Their Virgin Concubine

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If he had half a brain, he would let Rafe take her before him. Tradition demanded he go first, but such a deep responsibility went with the act. Even so, the primitive side of Tal knew he wouldn’t allow it. The very thought made him want to growl and tear his brother’s head off. He could share, yes. That was tradition. But he would be her first.

He breathed her in, letting her scent fill his lungs. She was his, the one he’d been promised. Reverently, he licked at her pussy, gathering cream and letting it soak into his tongue. So sweet. She was sweet and lush and so responsive.

Her little gasp went straight to his cock. He licked at the seam of her pussy, loving the way her cream pulsed forth for him. As he swallowed her flavor, it infused his body like a drug, pinging through his bloodstream. She was pure and innocent. While he enjoyed the idea that her hymen was intact, what he prized more was that her soul was pure. She gave and gave without asking for anything in return.

“Tal! That feels so good,” she breathed, thrusting her fingers in his hair.

Every word jolted him. He could bring her pleasure. He could make her a great queen. She would be everything they needed her to be. No question. What could be more perfect?

He let his tongue explore her thoroughly. Every crevice was a delight, soft, tight, and responsive. She was far past anything he’d dreamed.

“Do you like how Tal eats your pussy?” Rafe asked.

Tal lifted his gaze to find his brother toying with her nipples. They were rosy brown between his fingers, elongating under Rafe’s ministrations. Nipple clamps. He wanted to see her in clamps, her nipples dragged down by the weight of the jewels he would place on them. She was his to fuck and adorn and love.

Not love. He couldn’t love. The things he loved could be taken away and broken, destroyed. She didn’t deserve that.

“I love it. I can’t get enough. Please, don’t stop. I wouldn’t be able to take it if you stopped.” Piper squirmed under him.

He let his tongue fuck into her virgin cunt, every inch a pure pleasure that would soon belong to his cock. He ate at her pussy, lingering over her sensitive spots, laving her with sweet delight. Finally, he made his way to her clitoris, the little pearl bulging out and begging for attention. He sucked it into his mouth, glorying in the way her body bowed and her moan filled his ears.

“Give it to him, Piper.” Kade’s voice whispered into the hush. His brothers were backing him up. Rafe held her down, pleasuring her nipples, while Kade had a hand over her belly, anchoring her. This was his family. Everything after would flow from this night.

The al Mussads would rise or fall from their attention to this woman’s body.

He sucked her clit in, laving the little nub with his tongue. His fingers played in her pussy, reveling in how tight she was. Her taut muscles clenched around his finger. God, he would die when he got inside her.

Over and over he sucked at that little nubbin of flesh until she shook and a wave of moisture coated his fingers. Piper writhed under his mouth, cried out, her body shuddering as her arousal coated his tongue. She gasped and moaned as she came, panting his name.

He drew his body up, his breath sawing in and out of his chest. He couldn’t wait a moment longer. His cock ached. He needed her. It didn’t matter what his fucking brain wanted. His brain wasn’t in charge anymore. His cock was in command, and it had to have her. It had to take Piper Glen and begin to make her Piper al Mussad, a queen. His wife.

He pushed her knees apart even as Rafe kissed her sweetly, and Kade cuddled his head to her breasts. His brothers loved this woman. That much was clear. He couldn’t love Piper. He couldn’t. But he would make her theirs with all the passion in his body. He would protect her at all costs.

Tal pressed her legs up with his thighs, making a place for himself at her core. His cock lined up to her pussy, masculine to feminine, dark to light. The head of his cock nestled at her slit like it belonged there. Every muscle in his body tightened. He’d never actually fucked a virgin before. He had to be careful. He had to be patient enough to make her like it. This was his life, and his brothers’, on the line. Their happiness.

Gently, holding back his darkest instincts, he pressed forward, slowly piercing her. Her cunt was still swollen from her orgasm, and every inch of her was a delicious pressure. She tightened around him, her legs pressing against his sides.

“You feel so good. Tell me I’m not hurting you.” He couldn’t stand the thought. He wanted her to love everything about the way he possessed her body.

Her head shook. She reached around his neck, arms linking and trying to pull him closer. “Please, Tal. Please. I need you so much.”

He pressed forward and felt a barrier. Her virginity. God, it was right there, the proof that no other man had taken her. No other man had tasted her sweetness, altered her innocence. He paused, the moment overtaking him. She would be his. His and his brothers’. She wasn’t some woman to play with. She would be their wife, and it moved him.

With a deep moan of pleasure, he pressed forward and sank deep, taking her virginity in one long thrust of his cock.

Piper panted underneath him before she tensed, crying out for a jagged moment. He drove into her body with his own, loving the feel of his chest pressed against her breasts. They fit together like puzzle pieces.

He held himself still, giving her time to adjust to his hard presence deep inside her. “Tell me, are you all right, habibti?”

Her breath was hot on his skin. “I think so. It didn’t hurt too badly. But I’m so full.”

Relief swamped him. He’d worked so damn hard to not hurt her. He knew the plans he’d set in motion were ruthless and manipulative, but he sought to shelter her at the same time. To shower her with pleasure. The orgasms they’d given her had softened the blow of losing her virginity, and he was thankful.

But nothing could soften the way she felt around him. The walls of her cunt gripped him without mercy, hugging him close, surrounding him with heat and slick moisture. She was so damn tight, the plug in her ass squeezing him even tighter than she normally would. One day she would be full of all of them.

One day she would be round with their baby.

