Sweet Temptation

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Micah’s voice broke through her sudden apprehension, and she latched onto his strength, braced her shoulders, and a secret smile lit her lips. She wasn’t just doing this for Micah.

“Anticipation is half the pleasure,” Cole said. “Not knowing when the wax will drip onto your skin will heighten the experience.”

Every muscle in her body tensed as she waited. Breathless. Excited. Nervous as hell. Almost giddy.

And she waited. And waited.

Her breathing calmed. She tuned into the room around her, but there wasn’t a single sound. Had they left her? Gradually she relaxed, her arms and legs going limp.

Hot wax splattered onto her arm. Just a drop, but it felt like liquid fire. She hissed in shock, more surprise than true pain, and her pulse raced to life.

A hand delved between her legs, thumbing up and down her folds, carefully parting them. Micah. She’d know his touch anywhere.

As his thumb made contact with her clit, hot wax spilled onto her belly just above her navel. She went rigid, her fingers curling into tight fists above her.

Micah’s touch soothed the hurt, and the pain faded to sharp pleasure.

Another splash, this time hotter. She cried out, and Micah’s fingers plunged inside her opening.

“You make a beautiful canvas, Angelina,” Cole said in a husky voice.

Before she could process the barrage of heat and edgy euphoria, an entire trail of wax blazed up her midline to the valley between her breasts.


She arched upward, straining against her bonds. Hot. Wicked. Fucking incredible. She panted and sucked air like a dying fish. Never before had she experienced this much of a cessation between the line of too far and not enough.

Two mouths closed around her nipples, and she let out a low sob. Micah’s hand between her legs, his thumb circling her clit with lazy precision, and now warm, wet mouths sucking at her breasts.

She whimpered, part in ecstasy, part in protest. She wanted more. Wanted the burn, the incredible sensation of her skin burning alive.

And then the rhythmic sucking ended as soon as it had begun. Her nipples, wet now, puckered and stood up as the air from one of the ceiling fans blew over the tips.

Wax dripped onto one of the nipples. She shrieked, the sound shrill to her ears. Oh God, it was too much. She twisted and bucked, trying to escape her bonds. Tears burned her eyes and she blinked furiously, wishing she could see, wishing she knew when to expect the next drop.

She cried out again when the other nipple was bathed in wax. Micah’s thumb stilled, and she pleaded in a broken voice for him not to stop. How desperate she sounded, but she didn’t care. She needed, oh how she needed, to be freed from this torment.

This time the wax poured into her navel, filling the shallow indention. She yelled hoarsely and flinched, sending some of the liquid spilling down her belly.

And then cooling air blew gently across her skin. She didn’t know who did it, but his breath whispered over the wax, hardening it.

Her entire body was alive. Her skin crawled, itchy and unsatisfied. Her blindfold was ripped off, and she blinked away the moisture that still gathered at the corners of her eyes.

Cole stood over her, his eyes dark, brooding almost. He terrified and aroused her all at the same time. Then she saw Micah standing on her other side, and her stomach knotted into a ball.

His expression was fierce, his eyes glittering with a dangerous edge. He looked every inch the stalking predator. His nostrils flared, and his lips were pressed tight together as if he was holding a tenuous grip on his control.

There was want, need and blazing approval set in his dark eyes. His gaze scraped across her body, and she followed his path down, shocked to see the intricate design of wax decorating her skin.

What had seemed like a random smattering of wax had actually been a delicate-looking design of splatters from her navel up to her breastbone. Her nipples were covered, and tiny droplets circled the buds. Her navel was completely filled now with hard wax, and the only deviation from the pattern was the splatter down her belly where she’d flinched. It looked exotic in a crazy sort of way. With four sets of male eyes admiring her naked, wax-splattered body, she felt beautiful, desirable. Ultra feminine and powerful.

“And now we’ll all have you, Angel girl,” Micah said, his voice vibrating over her in a husky growl.

