Their Virgin Concubine

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It was like she’d suddenly been given the keys to the playground after being locked out all her life. Kade pulled his shirt off, proving he was every bit as glorious as his brother. He grabbed her hand and brought it to his chest before kissing her again.

Their mouths mated as she let her fingers explore the hard ridges of his torso. Two hands cupped her hips. Rafe. He wasn’t waiting for a turn, and she suddenly realized there would be nothing civilized about this. Her single previous experience had been an almost intellectually-driven decision by Piper and the boy she’d dated in high school to make out because that was what teenagers did. It had been a disaster of gangly arms and legs, and they’d very politely decided to not take it any further.

She couldn’t even think now. This had nothing to do with her intellect and everything to do with her body and, yes, her heart. She was crazy about these men. Rafe was smart and kind, and she loved talking to him. Kade was sweetly sexy while staunchly protective, always looking for any possible source of distress. She could see that now. That explained why he’d been so upset about the movers. He didn’t like to see a woman hurt.

No, she couldn’t keep them. They belonged with someone glamorous who would fit in their world. But she could have tonight.

Kade released her, and Rafe immediately moved in, turning her head toward him and taking her mouth in a voluptuous kiss. His tongue surged inside, playing against hers. A delicious thrill went through her as an ache started low, in between her legs. She sighed. This was longing, this deep desire that made her female parts swell and throb.

“You don’t need this many clothes.” Kade’s hands worked the buttons of the blouse Rafe had insisted accentuated her hourglass figure. In seconds, the blouse drifted off her body, the feel of cotton replaced by strong warm hands on her flesh.

Before she knew what was happening, her bra dropped away as well.

Cool air caressed her skin briefly, and the enormity of this night crashed over her. She was half naked in a bed with two men. Two gorgeous men. She wasn’t in their league, not even close. She probably needed to stop this and exercise some sanity.

As she opened her mouth to talk, Kade leaned over and licked her nipple. Instead of spouting reason, the only sound out of her mouth was a breathy gasp. Fire shot through her veins, sizzling her very skin as she looked down at his jet black hair and his mouth on her breast. He bit the nipple, a playful little nip, before his tongue soothed the tiny erotic pain. Piper had never once imagined that her breasts were so deeply connected to her other female parts, but every tug of his mouth sent a rush of heat to her womb.

“He likes breasts.” Rafe’s voice was a warm seduction in her ear. His hands slid to the fastening on her skirt, flicking it open. The sound of her zipper sliding down made her shiver. “I like them, too, but this is what I wish to see.”

Rafe pulled her skirt down her hips and teased a bit of exposed skin along the edge of her underwear. Then Kade sucked her nipple into his mouth, and all thoughts of taking the sensible road and ending this fled. She had to experience their touch, craved the feeling of their hands and lips on her. So she let her fingers sink into Kade’s hair and brought him closer to her skin.

As she did, Rafe’s long fingers inched under the elastic of her panties, toward the heart of her femininity. “I want to see this. I must see you now.”

“You want to see that part?” Piper felt herself flushing. “Rafe…can’t we turn off the lights first?” That would make this so much easier.

Kade’s head came up, his eyes hot, but he wore a wicked little smile on his face. “No one will turn off the lights, habibti. And tell me what part of your body Rafe is touching. I want to hear you.”

She nearly forgot to breathe. Rafe’s fingers skimmed over flesh no other man had felt, and suddenly she had to wonder why she’d waited so long. It felt really good. She was swollen and wet. Oh god, she was wet. She wiggled a little, trying to escape his digits, coming ever closer.

Kade’s eyes went hard and he put his hands on her hips, holding her in place. “Stop struggling. What’s wrong? Is he hurting you?”

“That is not what it feels like,” Rafe said, slowly sliding his fingers over her nub. What was it called? Clitoris. Yep. He was stimulating her clitoris. It wasn’t like she’d never touched herself before, but when he did it, the sensations were way stronger than any she’d ever created. Piper knew she’d never been this wet. It probably wasn’t normal.

Still preventing her escape, Kade gripped her, his lips hovering over her mouth. Rafe crowded her, too, his body heat like a furnace blast. They completely surrounded her.

“Tell me what’s wrong?” Kade demanded.

She closed her eyes, so embarrassed she wanted to shrivel up and die. “I’m too moist. You know, down…there. I should go clean up.”

She felt their chuckles. Kade’s palm cradled her breast again. Rafe’s lips brushed up her spine.

“You are worried about being too wet?” Rafe pinched her clitoris. “You think I would not like your pussy all wet and glistening for me? Habibti, I want you as wet as I can make you.”

She felt a little dumb, but even as she said the words, her hips moved in a silent attempt to convince him to touch her with more force. “I don’t know if that’s sanitary.”

“Little virgin. You are a virgin, right, Piper?” Kade crooned, then drew her nipple into his mouth.

She flushed from an overwhelming mix of embarrassment and arousal. Despite her insecurity, need swamped her with a dizzying wave. She moaned. “Yes.”

“We thought so. This is lesson number one, habibti.” Kade’s hand slid down to join Rafe’s. Two sets of fingers played down there, slipping through the petals of her sex. She gasped as one long, masculine finger worked its way into her channel. Then Kade drew his hand out. “There is nothing polite or sanitary about making love.” He sucked his finger, slick with her juices, into his mouth. “Hmm, you taste like heaven.”

“See, he likes how you taste. I know I will like it, too. Lie down and spread your legs for me. Let me get my mouth on you,” Rafe insisted. “Let us show you how good we can make you feel. You’ve waited for so long, and you deserve something sweet. Let us please you.”

She might be a virgin, but she wasn’t stupid.

Piper fell back on the big bed. Rafe left her laying in her underwear, a cotton pair with rainbows on them. Crap, she really should have rethought her choice of undergarments.

