Beneath Your Beautiful

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He clears is throat. "Like I said, I came to apologize. I should've come to see you when you got home on Sunday, make sure you were ok."
"Is that all you want to apologize for?" I ask.
He frowns. "Is there something else I should apologize for?"
You've got to be shitting me.
"Yeah, you've been nothing but a jerk lately. Don't you think you should apologize for that?" My anger is simmering, just below the surface.
"I've been a jerk? After taking you to the hospital on Saturday night, I'm being a jerk?"
I stiffen at the harshness underlying his tone. "You've been toying with my feelings for weeks Grayson, so yes, you have been a complete asshat!" I snap.
He closes the space between us in three steps until he's face is hovering above mine. The heat from his body hits mine like a wrecking ball. I blink several times.
"Pray tell, Huntley, how exactly have I toyed with your feelings?" he growls. His breath washes over my face. It's warm and smells like mint.
"Let's see. First you tell me we have to stay away from each other, then you kiss me at my uncles' house after dinner, then I walk into the cafeteria to see you sucking face with Rebecca, then you…then you… rub your hot body all over me in the locker room and let me touch you, then you spend the night holding me after my nightmare and then you leave after staying with me at the hospital in my bed! I heard you were a 'love em and leave em' kind of guy but I didn't want to believe it! Until I experienced for myself! And to be honest, I feel completely jilted because I didn't even get to fuck you before you left me!" I have no idea where that last part came from but I'm yelling and the words are flying out of my mouth before I can stop them and it feels so damn good. The seal on all my frustrations over the last few weeks has been broken and now that I'm spilling my guts, I don't think I can stop.
Grayson throws his arms in the air and lets out an exaggerated sigh. "Ahh, you drive me crazy!" he yells back. "You are all I ever think about! When I'm not around you I think about who you're with, or what you're doing! I can't sleep because every time I close my eyes it's you I see!"
His revelation stuns me.
Say what now?
"Then make a fucking decision! I'm not a yo-yo!"
He stills for only a second before his lips crash into mine. His arms grip my legs and pull me into him. I wrap my legs around his waist and he spins us, pushing me onto the bed. Our mouths are moving together in unison, old friends becoming reacquainted with one another. I bite his bottom lip and he growls, the sound sending vibrations through my hyper aware body. Every nerve ending is aflame. He licks my bottom lip and I grant him access into my mouth. My tongue meets his stroke for stroke, matching the rhythm of our grinding bodies. The feel of his rough denim against my soft skin is driving me wild. His hands are everywhere, one in my hair and the other sliding underneath my towel. My hands slide down his back to his tight backside and I grab him, pulling him closer to me. He rocks his hips into me, the hardness of his zip and growing erection rubbing against my center, and I whimper. The feeling is electrifying. I slide my hands back up his naked back and my fingers dip between each of his muscles, feeling them move under his skin. It's. So. Damn. Sexy.
He breaks the kiss, breathing heavy as he rests his forehead against mine. My body feels like it's on fire.
"You drive me crazier," I whisper. I open my eyes and his answering gaze completely disarms me. He chuckles and the movement of his naked chest causes my nipples to harden . I trace my fingers over the ridges of his sculptured torso and stop to play with the little silver bar piercing his right nipple. God, it's the sexiest thing I've ever laid my eyes on. He shivers. That's sexy too.
"Was that your decision?" I ask quietly, pinching his piercing between my fingers. He may never be able to get me to leave the damn thing alone now.
"I believe it was," he replies. He lays a sweet kiss on the corner of my mouth.
"So now what?" I see a wicked gleam in his eye.
"Go out with me. Be mine."
I can't help the grin that covers my face. I lay a gentle kiss on his lips and hope he understand what I'm saying.
"So my plan worked?"
I giggle. "Definitely."
Chapter 14
~ Grayson ~
My nerves are all over the place. I'm pacing my bedroom like a caged tiger and all because tonight is my first real date with Huntley. I honestly had no idea what to expect when I showed up at her apartment last night. When Demi told me she wasn't there I knew she was lying, so I checked it out for myself. I stormed into her bedroom and then her bathroom like a mad man, or like a caveman as she called it. I had no intention of getting in the shower with her but once I saw her standing there, gloriously wet and naked, I had quite the out-of-body experience. I had no control over my feet or my body, and then I smelled her. Good God. If seeing her naked like that, with hot water sliding over her skin, surrounded by steam, wasn't bad enough, I had to catch a whiff of her vanilla and strawberry scented bath products. It was a sensory overload of epic proportions and had me throbbing in my jeans.
"What the fuck are you doing Gray?" Brody's voice breaks the never-ending rerun of last night's events, just as I get to the part where Huntley is underneath me, whimpering. His interruption is welcome. The last thing I want is going on a first date with the hard on of the century.
"Nothing," I reply.
He snorts. "Could've fooled me Gray. You look like you're about to pass out and vomit all over yourself." His observation isn't far off.
"I'm just nervous." Fuck, that's an understatement.
"I haven't seen you like this over a date since -" he scratches his head. "Well, ever."
It's true. I've never been this anxious over a date and I've had my fair share of 'dates'. Something about Huntley makes this different. She's not just another girl I want to bring home. She's the kind of girl who deserves a proper date, one with romance and flowers. Admittedly, this is all very new to me, since I've never done romance and flowers before, not even for my ex- girlfriend who I dated for two years. I realize now that Huntley makes me want to give it to her, give her everything. It scares me.
"Yeah well, we're not just talking about any girl. She's different. Special."
Brody nods his head in understanding, a look of wistfulness sliding over his face and disappearing as quickly as it appeared. He's thinking about Demi. I wish I could make this easier on him but I don't know how. I've never loved someone who's with someone else.
I check my watch. It's almost six fifteen, and I told Huntley I would get her at six thirty.
"I better get going," I say, grabbing my wallet and truck keys. "I'll see you later."
"Yeah man, good luck." Brody walks down stairs and I follow behind. He's having a few of the boys over for a games night so at least he won't have the chance to wallow in self-pity.
The drive to Huntley's apartment is quicker than I expected, maybe because I spent the short ten minute drive over there thinking about what she looks like naked.

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