The Beauty the Hunter and the Hunted

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Lilith closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Lance could hear the dog running towards them.

"Why?" Lilith asked.

"Because the Lingston Hounds have a way of brainwashing, the most innocent of flowers," Lance said.

"I'm not a flower," Lilith shook her head, "and I'm not innocent."

"Are any of us?" Lance asked.

"I guess not," Lilith said.

Lance watched as she brought the goblet up to her red lips and took a long slow sip of the wine.

"This is good stuff," Lilith said sitting the goblet down.

"I only drink the finest," Lance nodded.

"So is that why you believe in reincarnation? You think I'm her?" she asked.

"I do. Would you tell me what you know about her?" Lance asked.

"Nothing really," Lilith said, "Hunter doesn't talk about her much. All I know is that she used to work for him."

"That's a lie," Lance snapped.

He winced as Lilith stood and fled towards her apartment. The dog growled a warning at him, but he followed her anyway.

"Go away!" She yelled.

Lilith was holding up her cellphone, as if it were a cross. Although, it was more of a threat than a cross could ever be, since religious symbols had no effect on vampires.

"Lilith, I didn't mean to scare you," Lance said softly.

"Just get out of my apartment, Lance!" she shouted, "Just go away! Don't make me call him!"

"Lilith, calm down, you're going to cause a scene," Lance said stepping closer.

The dog growled again and grabbed onto his pants leg.

"Please, it was Hunter I was angry at not you," he said.

Lance ignored the dog and took another step towards Lilith.

"Okay, it was a lie," Lilith nodded breathless, "How is it a lie?"

"She never worked for him, Lilith," he said, "She would have never done that. He wanted her to, but she wouldn't. Search your heart. You know the truth, Lilith."

"No, I don't!" she yelled, "I'm not her, Lance. I'm me. You and Hunter both want me to be her, but I'm not. I'll never be her."

"But you are, Lilith," Lance said.

As they talked he had covered the space between them, and they now stood inches apart.

"No, I'm not," Lilith said.

Tears were forming in her eyes and the pained look she wore tore at Lance's heart.

"Shh.." he said gently touching her face, causing the dog to bite into his ankle.

Lance bit his jaw and fought back the urge to kick the mutt across the room. He had never been much of a dog person.

"It's okay, Lilith, it'll be okay. I'm not going to hurt you," he tried to soothe her.

Lance leaned in to kiss her but stopped just short of her lips, giving her the choice.

Lilith rose to her tiptoes and met his lips. Her arms wrapped around his neck as his mouth conquered hers. Lance's tongue darted between her warm lips and swirled around hers. His body reacted to her touch, causing his cock to become hard.

Lilith arched her hips against him and he deepened the kiss. Lance longed to sink his fangs into her flesh, but decided against it. It was too soon. The situation too fragile.

When the kiss broke he looked down into Lilith's deep blue eyes and wiped away a tear.

"Search your heart," he said and turned to leave.

"Wait!" Lilith called grabbing his hand.

"I must go for now," he said pulling away.

Lance sprinted to the balcony and jumped down. He knew he shouldn't leave the goblets in public sight, but he didn't care. He needed to get away and clear his mind, before his blood lust ruined the progress he made.

Chapter 3: Lilith

Lilith sprinted out to the balcony, but Lance was nowhere in sight. Her head spun from the wine and exhaustion, but she didn't think she would be able to sleep. Her life had gone from mildly weird, to freak show in under two hours. Lilith's hand was still wrapped around her cell, but she wasn't going to call Hunter. Not at least until she had answers. Why did both of these men insist on comparing her to a woman who died over a century ago? Why did she feel so attracted to Lance?

Then of course there was the kiss. Lance had tasted warm and familiar, and made the wetness return between her legs. She hadn't wanted him to leave, but now that he was gone, Lilith realized how careless she had been. She would have to be more careful.

"You have lost your mind, human!" Cinnamon whined at her, "You're trying to get us both eaten! I'm too young to die!"

"Quit being so dramatic!" Lilith sighed, sitting down.

"I'm not! Lilith, you can't go around kissing vampires!" Cinnamon barked and jumped up into her lap.

"I know, girl, I know," she cooed to the dog, "I just need answers."

