Beat of the Heart

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AJ's chuckle scorched against my neck as he nudged his erection against my exposed thigh. "Thanks for the compliment, babe."

"I'm serious." Grabbing the sweat-soaked strands of his hair, I jerked his head up to meet my gaze. "You've already had me once in this limo. What kind of girl do you take me for?"

A wicked gleam burned in AJ's dark eyes. "The kind who gets off on satisfying her man."

I quirked a brow at him. "Oh, but you're not mine, Mr. Latin Lover."

"I've had you, Mia. So you're mine,for the night."

Shaking my head, I scooted away to where I was on the opposite bench seat. AJ shot me a predatory glare, reiterating the fact he was not accustomed to females not giving him his way. "Quit playing fucking games," he growled.

"I said, no."

"Yeah, well, I call your bluff since I can smell how fucking aroused you are right now. Not to mention, you're practically soaking the seat."

He leaned over to grab me, but I nailed him in the chest with my stiletto heeled foot, thrusting him back against the leather seat. His gaze dipped from mine to my pump and then he snorted. "Are your 'come fuck me heels' really supposed to deter me?"

When I shrugged, he dropped his head. Never breaking eye contact with me, he then ran his tongue over the strap slowly before taking it between his teeth and jerking. The wet leather smacked against my foot, and I shivered at his actions, causing him to wink at me. "These heels just make me want to throw you on your back and pound you even harder as they dig into my ass."

His tempting words caused me to press my legs tighter together to ease the tension while at the same time I crossed my arms over my chest. "Baby, your little machismo act may work for some helpless bimbos, but I've got strong Italian blood pumping through me. I fuck when I want to." I flashed him a defiant look. "And right now, you're not having me in this limo."

We stared each other down in a silent battle of wills. AJ eyed me so intently that I could almost see the wheels turning in his head, like he was sure at any moment I would relent and let him take me on all fours like he had earlier. In a firm voice, I said, "Not. Happening."

Keeping my foot firmly against his pectoral, I inched my skirt further up my thighs. His nostrils flared at the sight. "Don't. Fucking. Tease. Me."

I gave him a sweet smile. "I'm not teasing you, babe. Just giving you a preview for later."

An agonized groan escaped his lips as his hand cupped the bulge in his pants. With his gaze still locked on mine, he rubbed the length. "Mia…" His voice had taken on an almost pleading tone.

My mouth ran dry at the image before me, and I licked my lips. "You want me that bad?" I questioned in a whisper.

"Fuck yes."

"Show me," I commanded, nodding towards his crotch.

Without a moment's hesitation, AJ's fingers quickly worked the button and zipper on his khakis. Raising his hips, he eased down his pants and boxers to his mid thighs, exposing his erection to me. "Stroke it."

AJ's hand gripped his hardness before he began to slide his palm up and down. "You owe me, remember?"

"I do?" I replied, playing dumb.

"Yes," he hissed .

"Oh right, I promised you some oral attention for playing gay." Crossing my legs, I adjusted my dress and shook my head. "But the cat's out of the bag now with my family, so I don't owe you anything."

"Mia," he growled, causing a tingle to run from the top of my head down to my toes.

"Fine, but we do it on my terms." When he let his erection fall from his hand, I made a tsking noise. "I didn't tell you stop, did I?"

A lazy grin stretched across his face. "You're fighting a losing battle here, amorcito mio. You want control, and I don't give it up."

My brows rose in surprise. "Oh, I'm sorry. I was under the impression you wanted me to suck your cock."

A strangled noise came from the back of his throat. "I do," he replied hoarsely.

"Then we do it on my terms. Capisce?"


"Glad to hear it." Easing off the seat, I knelt down before him. I knocked his knees further apart before wedging myself between them. Sliding my hands up his chest, my fingers came to rest on the bulge of his tie. I kept my eyes locked firmly on his as I undid his tie. With a jerk, I slid it off his neck and dropped it on his exposed thigh.

"Mia, everything you need is uncovered right in front of you," AJ protested.

Ignoring him, I then began undoing the buttons his shirt. Slowly I worked myself down to his waist. When I was done, I opened his shirt, exposing his bare chest and feasting my eyes on the six-pack I had fantasized about in my mind. I ran my hands up and down his chest. "Nice. You work out a lot?" I teasingly asked.

He shot me a death glare. "From time to time."

I grinned before grabbing the tie. Taking his hands, I wrapped it around them and knotted it once.

"Mia?" he questioned.

Motioning above his head, I instructed, "Put your hands up."


"Grab hold of the bar."

"Okaaay," he replied, rolling his eyes.

Once his hands were on the bar, I rose up where I was crouching over him. I wrapped the rest of the tie around the bar and knotted it.

When AJ tugged and found he was caught, his eyes widened. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"Exactly what I told you before-I'm having my way with you. So sit back, shut your mouth, and enjoy it." Grabbing a small handful of ice from the minibar, I popped a few pieces into my mouth. Bringing one between my teeth, I began teasing a slow trail from the stubble on AJ's neck, over his bobbing Adam's Apple, down to one of his nipples. I then blew across the moistened skin. "Oh fuck," he muttered, bucking his hips.

I circled his left nipple, until it was hard and erect, before I moved on to the right one. AJ continued raising his hips, rubbing his erection against my stomach. I pushed myself away so he could no longer get the friction, causing him to groan in frustration. Working my way slowly down, I trailed the remaining cube over his stomach, causing his muscles to clench under my touch. As I gazed up at him, his chest expanded in harsh pants. Bending over, my hair fell over his lap as I raked my nails up and down over the tops of his thighs. I pressed tender kisses along the taut muscles of his abdomen.

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