Tangled Extra Scenes

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Author: Emma Chase

Some guys aren't into toys. Dildos-with their bells and whistles-can be intimidating. But not to me. I think of them as tools of the trade. Power tools, to be exact, and there's no shame in using them. Even a master carpenter wouldn't try to build a house without a handsaw and hammer, you know?

Kate takes a bag out of her purse. She reaches in and pulls out a short, velvet-tipped riding crop.

And my cock comes alive like Frankenstein's monster.

For all you ladies out there? Take notes. Sex toys are the ultimate gift. Fun for the whole family. Okay, not really. But they're definitely the gift that keeps on giving.

She hands it to me. "Remember a few weeks ago? In the living room when you…you know…with your hand?"

My voice is breathless. "Yeah."

Of course I remember. You might not know it looking at her, but deep down, Kate is a total cock tease. She likes to push me to the edge-see me snap. And on that particular day, she'd been taunting me all morning, walking around braless in a barely-there tank top and underwear. At one point, she sat on my lap and wiggled around.

Then she hopped off claiming she didn't have time to finish what she'd started because she had work to do.

And I lost it. I pulled her back, threw her across my thighs and spanked her.

Like the naughty girl she was. Wasn't anything to write The Story of O about-just a few short slaps to the ass. But it was fun.

Kate smiles shyly. "I liked it."

Oh, baby-she wasn't the only one.

Kate reaches back into the bag from heaven. And pulls out a small silver cylinder.

It's a vibrator. It almost looks like one of those practical-joke electric buzzer things we all had when we were kids. She hands it over.

"It's called a-"

"Bullet," I finish for her. "Yeah, I know." I stare at it. And images of Kate writhing under me-bordering on the brink of insanity and begging to come-fill my head.

My voice comes out rough, but worshipful. "You are the most awesome girlfriend ever."

I wrap my arms around her and kiss her. And it's long and slow and appreciative.

Kate pulls back and smiles big. "There's one more thing. I saved the best for last."

She slides the belt of her coat slowly from the loops and grips the lapels with both hands. Then, in one fluid motion, she drops the jacket to the floor.

And I almost come on the spot.

Lots of women think lingerie is the magic ingredient of seduction. They buy something lacey and expensive and expect us guys to be drooling into our frigging laps. But it doesn't really work that way.

At Christmas, for example, when you see a big, brightly wrapped package under the tree with your name on it, you're interested. But it's not the wrapping paper you're looking forward to. It's the present inside. Lingerie works the same way. It's nice-but naked is always better.

Except for this.

This is the wet dream of every man born after 1975.

It's the elite of eroticism.

The ultimate fantasy.

Oh yeah-it's the Princess Leia bikini.

My mouth drops open. "Oh…my…motherfuck."

Kate spins slowly. Proudly. "Do you like it? It's crotchless."

I'm speechless.

Seriously. I have no words. I'm pretty sure every ounce of blood in my body has been rerouted to my dick, so there's not enough left in my brain to form them.

Kate's voice is hushed and tempting. "If you promise to be good…I'll let you chain me up like Jabba did to Leia."

I break out of my horny-induced trance. I grab her upper arms and haul her against me.

"Baby, the only thing I'm promising is you won't be able to walk tomorrow."

I pick her up and throw her over my shoulder. She screams. And laughs. And I walk down the hallway, passing by my tray of prepared snacks.

Because, really-who the hell needs food?


I slide Kate off my shoulder, gripping her sweet little ass on the way down. I turn her around so her back's to me. Then I bend the riding crop halfway and let it fly.


It lands on the exposed skin of her ass cheek, and she lurches forward with a squeal. Then she giggles. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. With great power comes great responsibility, Batman."

I take my pants and boxers off in record time.

"Don't you worry, sweetheart. I plan on satisfying every responsibility I have, again and again and again for good measure. Now get on the fucking bed."

She does-on all fours. Her hair falls over one shoulder, and her eyes are on mine. Christ, look at her. All laid out-just for me-waiting.

I feel like a goddamn kid in a candy store.

The only question is: Where to start first? It's always a fabulous conundrum. Every one of Kate's assets are equally deserving of attention. Hell, even the backs of her knees are sexy.

I slide the velvet tip of the crop across her chest, between her breasts, and down her stomach. I pause between her legs.

And rub.

The beauty with this kind of tool is that the nerve endings rush to wherever it touches, making the skin hypersensitive. Taut-like an over-tuned guitar string just dying to get plucked.

Kate's eyes close, and her head tilts back. I rub the crop over her pussy, back and forth.

Then I smack it lightly.

And she gasps.

When I was ten, my parents got me a racing bike during the height of the BMX craze. I remember thinking at the time that it was the greatest gift I'd ever get.

Boy, was I a moron.

I lean closer to the bed, over her, and kiss a trail up Kate's spine and around her neck.

I pull the gold bikini down from one plump tit and latch on.


