A Beautiful Lie

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Parker didn't hesitate to give him what he wanted. She needed him inside her so much she couldn't breathe.

"You, only you," she told him, pulling his forehead down to rest against hers.

Parker's words shot right through Garrett. He pushed into her in one quick, hard motion, burying himself inside her as deep as he could go.

Parker shouted his name and Garrett swallowed her cries with his mouth.

His hands flew to her hips and gripped them tightly as he held his body still, pulsing with the sensations of being inside her.

He couldn't think, all he could do was feel. Feel how tight and warm she was wrapped around him. Feel how perfectly he fit inside her. His heart thumped with the realization that after years of dreaming, of watching, wanting, and hoping, he was finally exactly where he had always longed to be. A wave of guilt washed through him when he remembered what had spurred all of this on. Betrayal and anger, shock and confusion. All at the hands of someone who he thought was his best friend.

Parker held her breath and squeezed her eyes shut, letting her body adjust to Garrett. It had been so long since her body had felt this, had craved this. He was taking her, controlling her, and he needed her so much he let all of his reservations go. No one had ever desired her that much. She'd been made love to in beds and under the cover of blankets. She'd never had sex on a table because a man had to have her right at that moment. The fact that it was Garrett doing the taking made her heart and body soar. Parker felt every solid inch of him inside her, and it made her pulse around him with the need for more.

Garrett ran the palm of his hand down Parker's smooth thigh. He reached under her knee, pulling it up and hooking it over his hip as he slowly pulled out of her, only to thrust quickly right back in.

They groaned in unison, Garrett punctuating the feeling with a curse.

"Fuck, you feel so good," Garrett whispered against her lips.

He wanted to go slow, to savor every bit of this moment with Parker. He wanted to take his time and show her with his body how much he'd always wanted this. But the anger and resentment from the day's events bubbled up inside him and made him want to just fuck it all away. The squeeze of Parker's walls around him and her wetness coating him made it impossible for him to do anything else.

"Oh, God, don't stop. Harder!" Parker told him.

Garrett almost came on the spot at her words. He dropped his other hand from her hip to brace himself against the table.

Parker pulled Garrett back to her mouth and pushed her hips up to meet every single one of his powerful thrusts into her. His hand wrapped around her knee and slid back down her thigh to grab her from behind, pulling her roughly against him each time he buried himself inside her.

Garrett's lips and tongue made a trail from Parker's mouth down the side of her neck as he continued to piston his hips against her.

Parker wanted every second of that moment to last, but she couldn't slow down her approaching orgasm if she tried. Each time Garrett's hips slammed into her, it pushed her closer and closer to the edge. The table banged against the wall with the force of their movements, causing another picture to come crashing down and the sound of shattering glass to fill the room.

They didn't care about the noise or the damage they were doing to the room. For once, Garrett and Parker were only concerned with the feel of each other's bodies and the raw pleasure that was coursing through them. They threw aside the angry words, the hurtful truths, and the disappointment and took what they wanted; what they had always wanted-needed―from each other. They fucked their minds into silence as their bodies willingly complied.

Garrett's teeth grazed against the skin beneath her ear, pushing Parker closer to the brink. She wrapped both of her arms around his neck and both of her legs around his hips, locking her ankles behind him. Garrett held her tight against him as he pushed himself deep and stayed there, grinding his pelvis against her.

The orgasm exploded out of Parker as she cried out and rocked herself against Garrett.

"Oh, Garrett, yes!"

She clawed at his back and rode it out, pushing against him to try and prolong the feeling coursing through her.

Parker clenched tightly around Garrett as she came, and he followed right behind her. He thrust his hips rapidly, holding Parker's body as tightly as he could while he came deep inside her.

Garrett's body jerked against her with the force of his orgasm as he shouted incoherently, thrusting into her one last time.

The room was suddenly quiet. Their flushed, sweaty bodies molded together as they both tried to catch their breaths and come back to reality.

Garrett finally pulled his mouth away from Parker's neck, resting his forehead against hers.

Parker ran her hands up the back of Garrett's neck, sliding her fingers through his hair, and holding his head against hers.

She kept her legs locked around his naked hips and memorized the feel of him pulsing and twitching inside of her. She committed to memory the feel of his arms locked around her body and his chest pushed up against her breasts. She knew the guilt would come creeping back in soon, and she wanted to cherish every second.

Parker would never again fault Garrett for his actions when it came to her. After what just happened between them, and the words he'd spoken. she knew he'd been wrestling with his own demons where she was concerned. Parker knew she was being a hypocrite by not wanting him to retreat back into himself after this, but she knew it was inevitable. She understood him better than anyone, and she should have known right from the start what kind of a struggle it would be for him to admit anything he felt for her. In Garrett's mind loyalty was one of the best qualities he possessed, and Parker would do anything to make sure he never felt like he'd compromised that. She would keep it light and hopefully absolve him from any feelings of blame he put on himself.

Parker turned her face away from Garrett, her forehead still pressed up against his, and glanced around at the disaster area of a room.

She shook her head and sighed.

"What's wrong?" Garrett asked.

"I am so not cleaning this shit up," Parker replied.

Chapter Sixteen

The smell of coffee wafted through the air and roused Parker from the best night of sleep she'd had in a long time. She burrowed deeper into her pillow, smiling at the ache she felt in muscles that hadn't been used in a long time. She knew her back was bruised from being slammed into the wall and her thighs were tender from the hands that gripped and the body that moved between them. The soreness between her legs reminded her just how much she missed sharing that part of herself with someone.

How much she needed to share that part of herself with Garrett.

Parker never knew it could be like that. She'd dreamed of touching Garrett, of feeling his skin against hers, and wondered what it would be like to take him inside her. She never imagined her dream would pale in comparison to reality. Nothing prepared her for the reality of fucking her best friend .

