Their Virgin Concubine

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She tried. She really tried to stay still, to let them have their way. Kade and Rafe bent to play at her breasts again, the sensation sparking across her skin, sending livewires down to her pussy where Tal awaited with ravenous glee. He was evil, too, teasing and caressing, his touches light and nothing like what she needed. Instead, he did exactly as he’d threatened. He inspected her, running his hand over her recently waxed skin and praising its softness. He parted her labia, running his nose there before lightly kissing her clitoris. His finger taunted as he playfully pressed in, rotating inside her core.

The stimulation was only enough to drive her crazy, but not over the edge. Her whole body wanted, aching for that finger to go deeper, to move faster. She pressed down, trying to force Tal’s finger further inside.

“Brothers, stop.” Tal hopped off the chaise. “Turn her. Ass in the air. She must learn some discipline.”

Piper found herself on her hands and knees before she could breathe. Then she couldn’t breathe at all. Anticipation slid through her, and she felt so vulnerable. Their gazes raked her; she knew it. She tried to suck in air, but it was no use. “What?”

“Hush,” Kade admonished. “You didn’t obey, so there will be some discipline. Tal, I think we should go easy on her this once.”

“What a surprise,” Tal shot back. “I’m sure Rafe agrees.”

Rafe chuckled. “I think we should give her what she wants. She wanted to learn. This is an erotic lesson in giving and receiving. Kade, lie in front of her. Give her your cock.”

Kade slid in front of her, his massive cock rising up. It was so close she could feel the heat coming off it. There was a pearly drop of fluid just beginning to seep from the tip.

“It’s semen, habibti. You’ve never tasted it before, have you?”

She shook her head. “No.” She’d never tasted a man before, and she’d never had her naked backside in the air either. “Do you want me to kiss it?”

She’d once seen a about a minute of a video where a woman sucked on a man’s cock. Her fiancé had quickly turned it off and pretended he hadn’t been watching the kind of porn that would make the old biddies in the town spew insistent speeches about fornication and sin. But in that brief minute, Piper had seen the way the woman moved her lips up and down on her lover’s erection while the man had groaned in pure ecstasy. She wanted to give that to Kade.

“You will pleasure Kade while you also learn to obey your Masters. That’s what we are in the bedroom, concubine. We’re your Masters. Out of the bedroom, treat us with respect, but we want you to have your own mind. I don’t know how I would get through a meeting without you arguing with me at least three times,” Tal said.

“I don’t mean to argue.” She gasped when he lightly caressed her clit with a fingertip before pulling away again. She sighed in frustration. “You’re just wrong an awful lot.”

A loud smack cracked through the air, and then Piper’s backside was on fire. The sting flared across her skin, and she cried out. Heat lashed her, the sensation seeping into her system. That smack had hurt, so why was her pussy aching?

“Yes, that is exactly what I mean, darling. I never want you to think you’re submissive to me in the boardroom. I need that glorious brain of yours to keep me in check. But here, you’ll be a proper concubine.” Tal’s hand smacked the other cheek, the heat sinking in quickly this time. “Now be good. You will take your discipline while you pleasure Kade.”

Kade smiled at her, his cock in hand. “Please be careful, habibti. I really don’t want to explain any terrible personal injury to our physician. He remembers me in diapers. We’re having dinner with him in a few days. Let’s not have his latest memory be reattaching my dick.”

Just like that, he made her laugh, her anxiety dissipating. Tal smacked her ass again, once on each cheek, then rubbed the heat into her skin with his broad hand. She could deal with the spanking. She was actually kind of getting into it. Her bottom felt so wildly alive, her skin hypersensitive. “I’ll be careful.”

“Lick the head.” His voice went guttural. His hand wrapped around his cock, pointing it her way.

The next smack moved her closer to Kade’s cock. She managed to stay on her knees and did as Kade bade. Her tongue came out, licking the bulbous head, drawing that bead of pearly liquid into her mouth. Salty. Kade tasted complex and woodsy. She liked it.

She sucked the head gently into her mouth, following her instincts. She let her tongue discover the edges and ridges of the head before she dipped even lower. Velvety skin filled her mouth, and she wriggled to get closer to Kade…and to try to relieve a bit of the tension building in her pussy.

Piper felt the hint of air that came right before Tal smacked her cheek once more and forced herself to remain still.

Discipline. This was what he meant. It required her to think. About her body. About the sensations. This was a conscious choice, to take and give pleasure. To put herself in their capable hands and trust that they knew all the best ways to enjoy their shared pleasure.

She found a rhythm, her whole body engaged in the act of moving and flowing around them. She played with Kade’s cock in her mouth, enjoying the freedom of exploration. She loved the way he tasted and the clean masculine scent he gave off. She adored the sounds of appreciation and pleasure he made as he pushed and pulled in and out of her mouth.

And she was rapidly becoming addicted to the feel of a hand on her backside. Heat suffused her, making her skin scream and then sing with every fall of Tal’s hand.

“Talib. Please.” Kade’s voice was desperate.

She felt Tal’s hand still on her cheek. “Her ass is a lovely pink. Yes, I think we can be done. Teach her what she needs to know.”

Kade’s hands tangled in her hair. “I need to fuck your mouth, habibti. I’m so close. You’re a natural. Just suck me.”

Piper sucked hard, hollowing out her cheeks, following his lead. Her jaw ached, but she wasn’t going to give in to the discomfort. She wanted to be the one who brought him pleasure. She wanted to make him feel so good that he would be hungry to seek her out again.

She whirled her tongue around the head of his cock and tried to swallow as he began to press further and further into her mouth.

“Breathe through your nose.” She felt a hand on her back. Rafe’s, she thought. They were all watching her. “Concentrate on Kade. I plan to play a bit. Nothing like the spanking. This is not for discipline, but to prepare you.”

