The Beauty the Hunter and the Hunted

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Lilith remained as she was in his intimate embrace until he had drank his feel. She squeaked in surprise when Lance picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. He lay her down gently on the bed and lay next to her.

"You look so exhausted," he whispered in her ear.

"I am," she smiled, "but I want you."

"I want you too," he grinned.

"I know you do," Lilith laughed, "I can feel your need pressing against my thigh."

"I'll still be here in the morning," Lance said and kissed her forehead.

"I know that, but we'll never have tonight back," she whispered, "We may be together lifetime after lifetime, but there is only one today, one tonight."

Lance ran his fingers tenderly over her cheek and brushed his lips against hers. Lilith wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. She wasn't willing to not show him her affection, to not show him just how much she loved him, because what if tomorrow didn't come? The world had become a scary place and all she had in it was a crazy dog that liked to watch television way too much and Lance. She didn't need much more, but she was going to enjoy every second of her life.

Lance moved over her and kissed her forehead and then her nose, making her laugh. He then kissed her neck and stomach, before turning his attention to her breasts. Lance licked over her nipples and kissed her cleavage.

Lilith watched as he worshiped her body. She locked eyes with him for a moment and touched his face. After spending more than a decade alone, Lilith never hoped to be as happy as she was right now. She clung to him as tears of joy threatened to fall once again.

"I love you, Lance," she whispered.

"I love you too, Lily," Lance said smiling at her.

Lilith slipped her hand between them and wrapped her fingers around his throbbing organ. She allowed herself a moment to revel in its strength before guiding him into her body.

Her hips moved in time with Lance's thrusts, keeping their rhythm slow and steady. The fire in her belly was already blazing, but Lilith wanted to enjoy herself before going over the edge. The journey, not the destination is what she wanted.

Lilith trailed her fingernails over Lance's back and butt, giving him goosebumps and causing him to thrust harder. She moaned and curled her toes into the sheets.

She became lost in the rhythm of their lovemaking. In and out, in and out, squeeze, thrust, in and out. Lilith's mind was blank except for the pleasure her body was experiencing, because she found it impossible to focus on anything else.

Her orgasm came slowly and washed over her gently causing her to call out her pleasure.

"Oh! Lance! Oh, Lance! I love you, Lance!" she called out over and over.

Lilith sighed in pleasure when she felt Lance release his seed. She fell asleep before she could even tell him goodnight. Despite her fears Lilith had a dreamless sleep that allowed her to wake up feeling well rested and refreshed.

For most of the morning she and Lance lay in bed together kissing and cuddling. They talked about their future and Lance told her about some of the places he had been while searching for her .

"You would have loved that cafe," he said finishing a story,

"There's something I wanted to ask you, but I forgot until now," Lilith said.

"Okay," Lance chuckled.

"Can Ginger make amulets or something that keep people from realizing they're vampires? Like that could block my powers?" she asked.

"Not exactly, she can make them to keep werewolves from picking up our scents, but she couldn't block your power," Lance explained.

"But then why didn't I know they were vampires?" she asked.

"Who are you talking about, Lily?" he asked.

She paused for a second and took a deep breath after realizing some of the people she was asking about were now dead.

"Some of the security team," Lilith frowned.

"No, they didn't wear anything to prevent you from recognizing their species," Lance said, "You may not have looked closely at them because you knew them."

"But I didn't know any of them. I mean I had seen them and talked to them about my grooming business, but..." Lilith said.

"I meant you knew them from before. Magic doesn't like to exert energy when it doesn't have to. It even took you awhile to realize I was a vampire," Lance said.

"Oh, that makes sense," Lilith nodded.

She rested her head against Lance's chest and sighed. It seemed that even her gift had the ability to lie to her, not that it mattered now. Lance kissed her neck and the fire in her belly stirred causing her to rub her thighs together.

A knock on the door startled Lilith and nearly sent her under the bed. She could hear Cinnamon howling from the balcony.

"They're back!" she howled, "Help! Help! Someone help! Werewolves are attacking! Ginger get your knife ready!"

"It's them," Lilith told Lance.

"Maybe it's good news?" he shrugged.

They put on their robes and Lance answered the door. Simon stood with a little boy clinging to his leg.

"Good morning," he grinned, "I just wanted to let you know that the little problem was solved."

Lilith arched a brow, but when she seen his son she understood why he was talking around the issue.

"That's good to hear," Lance grinned.

"I don't think we'll be having any more problems. I know you'll have to talk it over with your family, but I would like to propose an alliance," Simon said.

"We'll think about it," Lance nodded.

Simon shook Lance's hand and then nodded to Lilith.

After the door was shut Lilith asked Lance if he thought Simon was serious about forming a treaty.

"I don't really know," Lance shrugged, "He could be. I'll have to talk to Richard and the others about it."

"Can we trust him?" she asked.

"Well, he did help us find you girls," Lance grinned.

"He might have brought you there, but we found you guys," Lilith laughed.

Lance pulled Lilith into a passionate kiss and slid her robe off her shoulders. He kissed down her neck and licked over her pulse point. Lilith's knees went weak as Lance slowly sank his fangs into her flesh.

"Mm.." she moaned softly as he carried her back to the bed.

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