Sweet Temptation

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“Turn over,” he commanded in a quiet voice.

She maneuvered over, taking care with her throbbing ass.

“Spread your legs for me, baby. Let me see your pretty pussy.”

She parted her thighs and watched as he took position beside her. Their eyes met. Their noses were just inches apart. She sighed softly just as his lips took possession of hers. His hand slid down her belly to her pussy. He rubbed his fingers over the folds, delving inward to find her clit.

She arched immediately into his touch. God, she was so close to orgasm already and all he’d done was put the plug in.

As his mouth made love to hers, he fingered her gently to orgasm, swallowing her cry of pleasure.


Angelina lay on the couch in the main social room downstairs while Micah went to answer the door. He’d arranged her almost artfully. She was positioned on her side, her long hair over her breasts, but her nipples peeked from between the strands.

He hadn’t told her much, just that some friends were coming over to watch the football game. But she knew what would happen.

Voices in the hallway had her breaths coming fast and erratic. A moment later, Micah appeared in the doorway followed by three men.

Holy hell.

She tried not to stare and instead studied their entrance from underneath her lashes.

They walked in but came to a complete stop when they saw her. They stared openly, their eyes glittering with appreciation. As her gaze traveled from one to another, she recognized one of the men. Cole. The man who’d flogged her that first night Micah had seen her at The House. The other two she didn’t know, but she seemed to remember seeing them around the premises on the nights she’d come to play.

Micah walked over to stand by the couch. He reached down and tangled his hand in her hair, gently rubbing her head. Then he trailed his fingertips over her shoulder and down to cup her breast.

“This is Angelina. She belongs to me. Tonight she is yours to do with as you wish. There are conditions, however. You will show respect and care for her. If I tell you to stop, you stop. If she tells you to stop, you stop. You’ll protect her by wearing condoms. This is nonnegotiable.”

“She’s gorgeous,” one of the men said hoarsely.

“Yes, she is,” Micah agreed. “She’s new to anal sex. I’d ask that you treat her gently. Other then that, she enjoys pain. She craves it.”

He put a finger under her chin and lifted until she looked up at him.

“Angelina, these are friends. You know Cole, I believe. Next to him is Rick. On the end is Chris. You’ll obey them as you obey me. You’ll see to their pleasure as you do to mine. Understand?”

She nodded.

“Come to me,” he said.

She rose to stand beside him, conscious of the male stares from across the room. She wasn’t shy, nor did she have any hang-ups about her body being on display. The stares warmed her skin, and she enjoyed the appreciation she saw reflected so clearly in their eyes.

They were handsome men. Rick was tall. Blond-haired, muscular, with a great tan. He wasn’t GQ good-looking. Not polished or pretty. He looked like he worked outside a lot. Maybe construction. With his build, it was obvious he did a lot of physical work.

Chris was shorter and stocky. A football player’s build. He had broad shoulders, legs like tree trunks and bulging biceps. If he didn’t indulge in bodybuilding, then he was blessed with extraordinary genes.

Cole. Quiet, observing Cole. She always saw him watching. Rarely participating, and then only on a superficial level such as when he flogged her. But she never saw him having sex. She’d never even seen him without his clothes on. He was the last person she’d have expected to be here, but he watched her now with such quiet intensity that she shivered. Of the three men, he would be the one to push her the most.

Micah led her to the middle of the room, just to the side of where the couches and chairs were positioned in front of the big screen.

“Kneel here,” he said.

She sank gracefully to her knees and then Micah turned away to the others.

“Ready for the game?” he asked.

They nodded and voiced their agreement, though their eyes never left her as they sprawled into chairs and onto the couch.

For a while they ignored her, but she caught the quick glances thrown her way. The game started, and they were quick to start throwing around ridiculous bets and bitch about bad calls.

“Angel,” Micah called softly.

She raised her head until their gazes met. There was such pride and approval in his eyes.

“There’s beer in the fridge. Bring it to us.”

She rose gingerly, mindful of the plug rubbing against her tender flesh. Once in the kitchen, she opened the fridge and took out a six-pack of chilled beer. She was nervous because now she would be getting close to them, and she knew at some point they would want to touch her. They would want to do a lot more. It excited her, but she also didn’t want to disappoint Micah.

She walked back into the living room and stopped in front of Chris. His pupils flared and his gaze tracked downward to her breasts that bobbed in front of him.

He took one of the beers she handed him and let his fingers linger over hers.

“Thanks,” he said in a low voice.

She almost smiled. He was cute. It was almost like he was afraid to touch her.

She went to Rick next, and he was bolder. He placed his hand on her hip and slid it over her skin and up to cup her breast. His thumb brushed across her nipple, bringing it to a sharp point.

“Bring them their beer and come back to me,” he rasped.

She nodded and moved on to Micah. He didn’t touch her, but he didn’t have to. He caressed her with his gaze. So warm and loving.

Lastly she stood in front of Cole. His blue eyes pierced her and his gaze was hungry. Very hungry. Chill bumps dotted her skin and her nipples puckered and jutted outward.

“You’ve been told to return to Rick,” he said.

She ducked her head and moved quickly back to Rick. To her surprise, he already had his pants undone, and his cock was fisted in his hand. Her eyes widened. He was thick, hard and very large.

He stroked his hand up and down, exerting pressure on the head with each motion.

“Kneel in front of me,” he ordered.

He spread his knees and she went to hers.

“Suck it.”

Her hair fell forward as she leaned over him. She reached to grasp his cock, but he pushed her hand away.

“On my legs. Keep them there.”

