Beat of the Heart

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"What babe?" I asked.

"Quit teasing me."

"Oh am I teasing you?" I questioned, before I blew cold air across his stomach.

All the muscles in his body went taut, and he was almost shaking with pent up desire. "Suck. My. Dick."

I snorted. "What are you, a caveman? Can't you speak in a complete sentence?"

He growled as he jerked against the tie. If he kept it up, he was going to get loose. With my fingertips still raking over his thighs, I said, "I will if you ask me nicely."

His dark eyes glittered with rage. "Would you suck my dick?"

With a tsk, I replied, "You didn't say the magic word."

A growl rumbled through his chest. "Please. For all that is holy, please, please suck my dick!"

I smiled. "Was that so hard?" I took his cock into my hand. "I know this is." Glancing up at him, I gave him my best doe-eyed look of innocence as I lifted up and slowly straddled him. "Open your mouth. Give me your tongue." When he hesitantly stuck out his tongue, I sucked it into my mouth. After swirling my tongue with his, I pulled away to murmur against his lips, "Is this what you want me to do to you? Down here." I wrapped my fingers tighter around his shaft.

"Yes…please do that, Mia."

I slid off his lap and back onto my knees. Since all the ice had already melted, I put another cube into my mouth as I worked my hand over his erection. Once I swallowed the ice, I flattened my tongue against him, sliding from base to shaft. AJ shuddered. Circling his cock, I continued licking him like a popsicle, while only letting my tongue give a teasing flick across the tip. AJ's hips jerked up, trying to wedge himself into my mouth. "Enough already. Please suck me harder, Mia."

I narrowed my eyes before letting go of his cock. "You're not calling the shots, remember?"

After grabbing another piece of ice out of the cooler, I started licking and nibbling an icy, moist trail up the inside of one of his thighs while my hand rubbed a cube along the other. When I looked up at him again, AJ's jaw was clenched, and I could see the frustrated lust burning in his eyes.

Deciding to end his suffering, I took only the tip of cock in my mouth and suctioned hard. "Finally. Fuck yes!" AJ cried, his eyes rolling back. Letting him fall free from my mouth, I then blew across the sensitive head glistening with my saliva. "Jesus, you're killing me. Don't stop sucking me off. Please."

"I've only just started, babe." With my hand, I stroked him hard and fast for a few minutes before bringing him back to my mouth. As I bobbed up and down in a frenzied pace, his groans and curses echoed through the limo. His hands tugged at his bindings while the muscles in his biceps bulged with the efforts to get free. I knew he wanted nothing more than to be able to wrap his hands in my hair and fuck my mouth with his dick. But it wasn't happening. Each time he tried to take control of the pace, I eased back, sending him shuddering with frustration. A sheen of sweat had broken out along his bare chest. "So good…oh baby, I love your mouth."

Changing up the position, I brought my fingers to his base. Twisting my hand back and forth like I was opening a bottle, I alternated between tonguing and hard suctioning the very tip. The saliva that fell from my lips, slid down his length, allowing my fingers to give him an even smoother swirl off my hand, as I pumped up and down . As I pulled away, I said, "Doing this to you…it's making me so fucking wet."

AJ's eyes bulged at my comment. "Untie me, and I'll make you scream."

I shook my head slowly from side to side. "Nope. Not happening." I slid my free hand under my dress and into my panties. As I stroked myself, I stared up at AJ. "Mmm, I like getting you and me off at the same time."

"Fucking hell," he croaked, his hooded eyelids watching my movements.

"But this is supposed to be about you, right?" I took my hand from my panties and brought my fingers to his lips. "Lick please."

He didn't have to be told twice. His tongue darted out to lick my fingers before he sucked them into his mouth. "You still taste amazing."

"You do, too," I murmured, before I took him back into my mouth, grazing him lightly with my teeth. It wasn't long before he began tensing up. "Oh fuck…oh yes!" AJ arched his hips as I let him fall free of my mouth. Negative tests or not, I wasn't ready to go there with him yet. Rising off my knees, I quickly brought my mouth to his while I pumped my hand on his cock. Sucking on his bottom lip, I breathed against his mouth, "I'm so turned on right now." AJ let out a grunting moan as he came on his stomach. I pulled back and met his eyes, which were a combustive mix of satisfaction and pure desire. "Jesus, Mia, I can't even move. You fucking obliterated me."

"Thank you."

AJ's bare chest rose with laughter. "No, thank you."

I rose up and started untying his hands. When I finished, I handed some napkins to him and cocked my head at him. "So Mr. Machismo, is it really so bad to give up control now and again?"

"I guess not." When I pursed my lips at him, he grinned. "Okay, it's fucking amazing."

"So glad you thought so."

As he went about cleaning himself up, he kept eyeing me from time to time. "What?" I asked.

"The twisting thing and the sucking….I've never had anything like that."

I rolled my eyes and grinned in spite of myself. "You're still marveling over a blow job?"

"One like that? Fuck yeah."

"I guess I should take that as a major compliment."

He smiled and bobbed his head. "Oh yeah."

After all I'd been through with Dev's cheating, AJ's words meant more than he could ever know, especially considering I was just getting back in the game. AJ just finished rearranging his clothes when we pulled into the parking lot of his building. When Benny opened the door for us, I followed AJ out onto the pavement. While I could barely look at Benny without my cheeks flooding with embarrassment, AJ gave him a guy hug and whispered something in his ear. Benny grinned and nodded.

With a smile, AJ then took my hand. "Come on. Let me show you my views."


As I led Mia across the foyer of my building, I cut my eyes over to her, watching as she took it all in. It was a pretty impressive place, if I said so myself. All of us guys had apartments in the city, so we could have a place to crash close to the airport and the recording studio. But Bray and Melody lived about thirty minutes south of Jake's farm, preferring the country to the city.

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