Her stomach jumped into her throat, and she eyed him nervously.

Chris and Rick untied her hands and carefully rubbed them until the circulation was restored. Cole and Micah helped her sit up, and she swung her legs over the side of the table. Micah stepped between her legs and simply picked her up, her legs circling his waist as she held on.

He walked her over to one of the cushy pallets in the corner of the room and dumped her onto it. The four men stood over her and stripped out of their remaining clothing. Her mouth went dry as she realized she was in for the fucking of her life.

Cole knelt on the pallet first. He moved over her, dragged her beneath him and fused his mouth to hers in a heated rush. His patience seemed at an end. He took her hungrily, his hands moving down to spread her thighs even as he drank deeply from her lips.

Arching over her, he wedged himself between her legs and thrust forward.

“Wrap your legs around me,” he said into her mouth.

When she raised her legs, he slipped deeper, and she gasped. He wasn’t gentle or easy. He fucked hard, his hips slapping harshly against her ass.

“You feel so good,” he said hoarsely. “So tight. Hot.”

He pinned her to the ground, held her in one spot and thrust repeatedly into her pussy. If she attempted any response, any movement, she was met with a swift reminder of his dominance. So she lay there, accepting, offering her submission as he used her body to slake his lust.

Suddenly he withdrew and rolled away, and just as soon, Rick was on her, spreading her as he positioned his cock. He pushed inside her, deep, just as urgent and impatient as Cole had been.

Rick said nothing. His eyes closed and his face was tense above her as he pumped against her fast, forceful. He panted, and he clenched his jaw as he slowed his thrusts, but with the decrease in speed, he became more forceful. And then he, like Cole, simply rolled away.

Her legs went limp, and she lay there as Chris took Rick’s place.

He gathered her legs, wrapped them around his waist and then leaned down, pressing his body to hers. He seemed to know how tired she was and he carefully eased into her pussy, pausing at intervals to give her time to adjust.

When he was fully seated, he kissed her collarbone, hesitated for a moment and then began thrusting. None of them had come yet, so she could only imagine this was the buildup to something bigger. She lay there in Chris’s arms, closed her eyes and gave herself to the mounting tension in her belly.

He moaned, a regretful sound that told her he didn’t want to stop, but he pulled roughly away, leaving her as the others had done.

She looked for Micah, but he wasn’t there. Wasn’t he next? Cole returned to her and stretched out on the pallet beside her on his back. He reached for her and coaxed her upward with gentle hands.

“Straddle me, Angelina. Face away from me and put my cock in your ass.”

Even as she rose, Rick and Chris took her hands to help her. Each took an arm as she stepped over Cole’s body, and they supported her as she went to her knees, straddling his thighs.

Cole put a hand to the small of her back and held his cock with his other hand to help guide her down. She hesitated when the tip breached the tight ring, but both Rick and Chris pressed down on her shoulders, giving her no choice but to take Cole’s erection.

Her body quivered, and her muscles bunched and rolled as she adjusted to the position. He seemed bigger this way. She was stretched so much tighter and there was more pressure. Pressure she couldn’t escape.

“Now lie back,” Cole murmured. “I’ve got you. I’ll hold you. Just relax and lie back against me.”

He leaned up as she reclined, and her back met his chest. He reached down to slide his hands underneath her legs, and he pulled up and spread her. And then she realized why.

Micah stepped between hers and Cole’s legs and knelt on the pallet. Finally Micah. Her heart soared and she immediately relaxed, all the tension leaving her.

Cole nuzzled her neck. “You trust him so completely,” he said in a low voice.

She didn’t respond. She didn’t have to. He was right.

Micah’s hands slid warm and comforting along the tops of her thighs. He moved in closer, fitting his cock to her pussy.

“Have you ever taken two men at the same time, Angel girl?”

She swallowed and shook her head.

“It’ll be tight. We’ll fit. We’ll stretch you, but it’ll feel so good. Just relax and let us do all the work. All you have to do is lie back and enjoy it. Trust us.”

