Beneath Your Beautiful

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I stay silent as I unbutton his jeans and watch him step out of them. He's only wearing his black Calvin Klein boxer briefs. It's impossible to miss how beautiful and God-like his body is. His muscles are toned and show off brute strength. The sight of him makes my mouth water.
He lifts me off the floor and I wrap my legs around his waist. He drops me onto the bed and hovers over me. "My beautiful girl," he murmurs. His term of endearment and the sincerity with which he says it are almost too much. They make me feel like the beautiful girl he sees.
He lowers himself onto me and I feel is hard length against my thigh. My physical need for him intensifies and I don't know how I waited this long to have him.
He reaches behind me and unclips my bra, sliding the straps down my arms. He kisses me deeply before trailing kisses down my throat, stopping between my breasts. "So beautiful," he whispers, his hot breath causing goosebumps to break out across my skin. He sucks my pebbled nipple into his mouth and I arch into him, craving more. His mouth lets go of my nipple, making that popping sound, and he moves to the other one, giving it the same attention. His free hand trails down my side and hooks my panties, pushing them down. His mouth leaves my body as he sits up to remove my panties the rest of the way. He kneels between my legs and lifts them so that my calves rest on his shoulders. My stomach clenches in anticipation of what he's going to do next, knowing it's something I've never experienced before.
When realization hits, I reach up to stop him but he pins my wrists to the bed. "Gray, no one's ever..." My words trail off. His eyes meet mine as he leans down and blows hot air over my wet flesh. Oh God. "You smell like vanilla. My favorite."
I want to hide my face but I'm too intrigued to look away. He slides his tongue through my slick folds and I buck off the bed. I wonder if now's the time to tell him I've never had an orgasm before but all coherent thought leaves my body when he sucks my clit into his mouth. There's an unfamiliar stirring in my belly that builds and builds. He let's go of my wrist and slips one finger inside me, his mouth never relenting the torturous work on my little bundle of nerves.
"Grays..." I moan, only half his name coming out of my mouth in a strangled whisper. I grab his hair and ride his mouth as he slips another finger inside. On the last stroke he curls both fingers up. The tiny movement makes everything explode around me. I scream his name as my release hits me, making me quiver almost violently. My arms and legs feel like jelly and I close my eyes, making an effort to calm my erratic breathing. He chuckles and I feel him get off the bed. He's only gone for a few seconds and when the bed dips under his weight again I open my eyes. I've never watched a guy roll on a condom before and something about it feels extremely intimate. I look at his hard, solid length and gasp. As if he can read my mind, Grayson settles over me and says, "I'll fit. You can take all of me."
He positions himself at my entrance and I grab onto his biceps. I pinch my eye's closed, waiting for his welcomed invasion of the most private part of myself. "Look at me," he whispers. "I want to see your face."
I open my eyes as he slides in, inch by excruciating inch. The feeling is unfamiliar but at the same time exquisite. He stretches me until I've taken all of him. I'm filled with him. He breathes heavily against my shoulder, "So tight," leaving his mouth in a rush. I trail my hands down his back, grabbing his bottom to encourage him to move, and wrap my legs around him.
"Gray," I almost choke out, "I need you."
My body is in overdrive and I need to feel this. Feel Grayson.
His clear, green eyes meet mine and something flashes in them. The recognition and understanding that after tonight nothing will be the same . We won't be the same.
"I know baby."
He starts moving, slowly at first, drawing out his even strokes. My hips start moving of their own accord and match his rhythm. He picks up the pace, sliding in harder and harder and his thrusts hit the deepest part of me every time. Our bodies are slick with sweat and I'm clawing at his back, pulling him closer to me even though there is no space left between us. I'm close and I want to tell him, but I feel the need to surrender my body to him and let him take me instead.
My stomach muscles clench and as if he knows I'm about to let go, he slips his arm under my hips and lifts my hips slightly. It makes the tip of his length hit my sweet spot, causing an internal explosion unlike any other. "Grayson," I scream, louder than the first time. I dig my nails into his back and hold on as he falls over the edge with me. He growls my name as we quiver together, in a mess of sweat and bed sheets. I rest my feet on his bottom and feel his muscles tense with his own release. It's sensual and sexy and such a turn on to know I can drive him crazy.
He lifts his head and looks at me, sweat sliding down his temples. He wipes the hair from my face and gives me his crooked smile. "Wow," he breathes, "That was incredible."
"Yeah," is all I can get out between my still shaky breathes. My entire body feels like jelly. Totally relaxed.
I know now that I will never get enough of him. Just once won't be enough to satisfy the hunger he's created. I want him, over and over again.
I kiss him, brushing my lips over his. He returns the kiss and I feel him stir from inside me.
"Again?" I ask. Surely it's not possible so soon.
He chuckles, causing a vibration to travel through my body and coil between my legs where we're still connected. Apparently I could go another round as well.
"I'll never have enough of you."
I say "Ditto" and he chuckles again. He kisses me one last time before sliding out and getting up to discard the condom. I watch him walk into the bathroom, staring at his beautiful, naked butt.
Oh yes, that's mine.
A few minutes later, he slips into bed and under the sheets with me. Niether of us make a move to put clothes on. He has thoroughly depleted my energy to do so anyway. He pulls me to him and I rest my cheek against his chest. The sound of his heartbeat is soothing and one of my new favorite sounds. Our legs tangle together and he rests his hand in the arch of my back.
As I drift off to sleep, he kisses my forehead and I think I hear him say "I love you," but in my-post sex state of bliss I can't be sure. The idea of him saying it doesn't scare me though.
Because I feel it too.
I love Grayson.
I am In love with Grayson.
And in this moment, I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
Chapter 16
~ Grayson ~
My eyes fly open and I turn, expecting to find Huntley lying next to me.
But the bed's empty.
Her vanilla scent is on the sheets and it brings back memories of last night. It was the most perfect night of my life. The feel of her skin on mine, chest to chest, nose to nose… It sends a shiver down my spine. If I thought she was beautiful in every way possible, seeing her beneath me, quivering with me inside her and screaming my name is… inexpressible. Sex has always been just sex to me, but after last night with Huntley is was so much more.
I jump out of bed, pull my jeans on and pad down the hallway in search of her. When I find her standing in the kitchen, she has my grey button up shirt on, with her earphones tucked in her ears and she's singing along to Jana Kramer's 'Why Ya Wanna'. She bends to slip a tray of some kind into the oven and I see her black lace underwear peeking out from under my shirt.

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