Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage

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Isabella lifted the sponge. "Mac, will you please wash my back?"
Mac stood still a frozen moment. She looked up at him, and he back at her.
Then he was across the room and shrugging off his coat before the sound of the last syllable had died in the stuffy room.
Chapter 11
The Here-and-Gone habits of the Scottish Lord of Mayfair cause much speculation all around. The Lady appears at balls and operas and hosts soirees with her youngest brother-in-law at her side, her own Lord nowhere in sight.
-April 1877
Isabella held her breath as Mac slid off his coat and dropped it over the nearest chair. She'd been shaking since he'd entered the room. Tonight Mac wore black trousers rather than a kilt, cream waistcoat and white shirt, no different from any other man-about-town; but with Mac, there was always a difference. His presence filled whatever room he entered and pinned her like a flopping fish.
She found herself growing still more nervous as he looked down at her. Would he like what he saw? Mac preferred ladies who were curvaceous, and in the days after Isabella had left Mac's house, she'd lost almost a stone, finding herself unable to eat. She'd regained some of her appetite, but her youthful plumpness had never returned. Mac had remained much the same in looks, although the puffiness that drink settled on his face had vanished, rendering his cheeks square and lean. He was more handsome now than he had ever been.
Mac pulled off his waistcoat and opened the cuffs of his shirt. Isabella's hungry gaze absorbed him as he folded his sleeves to the elbows. His sinewy forearms were covered with dark gold hair that caught the light as he moved.
Once he'd adjusted his sleeves, he smiled at her and leaned to pluck the sponge from her nerveless fingers.
Mac made no pretense of not looking at her. His gaze traveled from her throat to her bosom, down her belly to her lower leg and foot resting on the edge of the tub. He squeezed out the sponge, holding it high so that the water sloshed back into the tub. Mac moved behind her and brushed his hand over the nape of her neck, and she leaned forward, bowing her head.
Isabella closed her eyes at the first touch of the sponge. Warm water flowed down her spine to the cleave of her bu**ocks; the water and the friction of the sponge made a fine sensation. If Evans had been washing her, the sensation would have remained merely pleasant. But it was Mac, with his hard body so near, his scent and warmth touching her, and pleasant became erotic.
Isabella laid her cheek on her knees and smiled as Mac continued to wash her back. He rested one hand on the edge of the tub, his skin brown and strong. Bits of paint clung to his fingertips.
The sight of the paint flecks made Isabella's heart constrict. Of all the things she could remember about him, why did those tiny specks fill her with longing? Perhaps because the sight reminded her of what he was-an artist who painted for the love of it, not caring whether others praised him or censured him .
Isabella leaned forward and kissed his fingers.
Mac lifted his hand away, but only so he could snake both arms around her from behind. He pulled her back into his embrace, never mind how much water flowed out of the tub and over his shirt. He slid his hands across her slick skin to cup her br**sts, and Isabella closed her eyes.
This was all so familiar, yet distant at the same time. Mac's breath tickled her ear, and his big hands warmed her br**sts while his fingers drew her ni**les into hot points. He kissed her neck, his mouth a point of fire.
Mac, how I've missed you.
Isabella inhaled as Mac slid one hand down her belly and pressed his fingers between her legs. Isabella's thighs opened at his touch. Her mind warned her to stop him, to modestly push him away, but her body wasn't obeying. It had been too long, and Mac knew how to make her body sing.
Isabella closed her eyes, letting the wanton in her take over. When she lifted her hips so he might stroke her better, he laughed softly.
"That's my wicked lady. You're as smooth and sweet as I recall." Another chuckle. "And as slippery."
"It's the soap."
"No, love." He swirled his fingers around her opening, fingers spreading her petals. "It's you."
"Only because it's been so long."
"I think you're remembering what it's like." Mac nibbled at her earlobe. "Let me remind you, my Isabella, that you made me feel splendid in your parlor. Now let me return the favor."
Isabella's hips rocked as he cupped her, the breathtaking friction driving away all thought but Mac and his beautiful hands. He'd learned to read her well during their marriage, and he put his knowledge to good use. Mac's fingers did their dance, teasing, tickling, making her groan.
As the first of her climax rose, Mac slowed his movements so that she would fade a little and build again. He did this the second time, and the third, until she was growling in frustration. Mac only laughed and brought her almost to climax again.
When she finally went over the top, Isabella nearly slid out of the tub onto him. Mac smiled down at her, his eyes dark. He was soaked, his shirt translucent with water. His hair was wet too, and the floor wasn't much better.
Mac lifted her slippery body and kissed her. The kiss was deep, a lover's kiss. She snaked her hand to the front of his trousers where his c**k stood up thick and long.
"Yes, it's hating me," Mac whispered. "I want to gobble you up and not care." He kissed her questing mouth, his lips bruising.
Isabella wanted more. She held onto him, fingers sinking into his wet shirt. "Mac."

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Copyright © novelfull All Rights Reserved.