Fierce Obsessions

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He groaned. "Yeah, baby, squeeze me." Tao didn't need her to tell him she was close to coming; he could feel her getting hotter and tighter by the second. And he didn't have it in him to hold back any longer. "Come, Riley." He sank his teeth over his mark, and her pussy clamped down so tight on his cock it almost fucking hurt. She screamed, rippling and squeezing him. He exploded with a curse, shoving himself deep as he came.
Being an insomniac, Riley didn't often wake to rays of sunlight shining in her eyes. Yellow beams slashed across the bedroom-it was a damn nice bedroom that took up most of the loft space.
After taking her on the kitchen floor the previous night, Tao had carried her up to bed and they'd both fallen instantly asleep. She'd woken around 3:00 a.m., her mind active. She'd tried to edge out of the bed, but Tao had dragged her to him and literally dropped her on his cock. She'd ridden him until she was boneless and couldn't do anything but collapse at his side and fall right back asleep.
He was currently sprawled on his stomach, his breathing deep and even. At some point he'd kicked the covers down until they bared the length of his back. Hunger pricked at her as she stared at all that solid muscle and sleek skin. More of her marks now spanned the tribal tattoo on his upper back and shoulders. Her raven liked them a hell of a lot. She was also rather smug that he'd returned the favor. Riley could feel the slight sting of claw marks on her hips, and she remembered his gripping her tight as she rode him.
Knowing there was no chance she'd fall back asleep, Riley peeled back the coverlets that, like the red rug, had the same tribal markings as the cushions in the den. She ever so slowly edged out of the king-size sleigh bed, careful not to jolt the mattress, and-
"Sneaking out, baby?" he rumbled without even opening his eyes.
Startled, she almost jumped. "No, I just didn't want to wake you."
"Come here."
His eyes opened, and those golden orbs speared her. "Just come here."
With a sigh of sufferance, she knelt on the bed. "What?"
Gently tangling a hand in her hair, he pulled her down and kissed her. "Now you can go."
"Well, thank you," she said tartly.
"You're welcome."
She grabbed a T-shirt and sweatpants from her duffel and headed to the bathroom. A sound rumbled out of his throat-a sort of contented growl. Halting, she glanced at him over her shoulder. He was completely still, but his eyes were hot on hers. "What?"
"I love to watch you walk."
She blinked. "Um, why?"
"You have a very feminine, graceful, confident walk. Makes me hard every time."
Not really knowing how to respond to that, she just drawled, "Okay." Walking into the bathroom, she closed the door. There was a freestanding bathtub and a walk-in shower-both of which she intended to enjoy while here. Plush towels hung from the chrome bars near the sink counter, on which there was a tray of complimentary hygiene products and plastic-wrapped water glasses. It was like being in a hotel.
Once clean and dressed, she returned to the bedroom to find Tao still in bed, eyes closed. It occurred to her that it was little wonder he was so tired, given that he'd been working late shifts all week. "I'll be downstairs."
"I won't be long," he said drowsily.
Riley suspected he'd fall back asleep, but she didn't say so. She simply grabbed her cell from the nightstand and made her way downstairs. In the kitchen she pulled a can of Mountain Dew out of the fridge . It was simply too hot for coffee. Slipping out of the patio doors, she squinted at the bright sun. The air was dry and the breeze was light, but Riley had never minded the heat.
Crossing the deck, she happily settled on one of the sun loungers and called Makenna.
"Morning," Makenna greeted her.
"You sound surprisingly chirpy."
"I'm going shopping with Jaime today, so all is good." There was a grunt in the background, and Makenna sighed. "Stop whining, Ryan, no one's forcing you to come."
Riley smiled, knowing how much Ryan hated shopping. He hated leaving Makenna's side even more, however, so he often accompanied her.
"One day," began Makenna, "you really do have to come with us, Riley."
"I prefer shopping online; you know that."
"Yes, but I strongly believe I can make you see the sheer joy of physical shopping."
"Never gonna happen. Now, are they there?"
"Sure." There was a short pause. "Savannah, it's Riley."
"Hi, Riley," said Savannah through a mouthful of food.
Chest tightening, Riley smiled. "Hey, sweetie. How are you?"
"Okay, but Dexter keeps stealing my bacon and putting it in his pocket. He put a crayon in my porridge."
Riley did her best to keep the smile out of her voice. "Well, that's not nice." Though Riley suspected that Dexter had given Savannah the crayon in exchange for the bacon, figuring it was a good deal.
"When are you coming home?"
"I'll be back sometime tomorrow. Hopefully not too late."
"Dexter, stop trying to snatch the phone!" hissed Savannah.
"Let him talk to Riley, Savannah," said Makenna.
Savannah huffed. "Fine."
After a moment there was another voice-this one soft and angelic. "Riley?"
"Hey, big guy, you haven't been putting food in your pockets again, have you?"
"You sure?"
"Well, that's good to hear." Having drained the can of Mountain Dew, Riley placed it on the table beside the lounger. "I'll be back tomorrow, okay?"
Riley heard Makenna's voice in the background, asking Dexter for the phone. There was a sort of shuffling noise and then Makenna spoke. "Always quite the chatterbox, isn't he?"
Riley chuckled, but that chuckle died when she heard feet rustling in the trees up ahead. Whoever was approaching wasn't trying to hide; they were making plenty of noise so as not to take her by surprise.
A tall, lean figure was soon strolling toward her. Honestly, she wasn't feeling up to conversation yet, but she was curious about whether he'd come to reprimand her for arguing with Cynthia. So she sat up and crossed her legs, half lotus, on the lounger. "I'll speak to you again tomorrow morning," she told Makenna.
"Okay, have fun with your uncles."
"Will do." Ending the call, Riley looked at her visitor. "Morning, Sawyer."
He stopped in front of her, his smile strained. "Can we talk?"
"Sure, why not?"
He sat on the edge of the other sun lounger, leaning forward with his hands clasped. "A wolf, Riley. Really?"
She rubbed at her temple. "Please tell me you haven't come to moan about Tao being here. Wolves aren't so bad, you know." But Sawyer had never liked them. "The Phoenix wolves have been good to me."
"I know. I'm grateful that they took you in. I heard about the shelter and the bastard wolf from another pack who tried to take it over. I'm glad the Phoenix wolves gave you a place to stay so all that shit didn't touch you."

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