She moaned as he stretched her the tiniest bit. The head of his penis rested just inside her entrance, made much smaller by Cole’s presence in her ass.

With infinite care and patience, Micah worked his way in, stopping when she gasped, moving further in when she squirmed with impatience.

And then he lunged forward, forcing the last few inches into her pussy.

She bucked and wiggled uncontrollably. It took both men to hold her, and they caressed and soothed her, both murmuring praise and encouragement. They both remained still, allowing her time to adjust. Finally she calmed as their words and their caresses broke through the bombardment of sensation their dual penetration had caused.

“Angel girl,” Micah said lovingly. He leaned down to kiss her even as Cole kissed the delicate column of her neck. Then Micah began to move, in and out, slowly at first, his cock dragging across super-sensitive, swollen tissues.

She clasped him so much tighter because of the added pressure of Cole’s penetration.

And then Cole began to move. In unison with Micah. In and out. Cole held her hips in place as he and Micah fucked her openings.

Forgotten were Chris and Rick until they knelt on either side of her, rising up on their knees so their cocks were in line with her mouth.

Rick put a finger to her jaw and turned her in his direction even as he nudged his cock to her lips. She opened and he slid inside, deep, quick.

Mentally, she checked out. She could no longer process their actions, the sensation of being fucked by so many men at the same time. It was edgy, forbidden and so exciting that she shivered uncontrollably. If Rick hadn’t held her head, his cock would have slipped from her mouth.

Then Chris pulled at her hair, directing her to him and his waiting cock.

“Lick it,” he said, strain evident in his voice.

She held out her tongue and allowed him to guide the head over her tongue, in and then out again as it rasped over her taste buds.

Cole’s fingers dug into her hips as he raised his hips, thrusting tightly into her ass. Before she turned her head back to Rick, she locked gazes for a brief moment with Micah. What she saw in his eyes took her breath away. Raw possession. Pride. And something else entirely. Something that made her chest ache and her pulse come alive. He cared about her.

She raised her hands and pressed them against Rick’s and Chris’s thighs to steady herself as Micah and Cole shook her body with the force of their thrusts. Encouraged by the fact that Rick and Chris didn’t object, she ran her fingers up to grasp their cocks. Her fingers curled around the bases and both men let out harsh sounds of pleasure.

She fisted the cocks and stroked, rolling her hand up and down over the steel-like erections. No longer did she wait for their prompting. She alternated sucking their cocks, giving each equal attention.

“Shit,” Rick muttered. “I’m not going to last.”

“Me either,” Chris hissed.

They pushed her hands away and fisted their own cocks. Chris forced her gaze forward so she watched Micah between her legs. He held her there as he and Rick jerked frantically at their erections.

Hot semen washed onto her cheeks and breasts. It splashed over the wax design on her skin and ran slowly down the valley of her breasts.

Rick tangled a hand in her hair and petted affectionately. He pulled away and then ran a gentle finger over the curve of her jaw.

Cole relaxed his grip on her hips and trailed his fingers over the line of her waist and around to cup her breasts. His thumbs rubbed over her semen-coated nipples, and he massaged the liquid into her skin outside the perimeter of the hardened wax. Then he lowered his hands down her midline, rubbing the sticky substance onto her belly.

His hips arched, driving himself deeper into her ass. Micah surged forward, wedging himself tighter into her pussy.

“I’m going to come, Angelina. Stay still. Let me hold you,” Cole whispered harshly.

He tilted his ass up off the floor, bumping her higher and forcing Micah deeper. Micah thrust and forced her back down onto Cole’s erection.

She allowed them complete control. Surprisingly, Chris and Rick each took one of her hands and held it, supporting her as Cole pounded into her from below.

Their hands snaked up her arms until they held her underneath her shoulders. Cole’s hands circled her waist and he lunged upward one last time, his shout echoing over her ears.

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