Their Virgin Concubine

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“I hope you like what you see. My brothers are right. This is for you.” He wrapped his hand around his cock, stroking from base to bulb. Tal’s cock swelled, growing thicker and longer right before her eyes. “Now show me what belongs to me and mine.”

She started a bit as she felt a hand on her zipper.

Kade steadied her or she would have fallen. He righted her, holding her hand. “Don’t be afraid. Let us show him. This is tradition.”

“You traditionally show off naked women to your brother?” She sometimes didn’t understand this place. And she wondered just how much stuff they made up to get her to do things she otherwise never would.

Kade slowly dragged the zipper of her dress down, every inch a big step toward that moment when he and Rafe would unveil her. “Yes, we do. When brothers take a concubine, the younger ones present her to the eldest. She is a gift to be shared.”

“Concubine.” She knew the word. Mistress. Lover. It seemed so much heavier than girlfriend or momentary hookup.

“Yes, for now,” Rafe said. “Relax and let us show you off. We think you are beyond beautiful, Piper. Let us share this lovely view with Talib.”

The straps of her dress slipped over her shoulders as Kade finished unzipping the garment. She was suddenly grateful for all the spa treatments. Earlier in the day, they had buffed her skin to a dewy glow and taken care of those pesky extra hairs on her brow line. They’d also rid her of every single strand of hair below her neck. Sure, she’d screamed at the time, but now she could stand there with some small amount of confidence.

Her hands shook as the bodice of the dress was lowered.

“You selected her clothes, Rafe?” Tal’s voice was deeper than before, his eyes on her. His hand continued to move up and down his cock in a slow, sexy rhythm.

“The dress is Marchesa. I love how the white makes her skin luminous. She did not care for the deep V-neck at first, but it shows off her lovely breasts.”

He’d known she’d been worried about the dress? It was so much sexier than anything she’d ever worn.

“She looked stunning. But every man in the room was staring at her breasts.” Tal frowned, sitting up, his eyes accusatory.

Rafe chuckled, kissing the curve of her shoulder. “Perhaps, but they did not touch. They can look at our beautiful concubine all they like and merely wish they were the ones in her bed.”

“But the minute they touch, well, we have traditions for that as well,” Kade promised.

Piper was pretty sure she wouldn’t like those traditions. They likely involved blood.

“Show me the corset,” Tal commanded.

The lines of the dress hadn’t allowed for a traditional bra. She’d squeezed into a white satin and silk corset that forced her breasts up like ripe melons being displayed for sale.

“I strove for perfection on the lingerie.” Rafe pushed the dress off her hips, and Kade whisked it away. “La Perla. I think you can agree she looks exceedingly lovely.”

She looked half naked. More than half, actually. She was left in her corset and a tiny white thong, along with stark white stilettos that elongated her legs.

She gasped as Rafe’s hand cupped her backside, his fingers snapping the thong.

Tal stood, staring down at her. “She glows like a pearl. You have an eye for dressing her, brother. But I need to see more. Show me her breasts.”

She felt caught. Trapped by Rafe and Kade’s hands. Captive to the dirty promise in Talib’s dark eyes.

Cool air caressed her skin, causing her nipples to tighten even before Kade and Rafe went to work on the corset. In mere seconds, they were lifting it away from her, and she was left in nothing but a tiny thong and her shoes. She bit her bottom lip, forcing herself not to cover her breasts with her hands.

Tal simply stared, his eyes on her nipples. He didn’t move toward her, just stroked his hard cock and looked. “They are beautiful. Like the woman herself. Lift them for me.”

Kade sighed from behind her, his arms sliding around her torso. His big hands cupped her breasts, lifting them up. His thumbs flicked her nipples, making her shake in his arms. Piper held her breath to trap in her moan.

“She has the loveliest breasts in the world, and they’re so sensitive.” Kade demonstrated by pinching them lightly and watching them bead tighter. “See. She responds beautifully.”

Tal sat up and leaned closer, his fingers lightly touching her nipples. “Tell me something, beautiful girl. Have my brothers played with your breasts?”

“Yes.” The word came out on a breathy moan. She had two sets of hands on her. While Kade’s lifted her breasts, Tal’s fingers continued to toy with her so-sensitive nipples. He stroked lightly at first and then caught them between his thumbs and forefingers, twisting just a bit.

“Did you like it? Did you like it when my brothers licked and sucked your nipples?”

She was shaking, a dizzying ache coursing through her. Embarrassment rapidly drowned in a sea of want. Being put on display should make her angry, but nothing about this felt wrong. In fact, the hunger in Talib’s eyes made everything about this feel good and right. “I loved it when they touched me.”

Rafe stood behind Tal, watching with a smile on his face. “Our pretty concubine has trouble with dirty words, brother.”

His fingers tightened, making her moan again. “Does she now? Tell me what they did to your breasts, Piper. And your pussy. I want to see that, too. I think, perhaps, my brothers made a meal of you. I might need a taste.”

Kade immediately pushed the thong off her hips as Tal stepped back, the loss of his touch making her cold. Kade held her hand as she stepped out of the thong, and Tal took in a long breath, his smile dangerous and predatory. Then she wasn’t cold anymore. The raging heat in his stare made her shiver and swelter with need.

“Rafe, you’ve been at work here, too. That is a lovely pussy. Spread your legs, Piper. I can already see those lips are wet. I want to see them as you tell me the tale.”

They expected her to talk? She was lucky to be standing.

Tal edged closer and loomed over her, a patient expression on his face. “I need to make something clear. When we are in the bedroom, you follow my rules. I won’t hurt you, but I will spank that gorgeous ass if you don’t obey. Indulge me. I love to give a good spanking.”

