Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage

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"Since we've been married again, you mean?" Gordon had been ecstatic to reverse their separation, and Mac had made a festival of it at Kilmorgan, with guests and flowers and all the trimmings.
Ian frowned, waiting patiently for Mac to answer the question.
"Very well, my wise little brother," Mac said. "Yes. We are reconciled. We are happy. Ecstatically happy, especially of late."
He put his heart in every word. Throughout the past year, Mac had alternately worried himself to death over Isabella and been extremely excited about the coming baby. He'd nearly smothered Isabella with his protectiveness, he knew from her exasperated looks, but he was damned if he would let her go through losing another child. And he would never leave her alone again.
The day of Eileen's birth had been the most joyous of Mac's life. He'd entered Isabella's bedchamber to find his wife propped up in bed holding Eileen, smiling her triumph. Mac had wanted to paint her like that, a new, deeply happy mother with her babe in her arms, her red braid snaking over her shoulder like a rope of flame.
Isabella had been aghast, sure she looked a mess. To Mac, she'd never been more beautiful. Mac had taken up little Eileen and kissed her tiny forehead, thanking God for her and his wonderful wife.
"In fact," Mac went on, barely able to contain his delight. "Isabella told me this morning that child number two will be with us sometime next year."
He couldn't keep the wide smile off his face. He and Isabella had celebrated the happiness of that announcement quite thoroughly.
"I am supposed to say congratulations, aren't I?" Ian said, breaking Mac's thoughts. "Then, you are to say congratulations to me."
Mac raised his brows. "Oh really, old chap? You too?"
Ian nodded. "Beth also will have a child."
Mac laughed uproariously and clapped Ian on the shoulder. "Our timing is impeccable, brother."
"It's only odds," Ian said without changing expression. "We each enjoy going to bed with our wives, and we do it as often as we can. The probability of another conception, given the time since our first children were born, is high."
"Thank you for that analysis."
"You're welcome," Ian said in all seriousness, although Mac swore he saw a gleam of humor in his brother's eyes.
"What about you, Ian?" Mac asked. "I spilled my heart to you. Your turn. Are you happy?"
For answer, Ian shifted his gaze to Beth. At that moment, both ladies laughed. Isabella threw back her head, exposing her white throat, her red lips wide with her smile.
Likely the two ladies were making fun of their men . Not that Mac minded.
Beth lost her hat and screeched as one of the dogs gleefully grabbed it in his mouth and ran away. She leapt up and chased him.
Ian gave Mac a grin, his eyes lighting with more joy than Mac had ever seen in them. "Yes," Ian said. "I am happy." He turned and ran to help rescue Beth's hat.
Mac walked over to the blanket, bouncing Eileen in his arms, and dropped next to Isabella, who was still laughing. "What is funny, my darling?"
"Highlanders and their legs."
Mac studied his sun-browned legs stretching out from his kilt. "What's wrong with our legs?"
"Nothing at all, Mac dear. Beth is thinking of writing an article on Scotsmen."
Mac watched Beth running after the dog, her skirts in her hands, Ian cutting the chase short by grabbing the dog's collar. Beside Mac, Ian's son dozed off in his basket.
"Really, what is wrong with our legs?" Mac repeated.
"Nothing at all." Isabella sent him a smoldering look. "I like to think of them wrapped around mine."
Mac covered Eileen's ears. "Really, my dear, you are unseemly."
"I'd like to be even more unseemly. Next time, perhaps we should picnic on our own."
"I could arrange that."
"I find it odd that being with child makes me so randy," Isabella said thoughtfully.
Mac wanted to laugh at her choice of words, but he heated under her smile. She was so beautiful sitting here with him, the sun on her brilliant hair, her green eyes like emeralds in shadow.
"I'll not argue with you," Mac said.
"Good." Isabella gave him a wicked wink and reached for Eileen. "Perhaps we can make a start while everyone is chasing the dogs."
Mac looked over at Ian, who was trying to persuade the dog to give up the hat. Daniel had caught Aimee and was tossing her in the air. Beth stood back and watched Ian, hands on hips, a loving smile on her face.
Mac wrapped one arm around Isabella and caught her lips with his. Between them, Eileen made happy noises.
"I love you, Mac Mackenzie," Isabella murmured.
"I love you, Lady Isabella."
"We had a scandalous marriage before," she said, eyes sparkling. "Perhaps we can make this one even more scandalous?"
Mac smiled into the next kiss, his entire being rejoicing. He breathed in the scent of her, warm from the sunshine, and the powdery sweetness of Eileen.
"My wicked little debutante," he said in a low voice. "We'll be as naughty as you like. All of society will swoon to behold our decadent ways."
Isabella slanted him a sinful smile. "I'm looking forward to it," she said.

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Copyright © novelfull All Rights Reserved.