Tangled Extra Scenes

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Author: Emma Chase

She thinks some more. And when she speaks, her voice is hushed with surprise and gratitude. "I wouldn't wish for anything."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, at this moment, I have everything I want. My mother's happy; I love my work. And anything more I ever would've wished for…is right here in front of me."

I swallow hard. Hearing that answer? That's better than a whole sack full of sex toys.

Okay-maybe not the riding crop.

But it's definitely close.

I frame her face with my hands and kiss her.

Life's funny, you know? I mean, did you really think a year ago-when Kate and I were going at it, falling through my front door-that we'd ever end up here? At the time, I figured it would be just another one-nighter . Amazing-no question-but still just a fantastic scratch for my long-suffering itch.

And yet here I am.



Completely, disgustingly infatuated.

And I couldn't be happier.

And this is just year one. Not to go all Notebook on you, but Kate and I have a hell of a lot more years ahead of us. A lifetime's worth.

And I plan on making the most of every fucking one of them.

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