“He does,” Kade affirmed. His hand slipped to her backside, cupping a single cheek. “He would love to get this ass a sweet pink. And he’ll make you love it. Before we’re done with you, you’ll love many things you can only dream of now. We’ll have you bound and blindfolded so all you can concentrate on is the sensation of our tongues and our cocks. And we’re going to make you love it when we’re all inside you. But not tonight. Tonight should be gentle. Don’t tempt Tal’s beast tonight. Give him what he wants. Tell him about our night together.”

Spankings and bondage? She couldn’t say she was completely terrified by the thought, but daunted at the moment, yes. She just needed to get through her first time. Right now, Tal wanted words.

“It will be all right.” Rafe’s soft tone soothed her. He winked at her as he dispensed with his shirt before working his way out of his slacks. “I’ll help you. We were in the plane, and Piper kissed me. I love the way you kiss.”

Nervous laughter bubbled up. “I didn’t think I was very good at it.”

“Well, let me remind you.” Rafe strode over to her and cupped her face in his hands, tilting her head back. His lips descended on hers, a sweet melding of flesh that soon sent heat zipping through her. She relaxed, almost drugged by the desire he coaxed from her.

“I will remind you, too.” Kade pulled her out of his brother’s arms and kissed her himself. As always, Kade’s kiss went wild. Where Rafe took things slow and sensual, Kade immediately invaded, sending heat sizzling through her system. Kade pulled her body flush against him, his erection nuzzling her belly. “Tell my brother how we kissed you that night.”

“Passionately,” she sighed. “It was the most erotic experience of my life.” Though she was pretty sure tonight would top it. Tonight, she would finally know passion in every sense of the word.

“Now tell him where we kissed you.” Kade touched a finger to her lips, giving her a wicked smile.

“My lips.” She watched as Kade’s fingers moved down her body to her nipples. “My breasts and nipples. I loved that.” In fact, she’d fantasized about having both men at her breasts and Tal devouring her pussy. Kade’s fingers moved again, this time dipping in between her labial lips, skimming over her clit once, twice, until she gasped.

“Rafe kissed me there,” she murmured. A hard pinch to her clit had her panting. “My pussy. He kissed my pussy.”

Tal interrupted them, gesturing for Kade to move away. “I am sure Rafe did much more than kiss your pussy. I’m sure he ate it like the ripest fruit. Now go lie on the chaise and spread your legs for me. It’s my turn to inspect that delicious bit of flesh my brothers so seem to love.”

Before she had a chance to protest, Rafe lifted her up, his arm going under her knees and hauling her to his chest. “I would not want you to fall, habibti.”

He strode across the floor and placed her on the lounger. The plush material felt decadent against her naked flesh.

“Spread your legs, Piper.” Tal stood at the end of the chaise, his big body looming above her.

“Do it now,” Rafe added to his brother’s command as he got on his knees beside her. “He will insist on inspecting your pussy. He will do nothing more until he does. Let us see if I can erase a bit of your shyness.”

His lips closed over her left nipple, sucking her deep inside his mouth. Kade was on the other side, his clothes gone now. He, too, dropped down and sucked a nipple into his mouth.

Desire overwhelmed her as she looked down at the two dark heads working over her breasts. They suckled and laved affection on her sensitive peaks as each man slid a hand down to her knees and gently pried her legs open, revealing her pussy to the sheikh. She didn’t have time to feel overwhelmed or embarrassed. She was far too busy squirming under their knowing lips and tongues. It was everything she’d dreamed of.

Tal took a deep, luxurious breath. “She is responsive. There’s nothing cold about her. How did you stay a virgin for so long, Piper? You’re obviously a sensual thing.”

She felt like it now. She was restless, writhing, wanting so much more. She wanted Tal to touch her. She wanted all of her men to shower her with pleasure so she could return it. “I didn’t have time. And the one man I thought wanted me didn’t really. I waited for a year, but he said I wasn’t sexy.”

Tal lowered himself to his knees, leaning onto the chaise and placing his face close to her pussy. “He was an idiot, this man. He has no idea what he lost. And what we gained. Tell me, Piper. Did you enjoy the way my brother ate your pussy?”

The thought could still make her weak and now it brought on that rush of arousal that coated her flesh in her own cream. Tal, like his brothers, seemed fascinated by it. His fingers played in the folds of her pussy, applying light pressure. It wasn’t enough. “I loved it. Please touch me, Tal. Give me more.”

“I will. But you must be still, concubine. This is our time.”

“I want to learn, too.” She didn’t just want to lie there. “I want to know how to please a man.”

A single finger pierced her pussy, slowly invading. “You want me to teach you how to fuck so you can please some other man?”

She shook her head back and forth, thrashing at the foreign, wonderful sensations making her pussy tingle. “I want to know how to please you. All of you.”

“That’s better. I think you will discover none of us likes hearing you speak of other men while in our bed. Piper, I understand that this relationship seems odd to you, but you should understand that while we share with each other, we will never allow another man in. I didn’t even like them looking at you tonight.”

Rafe suckled her nipple again before his voice tickled across her sensitive skin. “He is quite possessive, Piper. Freakishly so.”

“Like you’re any better,” Kade scoffed.

A mischievous grin sprawled across Rafe’s face. “Perhaps not.” He turned back to her. “You will learn to deal with him. With all of us. Now stop wiggling. We promise to teach you how to please us later. Tonight, the way to please us is to obey.”

Obey? She wanted to move, to kiss them, put her hands all over their dark satin skin, feel the heat and hardness of their cocks. She reached for Kade with a moan and turned a beseeching gaze on Rafe.

“Settle down.” Kade’s hand was on her belly, a command to stay put. “Let us make you feel good. Later, I will to teach you exactly how to please me. I’ll teach you just how I like to have my cock sucked. But first, I want to watch you come again.”

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