Room With a View: Hot Down Under

Author: Kylie Scott
Book #2.5 of Series: Flesh
View: 8336
Published year: 1948


<em>Natalie has watched as the zombie plague devastated civilisation.</em> Angus had been a miracle. Twenty-three years old and gorgeous he had appeared like Romeo from the pool area and thrown supplies up to her balcony. But now Angus is gone &ndash; abandoned her, which is probably for the best. She couldn't stand to watch him die too. Stranded four floors up and fenced in on all sides by the infected, food and water supplies are running as low as Natalie's spirits. A lingering death from starvation seems inevitable. But then she sees Angus striding for the pool gate with a sawn-off shotgun in his hands. Can he make it past the infected to reach her? And what will it mean if he does?


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