Begin Again

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We grew sweaty, clinging to each other for dear life, and when his eyes met mine I was sure nothing could ever break us up again.
I sucked in a breath and mouth formed an "o" as my impending orgasm took over my entire body.
"So beautiful." Brody's voice sounded far away. My body shook, and my eyes rolled backward. Brody hovered above me and then bit my neck as he found is own release. We were a mess of sweaty limbs, damp skin and heavy breathing. It was the perfect mess to be in.
Brody finally came up for air and stared down at my flushed face.
"Make me a promise," I said, still trying to catch my breath.
"Anything," he replied without hesitating. My insides warmed knowing he would do anything for me without question. God, I really did love him.
"Promise me you'll never leave me again."
He brushed his thumb across my cheek and I saw the regret in the depths of his chocolate orbs. It took me back to the night we cried together over the loss of the child we would never get to meet. I kept a box of all my sonograms, and the tiny pink booties that once belonged to me as a baby. I'd kept them in the hopes that I was having a little girl. It was hard, going through all those things with Brody, but in many ways grieving together, even after so much time had passed, healed us and allowed us to move on. Together.
"I promise. I'm not going anywhere ever again. My heart is yours, and I don't want to be anywhere you're not."
I swore I was done crying but his words, his promise, reached into me and touched my soul. We were bound together for life and I realized that I wouldn't have done anything differently. All the bad stuff, all the heartache had led us right back to where we were meant to be. And all because we decided to begin again…
The sun had set and in its place was a beautiful night sky littered with millions of stars. The sound of crickets echoed around us. Brody covered my eyes and spoke into my ear. "No peaking." He led me away from our newly built house.
I giggled. "Where are you taking me?" I almost tripped but his arm wrapped around my waist to steady me. He chuckled, most likely at my clumsiness.
"It's a surprise," he whispered, "just trust me."
I thought about where he could be taking me, since there were few places on the ranch I didn't know, but I knew it was pointless. If he said it was a surprise, I believed him.
We'd moved onto the ranch a few months ago and already I felt at home. Brody was finally chasing his dreams, only this time with me at his side. Between Grayson, Brody and Jeff, they had managed to start a flourishing business and had plans to later expand. I was happy for them and shared in their excitement.
I heard a door creak open and there only one place we could possibly be. The barn.
Brody ushered me in and we came to a stop . "Stay right here," he told me, "I'm going to remove my hand but you have to keep those pretty eyes closed. Understood?"
I nodded, growing antsy. "Okay."
His hand left my face and I heard him walk away. There were a few hushed voices around me, and I frowned. What the hell was going on?
Less then a minute later, Brody took my hands in his and pulled me in a little further.
"Open your eyes, Demetria."
My lids opened and an audible gasp left my mouth. All our closest friends and family were gathered around us in a wide circle and the barn was lit up by hundreds of tea lights. I looked up, and it was almost like looking at stars.
I looked back at Brody, confused.
"What's going on?" I asked.
He smiled that shy smile I loved so much and it dawned on me that he was anxious. He never got anxious. Something weird was happening.
"You were five when we met," he started, squeezing my hands, "and that first day I told you your dress was ugly. Your answer was to throw a mudpie in my face." People laughed, and then everything went quiet again. You could hear a pin drop.
Brody swallowed and then continued, "I knew then that there was no one else out there for me. Only you." Oh. Shit. I knew what was coming. "Demetria Rosemead, I have loved you all my life. I believe after all of the hardships we've faced, we ended up right here, right now, in front of all our friends and family so that I could tell you how much I love you. I love that sassy mouth, " I laughed, feeling the tears coming, "I love that smart mind. I love every curve on your body," someone cleared a throat and I blushed furiously, "I love the way you make me feel, and the way you've given yourself to me so completely. I love that every day is a new adventure, and the way you always make me laugh. I love the confidence you exude and how you care for our friends. But most of all, I love your heart."
He bent down on one knee and I cupped my mouth. This was really happening. He pulled out a blue box and in it sat a beautiful platinum band with a princess cut diamond. It was ornate, and it sparkled as it caught the shimmering of the tea lights above us.
"Two years ago, almost to the day, I made you a promise to never leave your side, and now it's my turn to ask you for that same promise. Marry me."
I bent down and cupped his face. "Yes, Brody Scott, I will marry you."
His face broke out into a brilliant smile and the people around us cheered loudly. We both stood up, and slipped the ring onto my finger before smashing his mouth to mine. Everyone else disappeared and it was just the two of us. As I kissed him, my fiancé, I finally had everything I'd ever wanted. I'd lost it all, only to gain something much better and much bigger than I could have imagined.

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