Kade settled into a rhythm, his thrusts deep and smooth. Piper felt a hand on her bottom again, this time parting her cheeks. Cool liquid dripped on the forbidden flesh there, her back entrance contracting at the sensation.

“See, that will not do. Rafe, you must prepare her,” Tal growled as he spread her cheeks wider.

They were looking there, while she had a man’s cock in her mouth? When Piper Glen decided to lose her virginity, she also lost her damn mind. And there was nothing to do but ride the delicious, maddening wave.

Suddenly, a finger pressed against her backside, rotating and flexing, trying to coax her to open up. And the cock in her mouth swelled, hardened even more. Kade groaned loud and low as his cock jerked against her tongue. Then salty juice coated her tongue, taking her mind off the jangly sensation in her rear as she swallowed him down. Slowly, his cock softened in her mouth, as did his hands on her hair.

“So good. You were so good, Piper. You don’t need lessons. You just need men who care about you.” He gently disengaged his cock. Kade slid down, bringing his mouth to hers and kissing her lightly. “Thank you so much.”

Piper panted because something hard was right at her back entrance. It twisted and turned against her flesh, seeking entry. “What is that?”

Kade sighed, the sound one of pure contentment. “It’s a little plug for your asshole.”

“I don’t think I need a plug. Everything works just fine down there.”

They chuckled, saying something in Arabic before Tal came to stand before her. “How did you think you were going to accept all of us, Piper?”

“Tag team. Won’t that work?” She winced as Rafe pressed the plug in, gaining ground with each little thrust. It wasn’t pain exactly, but it wasn’t pure pleasure, either. It was an odd mix of fullness and pressure, with a blend of pleasure and discomfort that made her want to twitch to increase the sensations, make them better. Something. But she held still because it would please them.

Tal gripped her chin in his big hand and turned her face up, a wicked gleam in his eyes. She’d never seen him look so young and carefree. A smile of pure bliss crossed his face. “Tag team?”

She loved that she’d brought that out in him. He needed someone to tease him and bring him back to earth. He needed it so badly. “Like wrestling. If you haven’t watched it, then we should. You’ve made me deeply aware of your culture. Well, it’s time you knew mine. We might need to sit down and watch a whole season of Redneck Island.”

His face went blank before his laughter boomed through the room. It filled her, making the spanking and the plug in her backside seem worth it because she’d never heard Tal sound so happy. “I will watch this show for you. Later. But for now, you should understand that soon we will take you in our way. All three at once. One in your pussy. One in your ass. And one enjoying the sweetness of your mouth. But tonight, we will be gentle. Try not to lose the plug.”

Rafe helped her to her back. She had to clench the muscles of her bottom to keep the plug inside. Despite her apprehension, Piper couldn’t deny that the idea of having all her men at once deeply intrigued her. The thought of them filling her every hole and pleasuring her at once deepened her ache and made her moan with need.

“Not here. I want to take you on the bed.” Tal leaned over and picked her up, cradling her to his broad chest. “This is the bed where our fathers first took our loving mother. Where our family was born. Don’t ever think we don’t care for you, Piper. This is sacred for us.”

That they would treat her first time with such reverence made tears prick her eyes as he laid her out on the bed. It was sacred for her, too. She’d waited so long and now she was happy she had. Rafe and Kade joined them. Rafe positioned himself behind her, lifting her up so he could cuddle her back to his front.

“I am ecstatic to be here with you in this moment,” Rafe said against her ear.

Emotion overwhelmed her. She was ecstatic, too.

* * * *

Tal looked at the woman on the bed. His concubine. His bride. Soon, his wife.

He had expected to want her. He’d expected the excitement to come. He hadn’t expected to need her with every breath he dragged into his body and every beat of his heart.

His bloody hands shook. What the hell was wrong with him? He wasn’t supposed to want her like this. She wasn’t supposed to move him all the way down to his soul. He’d laughed at her antics, his whole body relaxing in a way he hadn’t in years. His cock had been harder than ever before from the moment he’d seen her beauty in all its glory. His fucking heart was pounding.

He’d thought he’d lost his heart long ago.

Now, as Tal looked down at his concubine lying on the bed where he’d been conceived, he wondered about his own family. Always before, it had seemed a far-off reality. Sons and daughters were something he’d given little thought to. Now he couldn’t get them out of his head. He could make a baby with Piper. Tonight.

While she might well be furious, he would fucking make it up to her because he didn’t intend to allow her to leave. He would give her the best life possible, but he could not let her go.

His cock pulsed. She was spread out before him, his brothers lovingly presenting her to him.

She was theirs.

Their concubine. Their queen.

So why did he hesitate? Because his heart ached looking at her. Because he wanted to be a better man for her. That man she could have loved had been burned away long ago. He’d died in a warehouse rife with refuse and the stench of piss, when the old Talib al Mussad had broken under torture.

The new Talib was ruthless enough to steal her virginity and hope to plant a seed in her womb.

She would never, ever know that she made him ache to be the man he used to be.

He touched her cheek, the skin so soft beneath his fingertips. Every inch of her was perfection, from her gorgeous silky brown hair, to her pert breasts with their dusky tips, to her petite legs. Her pussy had been perfectly waxed, revealing her lush, feminine flesh and the pink pearl of her clitoris.

He couldn’t fucking help himself. He needed to take her, to claim her virginity, but he hungered to taste her first.

He got to his knees and lowered his head. The scent of her arousal hit him, charging through his system, making his cock twitch and ache. She smelled bloody good, feminine and spicy. And no other man had ever spread her silky thighs and taken that tight cunt. The idea that he would be the first thrilled him in a way it shouldn’t.

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