“This will not do.” Rafe pulled them off and tossed them aside with a shake of his head. “Habibti, if I could open the windows at forty thousand feet and shove these out without depressurizing the plane, I would.” He looked at Kade. “Did you not buy her suitable undergarments?”

Kade shook his head. “Just the lingerie. I see no need for her to own panties.”

Piper came out of her sensual haze when she realized she was completely naked, and they were still fully dressed from the waist down. She crossed her arms over her chest self-consciously.

“You will not cover your breasts, Piper.” Kade’s voice came out on a low growl. “I want to look at you.”

Rafe was a bit softer. “You’re so beautiful, habibti. Let us see you in all your glory. You will find that Kadir is an impossible baby when he does not get his way. Do you really want him to pout or would you rather we give you the pleasure I promised?”

She had a choice. She could scamper off the bed and find that crappy pair of underwear or she could be the Piper she wanted to become. Brave. Fearless. Ready to take on any challenge. She’d used her responsibility as a shield for years. What she’d really been was afraid. She saw that now. She’d hidden behind shyness, and what did she have to show for it? A fiancé who’d walked away after barely kissing her. Of course getting her heart broken scared her. Already, Rafe and Kade had the power to tear her up emotionally.

But at least she would have felt something.

She forced her hands to her sides and was rewarded with a sunny smile from Kade. He cuddled close to her, his lips covering hers in a sweet little kiss. “Thank you, habibti. I want nothing between us. Now, ask Rafe for what you want. We need to hear you say the words.”

Piper frowned. “You know what I want.”

She was so not saying it.

Kade shrugged. “I am a very dense man. Ask my brothers.”

He was a conniving man; that’s what he was. But his brother was nodding, backing him up, even as he moved between her legs. The ache flared up as Rafe touched her sex again, his fingers playing in the hair there. “He is not smart. You will discover this for yourself. He will make the worst…partner of all of us.”

“That I would not agree with.” Kade sounded almost insulted.

Rafe put his nose right between her legs, right in her girl parts, and took a long whiff. Holy all-the-bad-things-she-shouldn’t-say. “Give him what he wants, Piper. I find I am hungry. Then, darling girl, we must discuss grooming. When we reach Bezakistan, I must turn this charming forest into a desert. It is a cultural thing, of course.”

She had no idea what he was talking about. He was playing with her labia, gently tugging one side and then the other into his mouth. It was maddening. She wanted, oh god, she wanted his tongue inside her. And she wasn’t going to get it until she asked for it because they were horrible, mean, nasty men with amazing hands and mouths. Kade’s fingers played with her nipples as he sent her another sinful grin.

“Please kiss me down under…there.” There she’d said it.

Rafe’s head came up. “Down under there? It almost sounds as though you want me to kiss you in Australia. That is a much longer flight.”

She growled in frustration, a little feminine sound she’d never made before. Jerks. “I want you to kiss my… pink part.”

Rafe nodded. “You have many of those. Kade, kiss her lips. She seems to want that.”

Kade chuckled against her lips. “You must do better, habibti. The word is pussy. Tell him to eat your pussy. He is hungry to shove his tongue inside and eat you like a ripe fruit. You will come, Piper, all over his mouth, and he will feel ten feet tall. Say it.”

She cringed a little. It wasn’t a word a nice girl from West Texas said. But maybe nice girls didn’t get to come. “Would you please eat… Oh, good lord, just eat my pussy, please.”

Rafe smiled smugly. “With great pleasure.”

She nearly screamed when his tongue shoved inside her. Pure pleasure flooded her system. Nothing had ever felt so intimate, so right, as having Rafiq al Mussad putting his mouth on her pussy. And Kade was right. With this experience, she had moved past blushing euphemisms like girl parts and, ugh, her flower. It was her pussy, and Rafe tongued hers, forcing her desire higher and higher. Every muscle in her body tensed, and breathing took a backseat to simply feeling. Her nipples beaded harder, and her clit throbbed. She fisted the lovely duvet and arched her back with a cry.

“Come for us, Piper. Have you ever come before?” Kade asked, his hand caressing her breasts.

She’d played a bit, little bursts of quick pleasure, but nothing like the tidal wave Rafe was building inside her.

“Never,” she panted.

“I must be a part of this.” Kade moved down her body. Rafe cupped her backside, pulling her up so he had full access to her pussy. He moved his head slightly, never letting up on the slide of his tongue in and out of her pussy, but allowing his brother to slip a hand over her clitoris. “We will be the first men to give this to you, Piper. You must not ever forget that. No matter how powerful the man in whose bed you sleep, we were the first to make you come.”

He pinched her clit in perfect time to his brother’s tongue penetrating her, and Piper came apart. Pleasure reverberated through her, shaking her like an earthquake. No way to fight it, and why would she want to? She simply let it take her and throw her into the whims of ecstasy. The orgasm sizzled like a flash fire through her system, burning away the mouse she’d been before and leaving a woman in her place.

Panting, she lay back against the bed, her heart pounding in her chest. Her eyes fluttered closed as a sweet lethargy drugged her system.

“You liked that?” Kade asked, and she opened her eyes to see him smile down on her.

She nodded, certain that she would like the next part even more. She put her hands on Kade’s strong shoulders, then looked at Rafe with pleading eyes. “Make love to me. Both of you. I want you so much.”

A cloud passed over Rafe’s face. “Piper, we want you, too.”

He crawled to her other side. She could feel their erections straining in their pants. They really needed to get far more naked if she was going to get rid of her pesky hymen.

“Piper, we have to talk,” Kade said gently.

Their hands were on her, but they weren’t acting like lusty men who couldn’t wait to take their woman. They were now keeping a healthy, almost embarrassing distance.

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