Her nipple's already a stiff pink peak, but I flick my tongue over it anyway. Kate moans. And lifts one hand to the back of my head .

I smack her ass with the riding crop. "Don't move."

Her hand snaps back to the bed.

This…submission. It's not about degradation or humiliation-it's about faith. Leaving yourself completely open, totally exposed. Offering everything you've got, everything you are, to someone else. Letting them see the real you, not just the person you want to be. Every sin, every fantasy, because you know they'll never judge you. Never hurt you. Some people go their entire sorry lives without knowing what real trust is.

But I know.

I have it.

With Kate. Only ever with her.

I give her nipple one last lick and move on. I put the riding crop down and twist the vibrator on.

Then I move down to Kate's ass. A bright red square marks one cheek. I soothe it with my mouth. And bring the buzzing bullet between her legs, moving in wide, slow circles-coming close to her clit but not actually touching it.

Anticipation, satisfaction-pleasure and pain-it's a delicate balance. When combined in the right amounts, the sensation can be overwhelming. And because I'm an expert on Kate's body, I know just how to play her. When to speed up and slow down. If Kate were an orchestra, I'd be a maestro.

She moans and wiggles her ass, trying to move her hot spot closer to the vibrating toy. But I'm not having it.

Not yet.

I grip the gold bikini bottom from the back, drag it down her hips and toss it on the floor. Because as fun as crotchless panties are, Kate Brooks's cunt is just too fucking pretty to cover.

I move the bullet in ever tightening circles in front. And then I dip my head down between her spread legs from behind. I nibble around the outside, taking my time. Then, I plunge my tongue deep inside.

The bullet finally makes its way to her clit-and I press it down firmly.

She moans as she comes. Her forehead hits the bed and her arms and legs tremble with aftershocks. She pants, "Drew…please…I want…God…"

All the nightingales out there? They should just freaking kill themselves with a bird-sized BB gun.

Because Kate begging for it is by far the sweetest sound God ever made.

"What, baby…what do you want?"

Instead of pleading for my cock, like I thought she would, Kate turns the tables on me. She spins around, and before I can blink, my painfully hard dick is down her throat.

My head rolls back. And I'm pretty sure I just went blind.


She sucks hard and moves her lips up and down fast. Yet as unbelievably perfect as her mouth feels, I find the willpower to pull out. I turn her around, grab her hips with my hands, and thrust into her from behind. She groans long and low. With relief and satisfaction.

Or maybe that was me.

We're both so fucking turned on-I can't tell anymore.

She pushes back against me as I surge forward. Kate's head is low, and her hair swings like a pendulum as we rock and grind against each other. Clashing. My strokes gain force. Driving us forward.

But I need more. I need to feel her-be closer. I nudge her further onto the bed and climb on behind her.

Then, still buried inside, I pull Kate up by her shoulders and bend my knees so she's straddling me-but facing away. Reverse Cowgirl Style.

My chest presses against her back. Her hair tickles my face as my lips devour her neck. She's everywhere-surrounding me. Her scent, the feel of her against me, the taste of her skin, the sound of her voice crying my name.

It's consuming.


Like drowning.

And if you've got to go? Trust me-this is the fucking way.

My arms cross over Kate's chest with my hands on her shoulders, pushing down as my hips thrust up hard.

And her words come out high-pitched and urgent: "Drew…Drew…I'm coming."

"Fuck…I know…I can feel you."

Her walls tighten around me like a starved boa constrictor.

And even though I want to hold out, even though I don't want it to end yet-or ever-my dick apparently has other ideas, and I explode deep inside her.

My hands fall down to Kate's waist, pulling her closer to me. Her head rests on my knees, and my mouth is against her back.

We're both panting, out of breath.

But I find my voice first.


Kate laughs against my legs. "Couldn't agree more."


Much, much later, Kate and I lay in the middle of the bed, on top of the covers. A tangled mess of limp limbs and sweaty skin.

I like this part.

That may be pansy to admit, but let's be real. Kate's name is tattooed on my frigging arm. Trying to pretend like she doesn't have my balls in her purse? Really kind of useless at this point.

Her head rests on my chest. And I feel her smile before she whispers, "Tell me something about you. Something no one else knows."

I look at the ceiling. And call forth my deepest, darkest secret.

"I have Justin Bieber on my iPod."

She giggles, "Really?"

"Yep. That 'As Long as You Love Me' song. And if you ever tell the guys, I'll deny it till the day I die."

She traces my abs with her fingers. Then I say, "Now you. Tell me something I don't know yet."

She kisses my chest slowly as she thinks. Then she looks up into my eyes. "Nothing. You know absolutely everything there is to know about me."

"All right. Then…if you had three wishes, what would you wish for?"

I once told Kate I wanted to make all her dreams come true. And I didn't think it was possible at the time, but she means even more to me now than the night I told her that. So if there's something she wants, something she needs? Heaven and hell better watch their backs-cause I'll knock both on their asses to get it for her.

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