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"The club or the Point?" I reached around her to push the button on the elevator and punched in the code to get it to go up to my office.
"Both." She walked in and leaned against the back wall and lifted her eyebrows at me as I followed her. I kept moving until my front was pressed up against hers and I could feel her nipples bead up against my chest. I put my hands on the mirrored wall next to her head.
"There's good stuff in both of those places if you know where to look for it."
She lifted her hand and put her fingers at the base of my throat where my black shirt was unbuttoned at the collar. She tapped her fingers in time to the beat of my pulse and stuck her tongue out to slick across her bottom lip. It made me growl at her and I saw satisfaction flare to life in her fog-colored gaze. She liked how easy I made it for her to handle me.
"I don't think I actually knew what good looked like until very recently. It can be hard to spot when it comes disguised as something else."
I lifted an eyebrow at her and bent my head just a little to replace her tongue with my own. I licked across the plump curve of her lip and then sank my teeth into it, making her groan quietly into my mouth.
"What was the good disguised as?" I pushed off the wall and stepped away from her as the doors whisked open and dumped us into my office. Chuck was standing in front of the bank of monitors watching surveillance video of the club and there was a thickly muscled man covered in tattoos sitting at my desk with three laptops open in front of him. They both looked up as we entered the room.
Key put a hand on my shoulder to stop me as she stood up on the tips of the glittery shoes she was wearing so she could whisper in my ear. "The good was disguised as the bad this entire time, but I can see it all so clearly now."
I put a hand on her waist and guided her into the room. Low enough so only she could hear, I told her truthfully, "The bad is only good for you, Key. You should remember that." Just because I let her inside of me, inside of everything I did, didn't mean I was going to be as transparent for anyone else as I was for her. In fact, now that she was inside, I was more apt to do whatever it took to keep her there no matter how ugly or extreme those actions might end up being. As always, the consequences be damned, just like I was.
The big guy with all the ink who was behind my desk stood up and cracked his spine. He looked like he should be breaking necks in my fight ring not working at a keyboard, but there was a sharpness in his slate-colored gaze as he peered at me from behind his heavy black eyeglass frames that let me know he wasn't the typical tech geek.
"Stark." I said his name in greeting and tilted my head in Key's direction for an introduction. "This is Keelyn. She's with me." I didn't know if I said this in order to stake my claim or in order to fend off any question as to why she was here. Either way she was with me from here on out.
I grunted as she dug an elbow in my side and strode forward to shake the other man's hand. "I bought into the business, so I'm just as anxious as Nassir is to see if you found anything that can help us put an end to all this nonsense. We can't afford to be shut down any longer."
I glowered at the back of her head as Stark suppressed a chuckle and returned her handshake. "Chuck filled me in when I got here and started digging into the files ." He lifted his eyebrows at me and hooked a thumb over his shoulder at the monitors. "Plus, you're on the video feeds . . . a lot." He winked at me behind his glasses and Key shot me a horrified look over her shoulder.
I just shrugged at her and walked to the red leather chaise that was pushed up against the windows that overlooked the floor of the club. "You didn't ask if we were on camera before you shoved your hand down my pants and pulled my dick out; besides, I was the one with my junk on display. You were fully clothed."
She was a neon shade of pink and looked like she wanted to kill me. I thought it was kind of cute, so I just grinned at her. She narrowed her eyes at me and sank into one of the chairs on the opposite side of the desk.
"I hate you so much sometimes." Her growled words made both Chuck and Stark laugh.
I just nodded even though she was purposely not looking at me. "I know you do. So what do you guys have for me?"
I was changing the subject before she could really get worked up about the fact that both Stark and Chuck had probably gotten an eyeful. I wasn't embarrassed by much and the fact that I had a beautiful woman in my lap jerking me off certainly wouldn't ever make the list, but I doubted she felt the same way. I could tell she was furious by the stiff set of her shoulders and the way her sparkly shoe was tapping on the floor in front of her.
Chuck cleared his throat to break through some of the tension and pointed at one of the video feeds that looked like it was showing the loading dock in the back alley behind the club.
"Well, I think we figured out how the rats were brought into the club. This liquor delivery truck pulls up and unloads ten boxes on the back dock and then leaves without getting anything signed or without checking to see if anyone comes to bring the delivery inside. The truck stops, unloads, and then leaves. The boxes are fucking moving. I mean that shit is dancing like it's alive. The driver is obviously male but he has on a hat and overalls, so it's impossible to get a clear view of who he is. Stark has been working on it for over an hour."
A blurry image of what could be any young Caucasian male popped up in the center monitor. He was so nondescript it wasn't funny. The guy could literally be anyone.
"An hour later one of the barbacks goes outside to smoke, sees the boxes stacked up, and gets a dolly to haul them all inside the back door."
I swore and threw my head back against the back of the couch. "So he just brought in a bunch of wiggling boxes and didn't think to question what in the hell was going on? Does that make any sense at all?"
Chuck cleared his throat and rubbed his hands over his bald head. "It does when it's the same barback whose fingers you broke for leaving product lying on the floor, boss. Look at the way he has his hand all wrapped up. He was probably shitting his pants that you would do something much worse if another order got left unattended."
I stared up at the ceiling and let Chuck's gentle censure hit me.
Key's voice was confused when she asked, "So he brought the boxes full of rats inside, but did he let them all out? I mean if he opened the first box thinking it was alcohol and found a bunch of disgusting rodents inside, why wouldn't he alert someone? Why would he open all the boxes and cause such a mess?"

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