Beneath Your Beautiful

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"I was wrong and I should've let you explain," I add.
"I don't want anyone but you." The heat from his body washes over me and I try to hide my squirm. My physical response to him is electric. Before I can doubt myself, I close the distance between us and crawl into his lap, straddling him.
"I can't picture my life without you," I say softly, holding is face between my palms. His hands grip my waist gently as he pulls me as close as possible. He leans in until his hot breath streams across my face. Our lips brush and I gasp at the contact. My hands slide down his scruffy cheeks and move around to his neck, massaging his hard muscles. When he shudders I smile against his lips. The feel of his tongue trailing my bottom lip makes me wriggle involuntarily, my body taking over on pure instinct. Our mouths move in synch and we surrender to our insatiable hunger for each other.
Grayson pulls away and I whimper at the loss of contact. A scorching heat has looped around my spine and pooled between my legs. "There's one more thing we need to talk about."
"What –" My words are cut off when Graysons large hand moves and rests on my belly. I look down. When his fingers spread, I place my hand over his and thread our fingers. Tears prick my eyes as the magnitude of his actions slams into my chest. Three hearts. Beating as one.
"I know you're scared," he pauses, "but I'm not going anywhere and I will do everything I can to make sure you're taken care of. Both of you."
I pull my quivering lip between my teeth but it doesn't stop my tears. Grayson uses his free hand to wipe my face. "Please don't cry," he pleads quietly. "I can't stand it when you cry."
"I've been doing that a lot lately," I sniffle.
"I'm sorry baby," he kisses my forehead and then looks back at me. His face hardens slightly and his expression becomes serious. "Did you know?"
Did I know – Oh. His question doesn't surprise me, but I'm surprised he didn't ask me sooner.
"No, I didn't know. I would've told you if I did." I look at him sincerely, hoping that he can see the honesty in my eyes. "When the home pregnancy test came back negative, I didn't worry about it. I wanted to tell you about it but I was worried about how you'd react."
Grayson traces his thumb over my bottom lip. "You can tell me anything. Always."
No longer having a need for words, I lean in and press my lips to his. I don't know what I did to deserve him or his love. In all his imperfections, he's perfect. Our love is beautiful. Our love is imperfect. But I wouldn't change it for anything. My world begins and ends with Grayson Carter.
** ** ** ** ** **
We sit in the doctors' room and Grayson fidgets nervously in the seat next to me. I put my hand on his thigh to stop his leg from bouncing. "Relax," I whisper, rubbing up and down his jean clad leg.
"That should be my line," he chuckles timidly. He watches a little girl in the corner playing with some toys while her pregnant mom reads a magazine. Looking at his profile, I would give anything to know what he's thinking. Is he regretting coming with me? Does he want to leave?
My thoughts are brought to a screeching halt when a short, redheaded nurse calls my name. "Morgan?"
I smile up at her and grab Graysons hand. He kisses my temple and my anxiety evaporates with his silent reassurance. We're in this together.
We step into the doctors' office, greeted by an older man. "Good morning," he greets sincerely, "I'm Doctor Bates." He stretches his hand out and Grayson shakes it before I do. Doctor Bates motions for us to sit down before he starts talking. "Right," he looks down at the paperwork on his desk. "You're here for your fourteen week scan and check-up ." I nod.
"If you'll follow me," he stands and moves towards the examination bed in the corner. "And lay down. We'll see what's happening with your baby."
I lay down and Grayson grabs a chair, moving next to me and holding my hand in both of his. I'm not sure if he's excited or nervous, or maybe both. His face doesn't give anything away. Doctor Bates lifts my blouse, exposing my slightly rounder belly, and squirts some cold gel onto my skin. I flinch. "Sorry about that, it's a little cold." He presses the wand and a loud swooshing sound comes through the machine. He moves the wand around a little more until a steady thumpthump infiltrates the silence in the room. All I can think is Wow.
"And that," Doctor Bates confirms, "Is your baby's heartbeat."
Grayson and I stare at the screen, completely spellbound by the sound surrounding us and the picture in front of us. "My jelly bean," I whisper.
Grayson moves closer until his elbows rest on the bed beside my exposed belly and I chance a look at him. His face is still, but his eyes glow with disbelief and adoration. He looks at the doctor. "Can we find out the sex?"
"We normally wait until twenty weeks to determine the sex, because by then the baby's genitals are more developed, but if your baby is in the right position, there's a small chance we can see what you're having. Let's take a look shall we?" He moves the wand around, pressing harder in some places. "If I can just…" he pauses, leaning in closer to the screen. "Right there." He sits up straight. "Miss Morgan, I'm ninety seven percent sure that you, my dear, are having a boy. And he's not shy either," Doctor Bates chuckles.
"A boy," I repeat robotically. I look at Grayson and see the tears slip down his cheeks. "A son," he chokes out. "We're having a son."
Our eyes meet and he kisses me hard. When he pulls away, he starts peppering kisses all over my face, my cheeks, my eyes. Resting his forehead against mine, he whispers "Thank you" and I don't think I can love him more. My fears disintegrate as I realize that he really isn't going anywhere. I look into his loving eyes and know that I wouldn't want to be doing this with anyone else.
"We're having a son," Grayson laughs and I get lost in the joy that fills his voice.
Doctor Bates cleans my belly and prints some ultrasound pictures. "I want to see you again in four weeks, but if you feel ill or have any concerns, you can call and make an appointment sooner."
Still slightly speechless, I nod and take the Doctors' card. We say goodbye, stopping at the counter to make a follow-up appointment and to collect my pre-natal vitamins, before Grayson takes me back to his truck.
I catch him he grinning while holding the ultrasound pictures in his hands. He looks like a child on Christmas morning, waiting to open his presents. The aura surrounding him is contagious and I feel it deep in my soul.
"Where to next?" The question comes out at the same time that my stomach growls.
Grayson chuckles, "I think it's time to feed you and Jelly Bean." He leans over the middle console and gives me a chaste kiss. I want more, so much more, but I can wait. Food is more important right now. "We're going to my parents for dinner."
He peels out of the hospital parking lot and heads in the direction of his parents' house. The drive is only about fifteen minutes, but I turn the radio up and start humming to Phillip Phillips' 'Gone' as it plays through the speakers. My hands rest on my belly, thrumming along to the music. Grayson is watching me from the corner of his eye and when I turn to look at him, he gives me a bright smile accompanied by the dimples I want to lick.

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