Beat of the Heart

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His fingers quickened to a lightning fast speed. Holy shit, those fingers were like magic. More parts of me tingled and had been set on fire more than I ever had before. And then a warm rush filled me from head to toe. As I went over the edge, my head fell back against AJ's shoulder. I bit down on my lip to stifle my cries, but they still echoed through the room. AJ kept on stroking me as I pulsed around his fingers. When I finally came back to myself, I met his gaze in the mirror. "Fucking hell, that was hot." He then jerked his hand out of my panties. With my eyes still hooded from a post-orgasm haze, I watched as he brought his index and middle finger to his mouth and sucked them inside. "Mmm, you taste amazing."

His words and actions, along with the fact he continued to rub his erection against my ass, almost caused me to come again.

"I gotta get you out of here."

Still coming down from my high, I blindly let him drag me behind him while trying to smooth down my dress. "Wait, why are we leaving so fast?"

"Because if I don't get you out of here, I'm going to fuck you right in the middle of the dance studio, which I'm pretty sure would get us arrested."

A giggle escaped my lips at his summation. Wait, was I actually giggling like a vapid teenage girl? What was happening to me? When we got to the door, I tugged on his hand. "Shouldn't we at least tell Molly thank you?"

His lips curled up into that signature cocky smirk of his. "If she took one look at you right now all sexed up, she'd know we weren't doing much dancing in there."

I smacked his arm. "Yeah, well, whose fault is that?"

"Mine." He winked at me. "I'm not one bit sorry either." His lips grazed mine before kissing a trail across to my ear. As he breathed in my ear, he whispered, 'Nor am I gonna regret sliding my hands back up under that sexy dress of yours, jerking down your sexy panties, and getting right up close with your gorgeous pussy." I shivered as AJ thrust his tongue against my ear, swirling it around my earlobe. "I'll tease you. Taste you. Make you come again, but this time, on my face. And just when you think you won't be able to come again, I will not regret fucking you senseless, right there, in that limo where Benny will be able to hear every moan and every cry of intense pleasure I give you. No, I will not regret that. At. All. Beautiful carina."

A tremor of excitement went through me at his words, and I had to press my thighs together to alleviate some of the pressure building between them. "I guess I'll let you," I teased breathlessly, as we stumbled out of the door and into the evening heat.

"Oh you'll more than let me," he growled.

At the sight of us on the street, Benny hopped out of the limo. "Sorry sir, I didn't know when you would be coming out."

"No problem, man." As Benny stepped forward to open the door, AJ asked, "Can you let me know when we're ten minutes from the restaurant?" He glanced over at me and winked.

A flush entered Benny's face, but he managed to bob his head. "Yes, sir."

When I started into the limo, AJ gently pushed me forward onto my knees on the floor. I glanced back at him in surprise. "So this is how we're playing it?"

He shot me a wicked grin. "This time, yes. I've waited all night to see that fabulous ass of yours ."

I planted my palms firmly onto the limo floor while AJ nudged my thighs apart with his knee. He then jerked the hemline of my dress up, shoving it over my hips. Just when I expected him to grab the waistband of my thong, he grasped the lacy scrap of cloth covering my core and jerked it to the side. I waited for those delicious fingers he'd used in the dance studio to reenter me, but instead I got a warm, wet surprise that caused my toes to curl. AJ's tongue slid agonizingly slow up my slit. "AJ! Oh yes…YES!" I cried, digging my fingertips into the carpeting. He continued lapping and sucking at my center. "Oh God, I'm close again…so close."

Just as I felt myself tense up to go over the edge, AJ suddenly pulled back. Throwing my hair out of my face, I peered over my shoulder in desperation. "No, don't stop," I pleaded, shoving my hips back against his face.

He shot me a wicked grin. "Oh, I'm just getting started."

When I felt AJ's fingers spreading me apart, my neck loosened, and I almost smacked my face onto the limo floor. But I could have cared less. I wanted and needed this orgasm so much I would have endured face-planting onto the carpet to ensure I was going to get it. As AJ's tongue thrust inside me, the curtain of my hair pooled around me, thankfully muffling my scream. Down on my elbows, I rhythmically rocked my hips against his face as his tongue swirled around and around inside of me, darting deeper each time. When his thumb slid down from one of my lips to circle and then rub my clit, I went over the edge.

Jerking my head up, I clenched my fingers into the carpeting so tight my knuckles turned white. "AJ! OH GOD! YES!" I knew from the high octave of my voice that there was no doubt that the driver heard me. Hell, anyone driving within a five mile radius probably did. I hadn't come so hard in years. Bless AJ and his magic fingers and tongue, I thought silently as I continued thrusting my hips toward him as I rode the pulsing wave.

A voice crackling over the intercom brought me out of my sex haze. "Uh, sir?"

"Yeah?" AJ questioned, his deep voice vibrating against my still convulsing core.

"Um, there's not much traffic, so I, uh, I believe that we're about ten minutes from the restaurant."

"Thanks, Benny," AJ called, as he pulled himself back on his heels. When I started to move, he playfully swatted my backside. "Don't move that fabulous ass one inch." He dug his wallet from the back of his dress pants and ripped a condom out. In a dizzying flurry, he managed within seconds to undo his pants, shove them and his boxers down, and slide on the condom.

I quirked my brows at him. "Wow, minute man. I'm impressed."

AJ grinned as he took his erection in his hand. Mesmerized, I couldn't help but watch as he pumped his hand up and down his length. I was going to have the worst crick in my neck tomorrow, not to mention my knees probably would take a week to recover. But being taken from behind was my favorite position, and after my lengthy sex drought, I was thrilled to be using it to get back in the saddle.

"Once again, this is only round one. I plan to properly fuck you when we get back to my place, but for now, this will have to do."

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