Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage

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"I know what you want." Mac lifted her to the lip of the tub. "Remember how well I know you?"
Isabella nodded. They'd played like this before, and she understood exactly what he needed her to do. She stood up in the water, moving her legs apart, and Mac knelt in front of her on the wet floor.
Her head went back as Mac pressed his mouth to her. If he knew how to use his hands, his skill with his mouth surpassed that. His tongue was a hot pressure that parted her opening and delved straight inside her.
This was heaven. Isabella threaded her fingers through his hair and held on as he drank her. She was going to die. She'd not felt womanly pleasure since they'd parted ways, and she couldn't imagine that any man could have ever pleasured her better than Mac. He knew how to use his tongue and lips, even his teeth, to drive her insane. She found herself rocking back and forth, her incoherent cries ringing to the ceiling.
Mac's unshaven whiskers scratched her skin as his wonderful mouth kept up its torture. He smoothed her back and bu**ocks, tongue encouraging her to release.
Her next peak was more than she could bear. She wanted to pull him inside her, she wanted him to carry her to bed and never let her leave. This was the Mac who had made her the weakest, the one who could dissolve her into a pliant puddle.
She wanted him so much. She would beg him to take her to bed, just this once. Isabella clutched his shirt, while his mouth drove her on and on. The shirt tore a little under her grip.
"Mac . . ."
Oh, drat it all to hell, she heard Evans's heavy tread in the corridor.
Isabella gasped and pushed him away. Her body cried out with loss as Mac knelt back on his heels and dabbed his mouth with the back of his hand. His eyes had a warm gleam, a man knowing his power.
Isabella plopped back down in the water, feeling a delicious bite where he'd suckled her. "You have to go."
Mac remained on the floor, his smile positively evil. "Why, love? Will you be ruined if you're found here alone with your rake of a husband?"
"No. Just . . ." She made shooing motions, which scattered droplets of water.
"Just what?" Mac stood up, taking his time. His shirt was plastered to his chest, showing his dark hair and the outlines of his aroused ni**les. "Hide behind the screen? Or under the bedclothes? Dear, oh dear, what would Lady Priss and Miss Prude say?"
Mac leaned down and gave her another devastating kiss. She tasted herself in his mouth, all mixed up with his spice. "As you wish, my lady. I will leave you. This time."
Isabella breathed a sigh of relief, though she wasn't certain why she should be so worried. Evans had walked in on them plenty of times when they'd been kissing each other, and the maid had always pretended to be oblivious. But for some reason, Isabella did not want Evans to see Mac now. Perhaps the embarrassment came from Isabella having to admit that Mac made her weak?
Mac brushed her face with his fingers and finally headed for the door, opening it just as Evans reached the threshold . Evans gave Mac an even stare over the pile of towels in her arms.
"Good evening, Evans." Mac snatched a towel off the top and started mopping his face and neck with it. "I must warn you. Her ladyship is a bit tetchy tonight."
Isabella screamed in frustration, and her sponge sailed across the room and splatted on the door next to Mac's head. Mac laughed and wiped soapy water from his face. He winked at Evans.
"See what I mean?"
Isabella gave Mac a cool look when he entered the breakfast room the next morning. Mac had to grin when she wasn't looking-Isabella was a master at the cut direct. She didn't make a drama of it or play games, she simply behaved as though the person in question did not exist.
Mac sat back and enjoyed the show. He knew she was furious with him for working her into a frenzy, even though she'd enjoyed every second of it. She'd even enjoyed throwing the sponge at him. But he also knew that it was a good thing Evans had interrupted, because if they'd carried the play to its natural conclusion, Isabella would have pushed Mac away more adamantly than before.
Her anger he could conquer. But if she moved to self-loathing, he wouldn't be able to combat that. Mac could fight Isabella if she didn't trust him; he couldn't fight her when she didn't trust herself.
His c**k disagreed, the organ only wanting to bury itself inside her and be happy. Cocks were simpleminded things.
Over breakfast, Isabella declared her plans to accompany the family north to Scotland after the races. That clinched it for Mac. Any other year, Mac would have remained in Doncaster for a time with Cam as he saw to the horses, preferring the company of his fun-loving middle brother and nephew to Hart's unpredictable moods. But when Isabella announced that she would accept Beth's invitation to share a first-class compartment, nothing short of contracting plague would have induced Mac to stay behind.
When they boarded the train a few days later, Ian followed Beth and Isabella into their compartment without apology. Neither he nor Beth seemed surprised when Mac entered and seated himself next to Isabella. Mac leaned back comfortably and crossed his ankles, while Isabella edged close to the window, her face resolutely turned from him.
They changed trains in Edinburgh and again Mac squeezed into the compartment with the other three for the shorter journey to Kilmorgan.
The arrival of the family at the small Kilmorgan station became the major undertaking it always was. The stationmaster came out to welcome Hart home; two landaus and two chaises pulled up; and three valets and two maids each tried to take over directing how the baggage should be moved. The porter, the postmistress, the publican, the publican's wife, and whoever happened to be in the pub at the time also came out to help or just to have a chat.

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Copyright © novelfull All Rights Reserved.