Beat of the Heart

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"You know, you never sang to me in Spanish last night."

"That's right. I didn't."

"Will you sing to me now?"

"This old song?"

A faint smile danced on her lips. "Please."

"Lemme see if I can remember the words," I lied. The last fucking thing I wanted to admit to Mia was that I knew the song by heart. The truth was I'd been forced by my mother and sister to watch the movie Ghost way too many times. If she knew that, she'd probably demand for my man-card to be revoked.

With my lips hovering over her ear, I began to sing. "O mi amor, mi cielo, yo sufro por tu adios. En mi soledad el tiempo se va tan lento si tu no estas aqui."

Mia tightened her arms around me, almost molding her body flush against mine. Closing my eyes, I focused not only on translating the lyrics, but making sure I was giving enough emotion in delivering them. I knew I was doing a pretty good job when a content little sigh came from Mia. When she braced one hand on my shoulder and used the other to draw lazy circles on my back, it was my turn to sigh. After the song drew to a close, I pulled away to peer down at her. "So how did I do?"

"Amazing," she murmured. Untangling herself from my arms, Mia started walking backwards to the bed. When her legs bumped against the mattress, she crooked her finger at me. My brows rose in surprise. "Really? Even after you just spent twenty minutes getting ready to be seen again?"

She laughed. "Yes. You proved my theory right about singing about Spanish."

At the thought of her being wet, my dick surged against the zipper of my shorts. With a groan, I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it to the floor. "Well, you know I'm never going to argue with a chance to fuck you senseless."

When I pulled her into my arms, Mia's expression grew serious as she brought her hand to my heart. Pressing it firmly against my pec, she whispered, "Make love to me, AJ."

The touch of her fingers on my skin, along with her words, caused the beat of my heart to accelerate beneath her hand. "Anything you want, amorcito mio," I murmured, before crushing my lips against her hers. There was an urgency to it I hadn't experienced with her before. It was like we were both trying to figure out how the screwing we had done in the past switched over to lovemaking. As I deepened the kiss, Mia's hand slipped down my bare chest to the button on my shorts. Although I wanted nothing more than my dick to be freed, I knew if we were lovemaking, it was too fast. I reached between us to grab her hand. "Not yet," I whispered against her lips.

Her eyes widened, but then she nodded. I brought her hand back to my chest, over my heart. My fingers came to intertwine in the long strands of her dark hair. It felt so silky smooth against my skin. As my tongue tangled against hers, a burning in my chest started to grow.

"Hey AJ!" Jake called from outside the barn.

"Fuck," I muttered before pulling away from Mia. Fucking cockblocker! This seriously couldn't be happening-not now. Not in the middle of our big moment. I stalked over to the window, threw it open, and stuck my head out. "What?" I growled.

Jake gave me a shit eating grin. "Get your ass down here. It's time to do Jude and Melody's bedtime song." I opened my mouth to argue, but Jake shook his head . "We always do this, man. You can fuck Mia's brains out when we're done."

I narrowed my eyes at him. "Fine, douchetard. We'll be right down. And you better hustle your ass back to the fire because I'm going to punch you for that last comment."

Jake only chuckled and started shuffling down the hillside. After I slammed the window, I turned back to Mia. "Sorry about Jake being a dick."

She crossed her arms over her chest. "It's okay. He's your band-mate and loves to give you shit."

"Unfortunately, yeah."

"So this 'bedtime song' must be pretty fucking amazing to take you out of my bed right now?"

Although I felt like an absolute pussy, warmth flooded my cheeks. "It's hokey as shit really."

Mia's eyes brightened. "I do declare that you are blushing, AJ Resendiz."

"No, I'm not."

She grinned. "Yes, you are." On her knees, she crawled to the end of the bed and then sat back, waiting expectantly for me to explain the bedtime song.

I exhaled noisily before raking a hand through my already messed up hair. "Fine. Here it is. This one time when we were all up here hanging out, Jude was like six months old or something, and he wouldn't go to sleep. Bray and Lily were at their wits end, so Rhys, Jake, and I decided we should sing to him-Hey Jude to be exact. He went out like this." I snapped my fingers. "So whenever we're all together and not on the road, we sing for him and for Melody before Bray and Lily take them for their baths and shit."

Mia's hand hovered over her mouth. I didn't know whether she was going to bust out laughing or start crying. "Aw, baby, just when I think you couldn't melt my heart more, you tell me that story."

I grinned. "So does that mean you're in for us picking up where we left off when I get back?"

She laughed. "Oh yes. But you're not going alone."

"I'm not?"

"Nope, I've got to see this 'bedtime song' performance for myself."

Oh fuck. "Seriously?"

"Mmm, hmm." She hopped off the bed and came over to me. "Why do you look so pale, AJ?"

"You know exactly why."

She smiled. "And I'm loving every minute of it."

I rolled my eyes. "Come on. Let's go before Jake comes back to aggravate the hell out of me."

"Should I bring my tambourine?" she asked with all seriousness, as we headed out the door.

"Smartass," I replied, before smacking one globe of her very perfect, round ass.


I woke up to blinding sunlight streaming through the windows. Stretching in the bed, I glanced over at the clock on the nightstand. It was after eleven. AJ and I had slept way too late. Of course, after the bedtime singing performance, I couldn't wait to get him back to the barn.The first time we'd gone at each other like always-the ripping off clothes, heavy breathing, moaning, and skin slapping echoing through the room kinda screwing.

But then something had switched over in the both of us. The next time was slow and sweet like we had started before we were interrupted by Jake. I felt more connected to him than I ever had before, and it was both exhilarating and scary as hell. After we finished, we lay entangled in each other's arms talking and laughing until the early morning before we finally fell asleep.

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