Night Huntress

Page 40

"He wants to know more about the nectar of life. I think he wants to stay with me-with us-for the long haul." In the depths of my heart, I wanted him to. "I'm going to talk to Titania about it. She'll understand, and maybe she'll be able to help prevent what happened to Tam Lin from happening to Chase. If he only takes a small dose-enough to let him live with me through my allotted span . . . maybe it would work."

There wasn't much to say after that, and thankfully, my sisters didn't even bother trying. We watched the water lap on the shores for another few minutes, and then Menolly took my hand and pulled me to my feet .

"Come on, Kitten. I think it's time for Jerry Springer. I've still got an hour or so. I'll join you, and we can feed Maggie while Iris and Camille rustle up a big breakfast."

Suddenly lighthearted, I pushed worry to the side and let loose, racing along the path. Camille and Menolly ran full tilt behind me, all three of us laughing under the solemn moon. We were heading home. Home to our father. Home to our lovers. And home to our family.

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