Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage

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Warm, supple woman waited for him inside. Mac kissed her lips, fingered the weight of her br**sts, eased her on top of him. On their wedding night, he'd pulled her under the covers while she still wore the dressing gown he'd lent her. He'd wanted to spare her the discomfiture of baring herself the middle of the room-he suspected she'd never been naked in front of another human being in her life. She'd probably been taught to bathe in her undergarments. Prudery at its most ridiculous.
Then, as now, he'd unbuttoned her once she was on top of him under the blankets and tugged off the dressing gown. That night, Isabella had kissed him clumsily; tonight, her kisses held the skill of experience.
Darling, darling Isabella. Men were fools not to make mistresses of their wives. What need did Mac have for courtesans when he had beautiful Isabella? What's more, he could fall asleep with her and wake up with her, spend the day with her, go to bed with her, and begin the wonderful ritual all over again.
His thoughts broke off as she glided one hand around his very aroused cock.
"Don't tease me, sweet," Mac whispered, voice grating. "I need you too much to hold back."
Isabella's answering smile was hot. She stroked him once. "I need you, Mac," she said.
All thoughts of his foolish game, of resisting Isabella until their reconciliation was complete, fled his head. To hell with that. Mac caught her hips and half-lifted her to straddle him. She guided Mac to her very wet opening, and closed her eyes as he slid into her.
Oh, yes. Isabella's sheath closed around him like a tight fist. My beautiful, beautiful darling. Nothing else mattered when Isabella's scent and lovely slick opening surrounded him, nothing. The first night making love to her had shattered him, and Mac still hadn't found all the pieces.
"It's like heaven inside you," he whispered.
Isabella kissed his lips, the bridge of his nose. "You once said you married me because you thought I was an angel." Her lips curved into the wickedest smile he'd ever seen as she wriggled her hips.
"Little devil," he growled.
She splayed her hot hands on his chest, tilting her head back as she rode him. He was going to die of this. Firelight touched her slim body, her ni**les dark against cream-colored skin. Her hair trickled over her body, loose now, like a gossamer cloak of fiery red.
Isabella's face softened, her eyes dark as her moist lips parted. The sight excited him. He thrust high inside her, and they swayed together for a long time, this coupling driving away all fear, all anger, all grief. Nothing mattered but the two of them joining, no longer two but one.
Isabella crooked one arm across her br**sts, resting her hand on own shoulder as she lost herself in the pleasure . He knew she was thinking nothing, hearing nothing, only feeling Mac inside her.
He knew when she was drawing to climax, and that excited him even more. He rocked up into her, his own cry of joy ringing with hers as they peaked together.
Isabella collapsed to his chest, her loose hair covering him like a river of red. "It feels so good. I've never felt it like this. It's so . . ." She trailed off, incoherent.
"Good?" Mac wanted to laugh, but his body shuddered with release, and his laughter came out a groan.
They fell silent, Mac burying his fingers in the warmth of her long, silken hair. Mac loved this part, stillness settling between them while his body went heavy, every muscle loose. He'd missed the afterward almost as much as he'd missed being inside her.
"We did this in Scotland," said Isabella after a time, her voice sleepy. "It was glorious then. But this is better. I wonder why."
Mac didn't give a damn why this time seemed even more intense than it had been in his studio, but Isabella wanted an answer. Mac simply wanted to close his eyes and hold her.
"Comfy bed," he murmured. "Difficult day."
"I thought I'd never see you again," Isabella whispered, her breath hot on his cheek. "And then you were there, pulling me out of danger."
"That must be it. I was a hero. I swept you off your feet and made you want me."
"Don't joke." Isabella frowned. "Don't."
"I'm sorry, love. No, it's not a laughing matter."
He kissed the line of her hair. Mac had been in time to prevent the abduction, or whatever Payne had been planning, but it had been a close thing. It made him ill to think how close.
No, he couldn't go on thinking about what if. He'd brought her home, safe and sound.
Relatively safe and sound. Mac thought of her bruised lip and rage trickled through him again. Payne would answer for that.
Isabella lifted her head. "Mac."
"Yes, sweet angel?"
"I don't want to sleep yet."
"Fancy a game of cards, do you? Lawn tennis, perhaps?"
"Don't be silly. I want to do some of the things we used to do. You know."
Mac's thoughts scattered as his pulse quickened. "I do know. Wicked lady."
Isabella kissed the tip of his nose. "I was taught by a wicked, wicked lord."
He grinned. "What did you have in mind?"
Isabella showed him. They tried something they'd enjoyed before-Isabella straddling him, facing his legs instead of his face, and then leaning back until she lay full length on him, her back to his chest. Every muscle in Mac's body tightened in pleasure, the arousal incredible.

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Copyright © novelfull All Rights Reserved.