Sweet Temptation

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Her back throbbed. Her ass ached. And still he worked in and out, not yet soft after his release.

“You’re beautiful,” Cole said as he kissed her shoulder. “I’ve seen so many beautiful women come into The House. You’re the first I’ve been with.”

With that statement, he withdrew and moved away from her. Her knees buckled, but again Micah was there to catch her. The ropes descended from the ceiling, and the ache in her arms increased as she was able to lower them.

He gathered her in his arms and picked her up. When he walked past the couches, she looked inquisitively up at him.

He smiled and kissed her forehead. “We’re going upstairs. I don’t think anyone has any interest in the game anymore.”


Cole walked ahead of Angelina and Micah into the common room and flipped on the lights. Micah carried her over to one of the couches and set her down. He touched her cheek and said, “Cole and I have some setting up to do. You can entertain Chris and Rick until we’re done.”

Rick stood to the side and stripped out of his clothing as soon as Micah moved away. When he finished, he sat down on the end of the couch and reached for Angelina’s hand. With his other hand, he stroked his cock to hardness then pulled her toward his lap. When she was close, he reached up and tangled his hand in her hair. He pulled her head down to his lap.

“Get her on her knees,” Chris said. “I want to fuck her again while she gives you a blow job.”

“You heard him,” Rick said roughly. “Up on your knees. Stick that pretty ass in the air.”

She complied with his order and then lowered her head. Rick gripped the base of his cock low, his fingers wrapped around his balls. He pushed her down with his other hand while he fed his erection into her mouth.

The couch dipped as Chris got on his knees behind her.

“Did Cole stretch your ass out enough for me?” Chris taunted softly.

Despite the crudity of his words, he carefully prepped her, sliding lubricant over her opening. He worked patiently, easing one finger inside and then two. While she sucked Rick’s cock, Chris gently fucked her ass with his fingers, adding more lubricant as he stretched her opening more.

“I won’t lie to you, sweetheart. This is going to feel like your first time all over again. It’ll hurt like hell when I first get in. I’m going to take it easy, but don’t fight me. It’ll go a lot better for you if you don’t.”

Rick stroked his hand through her hair, holding it back so he could watch his cock disappear into her mouth.

“Don’t fight him,” Rick advised with a grin. “He’ll just enjoy it more, and he’ll get rougher.”

She nodded her acceptance just as Chris butted his cock head to her opening. She swallowed nervously, and Rick groaned.

“Ah, shit, that feels good.”

He lifted his hips as he held her firmly in place.

“Tell me how you want this,” Chris said. “I can go real slow and take forever to get inside you. Or I can make it quick. Micah said you like the pain. You want me to make it hurt?”

Oh God. She was going to come. She closed her eyes and inhaled through her nose.

Chris slapped her ass, rocking her against Rick.

“Answer me or I’ll make the decision,” he said sharply.

Rick released her hair so she could slip his dick from her mouth.

“Do it quick,” she said hoarsely.

“Do you want it hard?” he asked. “Do you want it to hurt?”

She turned to look over her shoulder. “I don’t get to make the choices,” she said quietly. “I belong to Micah. He gave me to you for the night. If I disobey you, if I challenge you, if I tell you no, then I tell him all those things. I disrespect him. And I love him more than life.”

Chris leaned over her, caught her jaw between his fingers and kissed her. He ran his tongue over the seam of her lips and then kissed her softly once more.

“Micah is a lucky son of a bitch. I’m so goddamn jealous of him right now it’s all I can do not to gut the bastard.”

She smiled and turned back to Rick, who curled a hand around her neck and yanked her to his own mouth. His kiss was carnal, almost brutal as he tasted her. He sucked at her bottom lip and then nipped until she tasted blood.

“Suck my dick,” he rasped into her mouth. “He’s going to fuck your ass until you make me come.”

He forced her back to his lap and guided his length past her lips and deep into her throat. Chris parted her ass cheeks with this thumbs and fitted his cock to her opening. She didn’t have time to tense, prepare or take a breath.

He rammed into her, knocking her forward. Rick was prepared. He cupped both hands over her head and held her so that she was forced all the way down onto his cock.

She would have screamed as pain lanced through her throbbing anus, but Rick’s cock was buried so deep she couldn’t even breathe around it.

“I have some bad news, baby,” Chris said as she fought to maintain control. “I’m only halfway in.”

She moaned just as he gripped her hips and hammered forward again.

This time she ripped her mouth from Rick’s cock and cried out as Chris’s balls came to rest against her pussy opening.

Oh God. She wiggled, she fought, she tossed her head even as she moaned at the burning pain consuming her.

Rick grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back down, forcing his cock back into her mouth.

“Ah, fuck,” Chris groaned as she bucked and fought. “Don’t fight me, baby. Ah, shit.”

His big hands circled her waist. He pulled back and she cried out as his thick erection rippled across her impossibly stretched tissues.

Rick made a garbled sound and raised his hips to fuck at her open mouth. His hands were all over her head, her hair, his fingers tangling, pulling as he pumped spasmodically.

Chris slammed into her again, and she went crazy.

“Holy shit,” Chris gasped. “Hold her, Rick. Christ, this is amazing.”

Chris grabbed her hips as she bucked beneath him. She wanted more, less. More pain, more pleasure. She needed release.

“Slow down, baby. Don’t hurt yourself,” Chris said, even as he thrust into her writhing body.

“Shut the hell up and fuck her,” Rick growled.

And they did. Their hands gripped her, suddenly less tender and patient. They held her down and in place as they used her for their own pleasure.

Chris pumped against her ass, his balls slapping at her pussy with each thrust. Rick gripped her head, his fingers digging into her scalp as he arched into her over and over.

