The Gargoyle Gets His Girl

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Pandora nodded. “Totally.”

“In that case,” Nick said, “we’re going home.”

Willa jumped up and hugged Pandora. “Thank you for dinner and for taking care of my baby. I would have been devastated if anything had happened to him.”

Pandora hugged her back. “I’m happy I was able to do it. Pumpkin enjoyed the company. And I’m really glad you’re home.”

She hugged Nick next. “You, too. Now go put a smile on my friend’s face.”

“Pandora!” There was no stopping the blush this time. Willa scooped Jasper up and shook her head as she made her way out to the truck.

Nick didn’t speak until they were back in his house, but the look on his face said plenty. He was clearly focused on Pandora’s command. At least that’s what Willa thought.

He leaned against the entrance to the kitchen, his eyes heavy-lidded, watching as she got Jasper fresh food and water.

She slanted her gaze at him. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“It’s been a rough couple of days.”

She put the bowls down while Jasper danced around her, meowing. “Yes, it has.”

“The kind of days that make you think about what matters and what doesn’t and how short life is, even for supernaturals like us.”

She straightened and nodded. “That’s for sure.”

He reached out and took her hand, tugging her up against his body. “I want you, Willa Iscove.”

She grinned. “I think you’ve made that pretty clear.”

“Not just in my bed. In my life. As part of my life. The way I want to be a part of yours.”

Her smile faded with the seriousness of the moment. She stared into his eyes, finding only love and truth. “I want that, too.”

“I know why you didn’t answer me the first time, but this time, you have to tell me yes or no. Marry me.”

She cupped his jaw in her hand. “I can’t imagine a better way to spend the rest of my life.”

He smiled and kissed her deeply, wrapping her in his arms and pressing her close. She trailed her fingers into his hair to grip the back of his head and pull him in farther. He lifted her and carried her through the bedroom and into the bathroom, where he held her with one arm while he got the shower going. “I figure after the day we’ve had, we both could use one.”

She nodded, content in his arms. “Especially since we’re about to get really, really dirty.”

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