Beat of the Heart

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Dee rolled his eyes. "You and your Georgia history nerdom."

Leaning forward on the table with my elbows, I cocked my head at him. "You really think that after the past nine months of my life, I'm up for this?"

"We all have our pasts and baggage, Mimi. It's our decision whether they fuck with our future."

With a defeated sigh, I rubbed my eyes. "Fine, fine. Deep down, I know you're right."

"Of course I am." When I shot him a look, he grinned. "Speaking of the future, let's talk about what hot little number you're going to wear on Friday night to get Mr. Latin Lover's gears grinding again."


Drumming my fingers on my jeans, I waited anxiously in the cramped backstage room at Eastman's Pub-the place where Runaway Train had gotten its start years ago. It was quite a different set-up from our usual concert scene, but it still felt so freakin' right to be back here. Outside in the bar, a sold out crowd awaited us, standing room only. But a packed house was the last thing on my mind. Instead, a tall, stacked brunette occupied all my thoughts-most of which were pretty X-rated.

Dinner with Mia on Tuesday night led to a 'barely make it to the bed, a path of clothes strewn up the stairs inside Mia's house' all night sexathon. The only thing that had stopped us from going at it all day Wednesday was that Mia had to go to work, which totally blew. Wednesday and Thursday night after she got off work, we skipped the dinner, went straight to screwing, and ordered in food only after we pried ourselves off each other.

I didn't want to admit it, but I was getting in fucking deep with Mia. I wanted to say it was just about the sex, but it wasn't. What we had outside of the bedroom was just as good. The shit we talked and laughed about over dinner, the way she rose to every little tease and challenge I gave her-it was fucking amazing.

When I felt a hand on my shoulder, I jerked my head up. Abby stood before me-her brow lined with concern. In Spanish, she asked, "What's up with you?"

I shrugged. Keeping our conversation private from the guys, I replied back in Spanish, "Nothing. Why?"

"You seem uncharacteristically quiet and mellow."

"Just in the zone for the show."

Abby eyed me suspiciously before Jake came up and wrapped his arms around her waist. "You guys shit talking me in Spanish?"

I laughed. "Jesus, such an egomaniac."

Jake grinned. "Always, man."

A knock sounded at the door. Jeff, Frank's temporary replacement as head roadie, opened the door. "Twenty minutes to show-time, guys."

"Thanks man," Jake replied.

"Guess we better go get our table," Lily said, rising off of Bray's lap. He smacked her ass playfully, which caused her to squeal. "Watch it, mister."

With a wink, he added, "I'd keep my eyes on you-watching only you-all night if I could."

Rhys made a gagging noise next to me. "Jesus, between the two of you and Abby and Jake, you're killing me."

"You're just jealous that your ugly mug is all sad and alone," Bray replied.

With a little swagger in his step, Rhys replied, "I won't be alone for long tonight ."

"Especially if the blonde barracudas show up," Lily said, with disgust.

Rhys grinned. "I certainly hope they do." He smacked my arm. "Don't you?"

"Uh…yeah. I guess."

Rhys gave me a 'what the fuck?' look as Abby and Lily went out the door. Once they were gone, he asked, "Is your lack of enthusiasm for guaranteed ass because you're betting on Kylie being here tonight?"

Oh shit. "She's coming?" I asked in a strangled voice.

With a bob of his head, Rhys replied, "Lily's mom has the kids tonight. But I would've thought she would have let you know that via sext or some shit."

"I'm not expecting to hook-up with Kylie tonight." My gut told me if Mia and Kylie met, I was fucked and not in a good way.

Jeff sauntered back in the room. "Got Abby and Lily to their table. You guys need anything?"

Rising out of my chair, I went over to him. "Yeah man, I've got a girl waiting outside for me. She's supposed to check in at the bar. Can you bring her back here, so I can see her before the show?"

"No problem."

After Jeff shut the door behind him, a low whistle echoed through the room. I whirled around to see the guys staring at me. "What?" I snapped.

"You invited a chick to our show?" Jake asked.

"I wouldn't exactly call Mia a chick-she's more of a woman."

Rhys's eyes widened. "Holy shit, dude, you're seeing her?"

"I told you I was taking her out."

"Yeah, I thought for the night, but that was a week ago."

Jake and Brayden exchanged puzzled looks. "Who the fuck is Mia?" Jake questioned.

With a grin, Rhys replied, "She's the chick, er, woman...nurse I was telling you guys about who knocked the drink over on AJ and almost made him blow his load in his pants."

"Oh yeah," Brayden chuckled. "Nice one."

I shrugged. "I like her, okay?"

Jake snorted. "No shit, Sherlock. You've never invited anyone but your family to our shows before."

Rhys bobbed his head in agreement. "This is epic."

"Would you guys get off my dick about Mia please?" I growled, before collapsing on the sofa.

A knock on the door sounded, and Jeff poked his head in. "I found her."

A chorus of kissy noises echoed around the room as Mia appeared in the doorway. I shot the guys death glares before turning my attention back to her. At the sight of me, a beaming smile curved on her lips. "Hi," she said.

"Hi Mia," the guys replied in perfect sing-song unison.

She jumped and glanced over at them. "Oh, um, hi." Her startled gaze focused on the smirking faces of the guys before it came back to mine.

"Douchebags," I muttered under my breath before rising up off the couch. I closed the distance between us. Wrapping my arms around her, I smiled. "I'm glad you made it," I said, trying to tune the guys out.

"Me too."

When I brought my lips to hers, applause broke out. Without breaking the kiss, my hands rose off Mia's waist to double flip off my asshat band mates. They laughed heartily. Pulling away, I motioned to them. "I guess now is the best time to introduce you to these dickheads."

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