Their Virgin Concubine

Page 36

“Love, you’re so hot and tight.” Tal’s hands smoothed down her back before settling on her waist. “You took every inch of me. This is for you.”

He pulled back and nerves she’d never known existed lit up and practically sang out in pleasure.

Piper couldn’t stay still a moment longer. She pressed back, unwilling to let the sensation go.

“She’s ready.” Rafe thrust up and all three men seemed to have been let off the leash.

Tal’s hands tightened, pulling her back, his cock going deep before starting the long drag back out that made her want to howl. The minute Tal started to pull out, Rafe was pressing up. Every way she went she was filled with them.

She worked Kade’s cock hard, sucking furiously, her tongue loving his flesh. With his fingers tangled in her hair, Kade fucked her mouth hard, his cock working its way to the back of her throat.

“Swallow me. Take it all.” Kade’s cock brushed the back of her throat. He shuddered as she swallowed, and his semen jetted across her tongue in long spurts.

Piper reveled in his essence, drinking him down, letting him coat her throat.

Kade fell back, his cock coming out of her mouth with a little pop. “That was perfect.”

“So is this.” Tal thrust in long rhythms, matching his strokes to Rafe’s as they filled her in tandem. Every inch of them was a joy to her senses. Piper found her own rhythm, rolling her hips to follow them. Their golden skin surrounded her, enclosing her in warmth and love and pleasure. Kade got to his knees beside her, his hands cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples.

“Give it to us,” he ordered. “Don’t hold back. We want to make you scream.”

“I’m so close.” Rafe picked up the pace. “She feels so good. I can’t wait much longer. Come with me, Piper.”

“Come with us,” Tal said, grinding into her. “Oh, love, you can’t imagine how good you feel.”

She couldn’t, but she knew how amazing they felt. Kade pinched down hard on her nipples, and Piper couldn’t wait another moment. The orgasm swallowed her, firing up her every nerve, and she rocked back and forth, milking every second of pleasure.

She felt the hot wash of Rafe’s come coat her as he gave in. He shouted out her name as he bucked up.

Tal groaned behind her as he let go, his semen pouring from him and into her.

They filled her up. And then fell on her in a delightful heap.

Piper let a delicious languor invade her bones as she sank into the bed, arms and legs tangling together.

“I love you, my wife.” Tal nestled close.

She reached out to all of them, caressing them each in turn. “I love you, my husbands.”

They had shown her a new world, and she would give it back to them.

A new home, a new family, for them all.

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