Brink of Eternity (Guardians of Ascension #3)

Brink of Eternity (Guardians of Ascension #3)




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Brink of Eternity (Guardians of Ascension #3)

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Brink of Eternity (Guardians of Ascension #2.5)

Guardians of Ascension novella, tracks vampire Militia Warrior Gideon, who is on the brink of becoming an elite Warrior of the Blood. The Militia Warriors strive to keep the peace on Second Earth while battling death vampires whenever they can. Brink of Eternity gives a glimpse into the Militia Warrior world as Gideon breaks all the rules to protect his ex-girlfriend, Elise, during her rite of ascension, a process that puts her directly in the path of a dozen lethal enemies.

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