She felt alive. Powerful. Beautiful. She was driving them every bit as crazy as they were making her. Their sounds of pleasure and approval spurred her own desire, and it became a race to see if she could get them off before she exploded with her own orgasm.

The pain subsided completely, replaced by intense, unwavering pleasure. She whimpered and shoved back against Chris, wanting the edge back.

“You want it harder, baby?”

In response, she sucked Rick deeper into her mouth.

“Oh hell yeah, she does,” Rick said. “Give it to her, Chris. Shit, I’m close.”

Chris bent over her back, gripped her shoulders and began thrusting hard and deep. There was no pause, no reprieve. Her body shook with the power of his big body, and Rick held her down as he fucked deep into her throat.

She lost sense of reality. She floated, and for a moment, she feared losing consciousness. Her body was so tense she felt close to breaking. Tight. Strung out. And then Chris reached around, palmed her mound and slid his finger between her folds. As soon as he touched her clit, she burst like an overinflated balloon.

Her hoarse cry was muffled when spurt after spurt of hot semen flooded her mouth. Chris jerked against her and his harsh cry filled her ears. Incredibly as he continued fingering her, his thrusts growing more gentle, another orgasm rushed over her, not as intense as the first, but sharp and fast.

“Shit, she came again,” Chris panted as he went still against her, his cock wedged deep in her ass.

She collapsed onto Rick, too spent to move her head as his cock slipped from her lips.

He stroked her hair tenderly, and then a cloth smoothed over her cheek and her lips.

“You want something to drink?” Risk asked huskily. He almost sounded embarrassed.

She nodded against his lap and he slid from underneath her to get up.

“I’m going to pull out now, baby,” Chris said, his tone regretful.

She was too weak to tense, and it was probably good because even relaxed, his withdrawal hurt.

Rick came back and sat on the couch beside her. She was sprawled indelicately over the cushions, but in that moment, she just didn’t care. She wanted Micah. She wanted his comfort. His love and his care.

“Here,” Rick said as he carefully lifted her to a sitting position. He put the glass to her lips and tilted it so she could sip at the cool liquid. “I meant to pull out. I wasn’t going to come in your mouth. That’s kind of uncool. Sorry.”

She smiled faintly and leaned her head against the back of the couch. “It was only uncool if you didn’t enjoy it.”

“Enjoy it? Hell, it was fucking amazing. This is the kind of shit guys fantasize about but know there’s no way in hell it’s ever going to happen. Do you have any sisters?”

She laughed. “No, sorry. I guess you’ll have to hope Micah invites you over for football again.”

“Football?” Chris asked as he sat beside her. “What football?”

“You two are good for my ego,” she said.

She glanced up, automatically searching for Micah, and saw him standing across the room with Cole. They were both watching her. Had they watched the entire time?

When their gazes met, Micah started forward, a hungry gleam in his eyes. Her nipples automatically puckered, and Rick leaned in to suck one into his mouth. She gasped at the sensation, but her eyes never left Micah.

“Cole is ready for you,” he said as he approached.

She glanced beyond him to where Cole stood, but Cole’s expression gave nothing away.

Micah extended his hand, and she took it without hesitation.


Micah led Angelina to a narrow, well-padded rectangular table where Cole waited. Chris and Rick pulled on their pants and stood at a short distance away.

Cole approached and stood just in front of her, his gaze devouring her. His eyes were so sexy. Deep, intense blue, sparking with so much fire that she felt the warmth to her toes.

He reached out to cup both breasts and run his thumbs over the taut nipples, stroking them to hard points. Unable to resist, she snuck a sideways glance at Micah, but he was gone.

“Look at me and only me,” Cole said in a stern voice.

“I’m sorry,” she said softly.

He touched her cheek and then pulled her toward him. He touched his lips to hers in one, chaste kiss.

“Come,” he said.

He lifted her up and placed her on the table, and it was then she saw Micah lighting candles on the opposite side.

“Lie back and get comfortable,” Cole urged.

She reclined, settling against the soft leather.

“Raise your arms over your head.”

Again she did as he directed.

Chris and Rick each took a hand and wrapped soft leather ties around each wrist until she was tightly bound. Micah stepped to the end of the table, spread-eagled her legs and secured her ankles to the iron loops positioned on the sides. Then he put his hand on her leg and walked up the length of the table, his palm gliding over her skin.

When he got to her breasts, he bent down and licked one nipple. His tongue left a wet trail around the puckered flesh. He sucked, nipped and toyed with one and then the other. He was in turns exceedingly gentle and forceful, until she was ready to crawl out of her skin.

With light smooching sounds, he kissed his way to her neck and then her lips. He was warm and sweet against her tongue, and he tasted of comfort. Of love.

“Cole is quite handy with wax,” Micah murmured. “Usually this is something I’d only entrust to myself, but he’s good. Very good. I know you’ll be in good hands. Do this for me, Angel girl. I want to watch while he drapes your body in wax. I want to watch you writhe in the sweetest of pains, gasp when fire spreads across your skin and to watch your eyes when the pain turns to pleasure.”

She swallowed and nodded, not trusting herself to speak. Her entire body throbbed. She was sore. She was exhausted, and yet arousal stirred deep within. The promise of another high, one that would push her further than before.

“I don’t want you to worry,” Cole murmured next to her. “These candles have lower burning points so the wax isn’t as hot. A little pain can be extremely pleasurable. I wouldn’t risk causing you extreme pain by using unsafe candles.”

As soon as she acknowledged his statement, the room went black around her. She gasped in surprise when a blindfold covered her eyes.

“Don’t be afraid, Angel girl. I’ll be right here the whole time.”

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