He was deeply aware of the fact that he wasn’t wearing a condom. He’d never not worn one. Not once in his life. He knew she was too far gone to realize it. He should have protected her, but he didn’t because he wanted her so fucking bad. He was desperate to tie her to him. She was his future. His hope. If he got her pregnant, she couldn’t run, couldn’t deny the connection between them. She would be theirs forever, and he would make being their wife worth her while.

She didn’t know it yet, but as far as he was concerned, they were married and this was forever.

He pulled back just a little, the sensation making him quake. He had to keep his composure, not lose his head. He forced himself to slow down when all he wanted to do was fuck her like the animal he really was underneath the veneer of urbane suits and polished manners. He wanted to let himself off the leash, but he managed to find a smooth rhythm to please her instead. “Better?”

She’d relaxed back against Rafe who looked perfectly content holding her and whispering to her. “Much better. It feels good, Tal.”

Tal raised himself up on his arms, adjusting his position so Kade could play at her breasts. They were all a part of this. She needed to understand that she had three Masters, three husbands to rely on. Two who would open their hearts and give her everything inside.

Tal would give her the world, but he had no heart to share anymore.

He let the thought go. All that mattered was consummating his marriage and making sure she would give her assent to stay at the end of thirty days. They had a month to make her so deliriously happy that she would be convinced to stay. Four small weeks to drown her in pleasure and affection and pray that she forgave them when she finally learned what they had done.

So little time to make her love them.

Tal thrust in, her snug channel fighting to keep him deep. He forced self-control and eased inside her with long, smooth strokes that brought him closer and closer to paradise.

Fucking Piper was unlike anything he’d felt before. Sex had always been a fun game before the incident, and then it had been a need he’d fulfilled with women who wanted nothing more from him than money and access to a lifestyle they could only dream of.

Piper didn’t want either. She wanted more.

What the hell was he doing? It was wrong. He should stop. But there was no going back.

“Help me, brother.” The command came out as a low growl. His whole body was set to go off. He needed to ensure her pleasure first.

Kade sucked a nipple into his mouth as his hand came between them, rubbing her clit with just the right amount of force.

“Come for us,” Rafe whispered in her ear. “You are beyond beautiful when you do.”

Piper’s eyes widened, a look of shocked surprise on her face as her pussy clamped viciously around him. Her body shook as she screamed and came, her hips grinding up helplessly.

And he couldn’t stand it a moment longer. Kade’s hand disappeared, and Tal lost all sense of decorum. He fucked into her hard, spreading her legs even wider so he could delve deeper, force her to take every inch of his cock. He needed more of her. He needed every fucking bit of her softness.

His whole body lit up, pleasure coating him in a hazy fog as he thrust in again and again. He covered her body with his, needing to feel her silky skin everywhere around him. In the haze of his lust, he heard her come again, her pussy pulsing around him, milking him.

He couldn’t hold it off a second longer. His balls drew up, shooting off in grateful jets. He came, his body bucking over and over, her name on his lips.

He gave her every drop of semen he had in his body, holding her close and reveling in the intimacy. He laid his head on her chest, his cock still deep inside.

“Thank you, Tal.” Her hand found his head.

He didn’t want a “thank you.” Fuck. He wanted an “I love you.”

He was in deep trouble. Tal knew it. He needed to keep his distance, but he found his eyes closing, resting for the first time in years, content in her arms.

Chapter Nine

Piper stretched, every muscle aching deliciously. She opened her eyes just a bit and caught sight of Talib’s gorgeous face close to hers. He was so beautiful laying there, the harsh lines of his countenance softened by the morning light. There was just the hint of scruff on his face. She longed to touch him, to feel that light beard against her skin. He would likely get rid of it. She’d never seen him looking anything but perfect, but now with the hint of beard and his hair mussed, he was an approachable god.

“Go back to sleep, darling.”

She loved his deep grumble. “Okay.”

He sighed and snuggled down, obviously not ready to face the day.

But Piper needed to stretch, and she couldn’t do that here. She felt the press of another warm body against her back. Kade, she thought. It was hard to remember. They’d each taken her the night before, their faces over hers, each man loving her with his mouth and his cock and his hands.

She’d never imagined such pleasure existed. And she doubted she would find it again.

But having three lovers did leave a girl with a quandary. How did she extricate herself from the bed without waking them? She kind of wanted to clean up before they woke. And brush her teeth. And her hair.

She was probably a mess. And she really hoped she hadn’t snored.

Piper scooted out, the silky sheets aiding her in her quest. The good news was they had completely destroyed the sheets last night so she slid out of the bed. The bad news was she landed on the carpet, on her rather sore backside. She stifled a giggle. Really good sex hadn’t made her any more graceful. And she was naked.

She stretched, her arms going over her head. Despite her sore muscles, her skin still hummed. Her body felt achy and sore—in a good way. She could still feel their hands on her, caressing and loving every inch of her body.

It was a night she would never forget. Piper got to her wobbly knees, still reveling in their affection, along with a pleasant sense of power she hadn’t expected. She’d handled all three of them. They’d gone to sleep with smiles on their faces. Her lips turned up a little as she looked back at them. Kade had turned on his stomach, his well-muscled backside on display. Rafe was on his back, an arm outstretched. And Talib had taken his own advice. He’d gone back to sleep, his hand over the spot where she’d lain next to him.

Her men. Maybe not forever, but they were hers for now.

Contentment lulled through her. Smiling, she wandered toward Tal’s balcony. She wanted to breathe fresh air, feel the warm breeze and sunshine on her face before the day got too hot. Afternoons in Bezakistan were as bad as Texas summers, but the mornings were usually lovely, with a gentle wind blowing in from the sea. She loved the mornings here.

She slipped her arms into Tal’s dress shirt. It was huge on her, coming almost to her knees, but it covered her as well as any robe.

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