Sweet Temptation

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Gray choked on his drink and commenced to coughing. “Yeah, good luck with that,” he wheezed.

“How old is she anyway?” Connor asked.

“Twenty-three,” Micah muttered.

“Is she hot?”

“Very,” he said before he could think better of it. Then he swore. “No, she damn well isn’t hot. And I don’t want you to even so much as look in her direction. You got me?”

Connor held up his hands in surrender. “Whatever you say, man. I swear you guys do your best to keep me away from all the good ones. I should be dating Julie. Not bonehead over here,” he said as he jerked a thumb in Nathan’s direction.

Nathan snorted. “You’re not man enough for her.”

Connor scowled. “And I suppose you are?”

“She’s with me, isn’t she?” Nathan returned smugly.

Gray leaned forward, ignoring the bickering between Connor and Nathan. “So you’re spending your evenings babysitting her at her place or what? And what about during the day? Not like you can keep an eye on her all the time.”

“She’s staying with me until we can find her a decent place. She’s going to be looking for a job.”

For once they fell completely silent as they stared back at him. Gray coughed discreetly and Nathan made a show of clearing his throat. Connor’s eyes gleamed with unholy amusement.

“So you have a young, hot girl living with you, and you’re in a bad mood?” Connor asked.

“Shut the fuck up,” Micah growled.

“Blue balls,” Gray said with a sage nod. “What our man has is a case of the blue balls.”

“Fuck you,” Micah said crudely. “Fuck all of you.”

They laughed uproariously while Micah just shook his head.

Gray pointed a finger in Micah’s direction. “Mark my words, Hudson. Your ass is toast.”

After an afternoon of ribbing, Micah was ready to get home, crack open a cold beer and watch some TV. Then he remembered he had no food in the house, and while he had nothing against two-day-old pizza, he didn’t see Angelina sharing his appreciation for it.

He stopped at the local grocery store, piled a bunch of stuff he thought she’d like in the buggy and headed to the checkout. Half an hour later, he pulled into his apartment complex and frowned when he didn’t see Angelina’s little tin can in the parking spot next to his.

Maybe she was still out job hunting.

He made two trips to get the groceries in, and it wasn’t until he started to put them away that he saw the piece of paper propped against the canisters.

He picked it up and unfolded it, his gaze scanning the neat handwriting.


Gone to The House to play. Don’t wait up for me.

Love, Angelina

Micah dropped the paper and was immediately assaulted by a pounding headache. Fuck a goddamn duck. What the hell did she think she was doing? Besides driving him out of his damn mind.

He pinched the bridge of his nose between two fingers and closed his eyes to assuage the sensation of someone stabbing him in the eyeball.

He was haunted by the images of Angelina the first time he’d seen her at The House. What the hell would he find her doing this time?

Damon wouldn’t be there, so he couldn’t call him and demand he throw her out, not that he would anyway, but at least he could have made sure Damon watched over her. Cole was a good guy, but shit, he was the one flogging her the first night. And what guy with a working set of balls wouldn’t leap at the opportunity to bend a gorgeous woman to his will?

Leaving the groceries in the sacks, he made a grab for his keys and headed for the door. He and Angelina were definitely going to come to an understanding. Right after his hand warmed her little ass. And he’d make damn sure the little brat didn’t enjoy it either.

Unfortunately for him, his dick stood up and paid attention at the idea of having her over his knee. Yeah, she might not like it—or maybe she would—but he damn sure would.

The drive to The House seemed interminable. It was almost completely dark when he pulled up the drive, and it irritated the hell out of him to see Angelina’s car in one of the spots closest to the door. Little hellcat had been here awhile.

He strode inside, and while he did a cursory check of the downstairs social rooms, he knew in his gut he’d find her upstairs where all the action took place. He just hoped like hell he didn’t have to barge into one of the private rooms and drag her out. Damon would have his ass in a sling, and he’d probably be barred from the premises for life.

When he got to the top of the stairs, he made a beeline for the common room. He hit the doorway and to his relief didn’t see Angelina as the star attraction again. But that begged the question of where exactly she was.

There, in the far corner of the room, he saw her. All the breath left him in a painful rush. It was as if someone punched him squarely in the diaphragm.

Lust and rage vied for equal airtime. Angelina. Nude but for the ropes intricately wrapped around her upper body, under and above her breasts so that the small globes were displayed to their best advantage. The nipples—lush and erect—dark brown, like velvet. She was kneeling, her long hair sliding forward over her shoulders. Her arms were bound behind her, her knees spread, her pose one of complete supplication.

God, how he longed to answer her plea for domination.

Three men surrounded her, their hands touching her, sliding through her hair, reaching to finger her nipples. Then they hoisted her to her feet and one cupped her chin, tilted her lips to meet his.

He plundered her mouth. Ravaged it until she gasped for air. He wasn’t gentle with her, a fact that enraged Micah. His reaction perplexed him. He knew he wouldn’t be gentle with her, but another man treating her so roughly provoked a deep rage inside him.

When the man pulled away from Angelina, her lips were swollen and bruised looking. Her eyes glittered, and Micah saw a need that wasn’t being fulfilled. She looked hungry. Like a woman seeking but not finding.

The other two men dropped down, and then their lips closed over her protruding nipples. She gave a small cry that seemed to satisfy them. They nursed like two starving men.

The picture was provocative and erotic as hell.

Would she allow them to fuck her? Is that what she wanted? To be dominated and possessed by multiple men?

Part of him wanted nothing more than to watch while they took her, but another part of him was outraged that David’s sister was here, being pawed by strange men.

Another voice whispered deep, dark—and sensual, sliding seductively through his veins.