She braced herself on his legs. He curled his free hand around her neck and guided her down to his fisted cock. Just before her lips met the head, she hesitated. In response, he yanked her down, forcing her onto his erection.

She closed her eyes and let him have his way. She relaxed her throat muscles and took him deep. He groaned and his fingers curled tighter around her neck.

Not knowing if he wanted her to take the initiative, she remained still and waited. His hand was still curled around the base of his cock, but now he removed it and forced her down until his balls pressed against her chin.

“Holy shit, she’s magnificent,” he gritted out.

He pulled her head up, giving her a chance to take a breath. Then he pushed her down, raising his hips to meet her.

“Fuck, I’m not going to last long with a mouth like yours,” he panted. “Keep your mouth open and don’t move.”

He began fucking her mouth with rapid, sharp thrusts. He wound his hand into her hair and pulled her down over and over.

Suddenly he jerked her away and forced her lower. He grasped his cock again and moved his free hand from her hair to grip her jaw. He forced her mouth open and began rapidly stroking his cock.

He thrust his hips forward until the head of his dick bobbed just centimeters from her open mouth. The first jet of semen hit the inside of her cheek and splashed onto her tongue.

“Don’t swallow,” he directed. “Hold it all in your mouth.”

He continued jerking and more cum filled her mouth. He tilted her chin up and ran his hand up his erection, squeezing and milking more of his release into her mouth.

When he was done, he gently stroked her jaw with his thumb.

“Now swallow,” he said huskily. “Swallow it all.”

She did as he ordered and ran her tongue over her lips to remove the moisture from the corners of her mouth.

“That was fucking amazing, sweetheart.”

She glanced over at Micah, who was watching the game. He played it cool, and for some reason that aroused her all the more. A glance in the other direction had her eyes wide again.

Chris had his dick out, stroking the stiff erection. When his hand went down, he cupped his balls and squeezed before stroking upward, rolling the foreskin over the swollen head.

“Over here,” Chris directed. “Face the TV.”

She pushed herself up, and Rick touched her cheek in a tender gesture as she moved away. She stood before Chris and then turned away as he’d ordered.

“Put your hands on your knees and bend just a bit,” he husked.

Trembling, she leaned forward and rested her palms on the tops of her thighs. Chris’s fingers glanced over her skin and carefully pulled at the plug. It came free and she closed her eyes as a soft moan escaped her lips.

She heard the crinkle of a condom wrapper and then Chris placed his hand on her waist. He pulled her down, almost roughly. Using one hand to guide his cock, he used the other to spread and position her. As soon as she felt the tip nudge at her pussy entrance, he pulled her down hard.

She cried out as she took him as deep as she could. Her ass ground against his groin.

“Jesus, she’s tight,” he breathed.

He wrapped both big hands around her waist and picked her up before slamming her back down on his cock. She closed her eyes and arched her neck. Her hair dangled down, sliding across his chest.

He buried his face in the heavy veil and began pumping into her with strength that surprised her despite her observations about his build.

He stretched her impossibly, to the point of pain. It was delicious. He was incredibly thick, by far the thickest cock she’d ever tried to take. Each time he forced himself back into her, she felt a ripple of pain followed by edgy, sharp pleasure.

Then he picked her completely up, his cock coming free.

“Turn around. I want to taste those tits.”

On shaky legs, she turned back around and straddled his huge thighs. She was spread so far across him that all he had to do was hold his cock in place while she came down on him again.

This time he raised his hips as he yanked her down, and she yelped as he slipped deeper.

He smiled, his white teeth flashing in front of her.

“You can’t take all of me, baby? Not many women can. Before the night’s over with, you will. You’ll take me in every one of your holes.”

He leaned up and captured a nipple between his teeth. He bit into her flesh, and even as she whimpered in pain, she was arching closer, wanting more.

“Oh hell yeah,” he muttered. “I’m going to fucking take you home with me.”

He wrapped both hands in her hair and yanked, forcing her head back and her breasts forward. He sucked at one and then went to the other.

“Ride me. Put your hands on my shoulders and ride me.”

She curled her fingers into his skin, gripping, her nails digging deep. He didn’t seem to mind at all. His groans mixed with her cries. He bit, sucked, and ravaged her nipples. She rode him, rising up and slamming down as the pressure built higher and higher.

He was right. She couldn’t take all of him, but it was close.

“Relax,” he crooned. “Come on, baby. One more inch and you’ve got me to the balls.”

“I can’t,” she gasped. “You’re too big.”

He wrapped his arms around her and stood suddenly, carrying her with him. She gasped in surprise at his strength and the fact that he was still buried deep in her pussy.

He dropped to his knees and fell forward, carrying her with him to the floor. He slipped free from her as he yanked impatiently at his pants. As soon as he was free, he was on her, spreading her wide.

Close, so close. His forehead was creased with tension, and her own orgasm lurked just out of reach.

He slammed into her, and she cried out.

“Take me. All of me,” he hissed. “Take me.”

He hammered into her again, and she felt herself give way around him, giving him that last inch. His balls wedged against her ass, and he gave a shout of satisfaction.

The world went blurry around her. There was no more pain, only intense, mind-numbing pleasure. Her orgasm crashed and kept on crashing as he rode her relentlessly, driving her into the floor.

She went slick around him.

“Oh hell yeah. Goddamn, she took all of me.”

His entire body went tense over her. He strained as if trying to go even deeper. Then he dropped his forehead to her shoulder, and his chest heaved uncontrollably.

He turned his mouth into her neck and kissed her gently, a direct contradiction to the pounding force in which he’d taken her.

“That was amazing,” he whispered.

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