When Darkness Falls

Author: Heather Graham
Book #2 of Series: Alliance Vampires
View: 6674
Published year: 1892


When Darkness Falls (Alliance Vampires #2) What You See - In an ancient cemetery, travel writer Jade MacGregor's tour of a Scottish tomb is marred by a terrifying attack that leaves her surrounded by corpses drained of blood. A year later, back home on a shadowy French Quarter street, she glimpses the oddly compelling stranger she met that day. Coincidence—or is it something far more disturbing? Could Kill You - Surrounded by her friends and engrossed in her work, Jade should feel secure. But then new bodies start showing up, and somebody is dogging her every move. Somebody who knows what she saw on that long ago afternoon among the gravestones and mausoleums. Somebody who will try to rescue her from the undead waiting to make her one of them.


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