She cringed a little, using such an abrasive word to describe what happened between them the night before. But she knew it was too raw, too new, and there were too many broken items strewn throughout the bedroom for it to be considered anything else.

It was also yet another reason why she refused to open her eyes. She knew how Garrett worked, and she wasn't prepared to deal with the aftermath of the guilt and shame he was most likely feeling.

When her head started to pound from consuming all of those cocktails the night before and the argument that ended in the best sex she'd ever had, she knew the smell of coffee couldn't be ignored any longer.

Parker slowly opened her eyes to an empty room and tried not to let the disappointment mar her good mood. She knew he wouldn't be there watching her sleep or cuddled up against her asking for round two. It still stung just the same because he felt the need to flee first thing in the morning before she woke up. At least he had the decency to make her coffee.

She got up out of bed and stretched the soreness from her body before walking naked across the room to pour a cup of coffee from the small coffeemaker on the dresser. She took her coffee mug with her into the bathroom, glancing around the room on her way and noticing that the broken pictures had been re-hung, minus the shattered glass. All of the papers, books, and her laptop had been picked up off of the floor and placed back on the table. The clothing they'd ripped off last night had been zipped into garment bags provided by the resort and were now hanging on the handle of the closet door. The bags would be picked up by the maid and taken to the dry cleaner to be washed and repaired. Considering Parker had ripped every single button off of Garrett's shirt, and she'd heard a tearing sound on her dress when Garrett had pulled it off of her, there were quite a few repairs their clothing needed.

Before closing the bathroom door, Parker let the realization sink in that Garrett had cleaned up any and all reminders of what they'd done the night before.

Garrett let himself into the villa and as the door shut behind him, he heard the shower turn on in the bathroom. He had hoped to be back to the room before Parker woke up, but his morning run to clear his head took longer than normal.

Garrett couldn't stop thinking about the fact that he'd had sex with his best friend for the first time on a table in a hotel room. He saw Parker naked, touched every inch of her, and felt her come while he was inside her. He'd had the best orgasm of his life, carried her over to the bed, and they'd both passed out from exhaustion, neither one uttering a word about what they just did and what it meant for their relationship going forward.

He'd slept soundly all night with his arms and legs wrapped around Parker's, and when he woke this morning, pressing his hardness into her from behind, he wanted nothing more than to lift one of her legs and bring it back over his hip so he could push inside her and feel her clench around him all over again.

Garrett had forced himself out of bed before that took over all of his thoughts and cleaned up the room before going for a run to calm his libido down. He knew if he was ever lucky enough to be inside Parker he'd never recover. All it took was one time and he was addicted to her from the sounds she made right before she came to the feel of her fingernails scoring down his back, how her thighs tightened and her whole body shuddered as her orgasm washed through her and squeezed his own release out of him. He woke up this morning knowing that if he didn't get out of bed right that minute, he'd take Parker again and again, and he wouldn't stop until they were both useless and spent.

Not a good way to be on a mission.

So he cleaned up the broken glass, hung up their torn clothes, picked up the scattered papers, and laptop, that thankfully wasn't broken, and then left Parker sleeping peacefully to run his need for her out of his body by pounding his feet into the wet sand.

When he heard the shower and realized Parker was in there wet and naked, Garrett knew that he could never run far enough or long enough. Nothing would ever diminish his craving for her. He needed her like he needed air to breathe.

Garrett quickly toed off his shoes and pulled off his socks on his way to the closed bathroom door. He opened it silently and stood there for a moment staring at Parker's blurry silhouette through the fogged glass doors. She stood with her face turned up toward the spray, and he instantly hardened as he took in the curves of her body.

He softly shut the door behind him to keep the steam in and stripped the rest of his clothes off.

Parker was lost in thought as she stood under the warm shower jets and let them drench her body. She lifted her hands to her face and slid them up to wipe some of the excess water away, the sound of the spray hitting the shower floor drowning out the click of the door latch.

Soft, warm hands grabbed her hips and slid around her waist, pulling her back against a naked, wet body, eliciting a sigh as she tipped her head back out of the water and rested it against the hard chest connected to that body.

Parker felt Garrett's slick skin against her back, his hardness pushing into her, and his wet thighs pressed into hers. She could feel every inch of him against her and still, it wasn't enough. She turned in his arms and Garrett couldn't take his eyes off her. Last night was fast and hard, and he didn't have nearly enough time to fully appreciate her naked body. At that moment, with the spray from the water dripping down over every inch of her, he felt like the luckiest man in the world. He didn't know where to look first or which part of her to touch. He wanted all of her at once.

Garrett reached up and pushed Parker's wet hair off of her forehead, gliding his hands down the back of her head and bringing them around the side of her face to cup her cheeks.

"I'm sorry," he whispered as he looked into her eyes.

He didn't need to tell her what for; Parker could read it all over his face. He was sorry for the words he spoke to her in anger, he was sorry for anything he did to hurt her, he was sorry for not being there when she woke up, and he was sorry for always letting his guilt stop them from enjoying whatever this was between them.

Garrett saw the acceptance in Parker's eyes, and he didn't hesitate to bend down and kiss away some of the water that trickled from her wet lips. Parker's arms immediately encircled his waist, and she pulled his body closer to hers.

They kissed under the warm stream of water, taking their time to sweep tongues through mouths, taste lips, and breathe into each other. Parker felt Garrett's hardness between her legs and even with the water cascading over her, she felt herself getting wet for him.

Needing him.

Aching for him.

They didn't speak as Garrett kissed along her jaw, down the dripping skin of her neck, sucking gently and grazing the area with his teeth, as he turned her backside away from the spray so she could lean up against the wall of the shower.

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