, but she already looked better. There was color in her face once more.

Amaliya stood up and stretched out her body. The few sips she had taken were already revitalizing her. With a sly smile at Jeff, she said, “Next.”

Nervously, he stood up.

“Don't worry,” she said in a comforting tone. “I'll be gentle.”

And she was.


Nightfall came too soon. Even though Amaliya was now well fed, she didn't feel ready to face The Summoner. As the sun descended, she felt her body growing more alert and she welcomed the feeling. They knew The Summoner would be coming soon and they had prepared the best they could.

Samantha was on her feet and her wound was nearly completely healed. She was stronger, much to everyone's relief. There was an uneasy truce between them now and she could tell Samantha was uncomfortable with what had passed between them. Amaliya wasn't a fool. The pleasure she had felt had gone both ways and it made them awkward with each other.

Innocente had pulled out some granola bars from the tote bag she kept clutched at her side and the mortals had eaten. There was actually a pump in the kitchen and Sergio managed to get the water to run clear after a few minutes. Everyone looked bedraggled and anxious and Amaliya didn't blame them.

They gathered in the bedroom where Cian slept in the closet to prepare for The Summoner's arrival. They had talked about trying to feed Cian as well, but instinctively Amaliya knew his wounds were too dire and he would need her blood. And she could not risk her blood until The Summoner was vanquished.

Samantha and Jeff seemed cozier than they both realized and Amaliya watched them thoughtfully as they took up their positions. Samantha was clutching a baseball bat tightly and Jeff had a machete. Sergio had a piece of wood with rusty nails beat into one end of it like a makeshift mace. He had expended all his bullets trying to shoot his way through the crowd of the dead. Innocente had a machete in one hand and her tote bag over her shoulder. Amaliya was sure The Summoner would hate the Virgin of Guadalupe t-shirt her grandmother wore. It made her shiver every time she drew near it.

As she felt the sun about to slide down under the horizon, she knelt down beside Cian. Her hand rested on his chest and she waited.

He took a deep breath and his eyes flashed open. It was not a good sign that his teeth were sharp and cruel behind his lips. His hands lashed out and gripped her tightly. Those beautiful hazel eyes were full of hunger and desperation. His gaze darted over the room beyond Amaliya.

“Where are we?” he hissed.

“We escaped, but we're trapped in a house with about a hundred dead things outside. Oh, yeah, Samantha is here with a vampire hunter, my cousin and my grandmother,” Amaliya said.

“I think I missed a lot,” Cian said as he visibly tried to control himself.

Amaliya helped him stand and he leaned heavily against her.

“He's coming now, you know?” she said.

“I will do what I can,” Cian answered. He pushed free from her and steadied himself against the wall.

Samantha awkwardly raised her hand and waved at him.

He smiled at her slightly and looked to Amaliya. His fingers barely brushed hers and Amaliya had to respect his discretion. She knew he wanted to bury his fangs into her and feed.

“How much longer?” Sergio wondered.

“If Cian is up it shouldn't be-”

The ceiling collapsed. Everyone shouted and dove backward away from the falling rotted boards and shingles. The Summoner landed in their midst and stood brushing off his Armani trench coat.

“Ah, how lovely. This should be delightful fun.”

Amaliya stepped toward him and had no freaking clue what to do next. “Yeah, well, fuck off.” Her voice sounded surprisingly firm.

The Summoner smiled at her cruelly. “Let us play.”

“Yeah, let's,” Sergio said, and swung his mace straight at the vampire's head.

The Summoner easily ducked under it and with a thrust of one hand sent Sergio crashing into the wall.

Samantha bravely tried to take advantage of this moment and swung her bat full force at The Summoner's head. He caught it in one hand and used it to sling her into Sergio. Her scream was abruptly cut off as she landed hard.

Jeff went low and managed to strike The Summoner right below the knee with his machete. His moment of triumph was short lived when The Summoner simply reached out and shoved him off his feet. Jeff flew backward and crashed into a pile of debris.

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