You want her. You want to be the one who owns her. You’re jealous. You’re crazy jealous.

Angelina was lifted by the two men who had suckled at her breasts. They each hooked an arm under the crook of one of her knees and spread her until she was open and vulnerable to the other man.

Adrenaline pumped like thunder through Micah’s veins. He was riveted to the sight of the lush, feminine flesh, spread, open to invasion. She was excited. Her pussy was wet and swollen, and he broke into a sweat as he imagined guiding his cock through her folds and ruthlessly opening her with his thrusts.

His balls ached fiercely. His dick was impossibly hard and screaming for relief.

A feminine hand slid over his arm and over his middle, snaking down to his crotch. Surprised and irritated by the interruption, he turned to see a woman next to him, her eyes glittering with lust.

“Let me take care of this for you,” she murmured as she cupped the bulge between his legs. “While you watch her.”

It was tempting to push her to her knees, free his cock and shove it into her mouth while he watched Angelina. But he wanted nothing to distract him.

Gently, he pushed her hand away and returned his gaze to Angelina. As the two men held her open, the first man lowered his head and swept his tongue over her swollen flesh.

Her belly arched, and she nearly bowed out of the two men’s hands. The first man followed her with his mouth, delving his tongue deep, sucking and feasting on her pussy.

Micah was in danger of doing something he hadn’t done since he was a teenager. If he so much as moved he was going to come in his pants.

What did she taste like? Was she sweet like she looked or was she all spicy heat like the mischief that gleamed in her eyes?

Why aren’t you putting a stop to this? Why are you about to jack off while you watch Angelina being fucked by a crowd of horny men?

The man eating her pussy pulled away, licking his lips like a satisfied cat. While the other two men held her, he reached for a dildo from one of the nearby tables. He tore the wrapping from it and it gleamed obscenely in the light.

He moved back to Angelina and slipped between her thighs. His long fingers probed at her entrance, stroking up and down and then inside, burying his finger to the knuckle.

Angelina whimpered and bucked until he issued a sharp slap to her clit. Before she could react, he positioned the dildo and thrust deep.

Her cry echoed over the room. The man stepped away, leaving the fake dick lodged to the hilt in her pussy. He motioned for the other two men to lower her.

They forced her to her knees and nudged her thighs apart.

“Hold it in,” the man ordered her as he nudged the base of the dildo with his foot.

She nodded her acceptance, her eyes wide and so damn innocent looking that it nearly slew Micah on the spot.

The man reached for a pair of nipple clamps then pinched one nipple between his fingers before attaching a clamp to the velvety soft point.

Angelina bit her lip, and Micah almost nodded his approval.

He swallowed rapidly. She wasn’t his, and yet he was standing here casting himself as her master, silently offering approval when she performed well.

Move. Go to her.

His feet were encased in cement. All the blood in his body was pooled in his groin. He needed relief so badly that he was about crazy.

He was riveted by her beauty. By the sheer eroticism of the scene playing out before him.

The clamps now attached, the man stepped away and methodically unfastened his jeans. Not bothering to remove them, he reached in and pulled out his cock. With it fisted in one hand, he moved forward again.

He slid his free hand over the top of her head, his fingers tangling in her hair. Roughly, he forced her head back and guided his dick into her mouth.

The other two men also freed their cocks from their pants, but they stood to the side, stroking their erections with impatient hands.

Micah watched in fascination as the first man fed his dick deep into Angelina’s mouth. Her neck muscles bulged with the strain as the man pushed his way forward. When she closed her eyes, he yanked at her head.

“Look at me,” he ordered.

Her eyes flew open and stared pleadingly at him. He backed out, allowing her a quick breath before he thrust again. His balls bulged against her chin, and Micah could hear the sucking sounds she made.

Then her gaze found him. She looked past the man thrusting into her mouth and connected with Micah. He froze, unsure of what to do.

Calm entered her eyes, as if she felt safer and more secure now that she knew he was here. Her entire body relaxed, and she let her temporary master fuck her mouth with abandon.

And fuck it he did. Over and over he forced himself into her mouth with a brutality that made Micah wince, and yet he did nothing to stop it.

Her gaze never left Micah as she gave herself over to the man fucking her mouth.

Suddenly the man at her mouth yanked his cock away. The three men jerked frantically at their straining erections. Semen hit her lips, her cheeks, her breasts, her shoulders and her slim back. It ran down her body in hot, thick streams.

Finally they milked the last of their releases, moving closer so that it all dripped onto her skin.

And still she stared at Micah with her dark, trusting eyes. Micah felt sick, and yet he was so unbelievably turned on that he hurt.

Angelina was pulled to her feet as the men wiped the semen from her body, but she uttered something to them, and with a quick glance in Micah’s direction, they moved away.

She stood, staring at him. Her arms tied behind her back, the dildo still lodged in her pussy.

“You know you want me,” she said in a quiet, taunting voice. “Tell me, Micah, did they do it right? Were they too gentle? Would you have whipped me for the slightest infraction? Did you want it to be your cock in my mouth?

“Come to me. Free me,” she whispered. “Take me.”

A red-hot haze of need exploded over him. He closed the distance between them, his pulse pounding so hard in his ears it deafened him.

He grasped her shoulders, lust overtaking him, ruling him, whispering to him to take what was his.

With quick, jerky motions he spun her around and threw her over the arm of one of the plush couches. Even as he reached for the fly of his jeans with one hand, he reached between her legs to pull the dildo from the clasp of her pussy.

It came slowly, her swollen tissues reluctant to release the fake cock. It came out with a slight sucking noise, glistening with her fluids.

He tossed it aside as his fingers finally pulled his cock free of his pants. He was on her in an instant, mounting her from behind like a rutting animal.

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