"The answer is call Hunter," Cinnamon said.

Lilith smiled. That was the obvious answer. She needed someone she could trust. Tomorrow morning she would call Hunter. She wouldn't turn Lance in just yet, but she could still ask him about this dead woman everyone seemed to think she was. Lilith didn't understand how she hadn't thought of it before .

"I will, girl," Lilith promised, "in the morning. I'm too tired tonight."

"Is Lance going to come back and eat us?" she asked.

"No, I don't think he wants to eat us," Lilith laughed.

"What else would he want to do with us?" Cinnamon asked.

"Well, he might want to kick you off the balcony, after the bite you delivered to his ankle," she chuckled.

"You wouldn't let him do that to me, would you, Lilith?" Cinnamon asked looking frightened.

"No, girl, I wouldn't," she grinned, "Why don't you go finish watching your shows?"

"Okay, come inside soon though," Cinnamon said and trotted off.

Lilith picked her goblet up and drained the remaining wine. She was already tipsy, but needed the liquid courage to face the night. Despite what she told Cinnamon, she feared that Lance would come back for her blood. He was a vampire after all.

She gathered the empty goblets and the wine bottle and went inside. Cinnamon had already fallen asleep on the sofa. Lilith put the wine in the refrigerator. Next she very carefully rinsed the goblets. Once they were clean she flicked one, testing it.

"Real gold to drink from," Lilith sighed, "Richer than I am.

Alone she felt free to get a better look at the set. She had wanted to earlier, but felt it would have been rude. Lilith studied the black sapphire closely. A fog was quickly consuming her brain. Lilith blinked trying to clear her mind, but it only made the visions more vivid.

She was at a long table full of vampires of both genders. The women wore elaborate clothes, but then again so did the men. Lilith looked to her left and studied the laughing Lance. His face seemed younger, as if the lines of worry hadn't set in on him yet. She touched his cheek and he pulled her into his lap for a long kiss. Their tongues swirled together, and his fangs brushed against her bottom lip, drawing blood. The air barely had time to make the small wound sting, before Lance sucked her lip into his mouth. She could feel her blood draining into his mouth. Lilith cried out in pleasure and ground her hips against the bulge that was quickly forming in Lance's trousers. Frustration at the layers of skirts that separated their bodies consumed her.

"You better get her to the bedroom, Lance, before she eats you alive," someone teased.

Lilith searched the room for the owner of the voice, finding it to be a vampire, who had a striking resemblance to Lance.

"You might be right, Rich," Lanced laughed, breaking the kiss.

Lance lifted her up and she wrapped her long legs around his waist. His lips recaptured hers as his hands squeezed her ass cheeks. Lilith was in awe of the vampire's graceful movements as he navigated the crowd, not once breaking the kiss. Their tongues moved together and Lilith ran her hands through Lance's thick hair, tugging on it. He let out a throaty growl, which made her clit throb.

"Hurry," she whispered against his lips.

Lilith's sex was aching and she knew she wouldn't be sated until Lance's thick manhood was buried deeply between her legs. Her body arched against his, trying to urge him on.

Once inside the bedroom Lance kicked the door closed and locked it with one had. He then lowered Lilith to the bed and tore away her layers of skirts. Lilith's hands shook with desire as she helped move the useless fabric out of his way. He knelt between her legs and spread the lips of her sex. She gasped in pleasure, as he blew his warm breath over her sensitive folds. Her hips arched against his face and Lance laughed.

His laughter vibrated through her, touching not only her body but her heart and soul, as well. Lilith had never thought she would love a man so much, but Lance had won her heart, by embracing her free-spirited nature.

She moaned loudly as Lance moved his tongue over her swollen clit. Her long fingers tugged at his hair, pushing his face into her pussy. His skin felt delicious against her sensitive skin, and his tongue worked her clit until she thought she might explode. Her logical mind faded away and Lilith found herself writhing in pleasure. Lance's tongue probed into her opening and her body constricted around it, longing for it to be his manhood.

"Please, Lance!" she moaned, "Take me, Lance! Oh! Please take me!"

Lance laughed again and she felt him slide two fingers into her body brushing against her g-spot. Lilith arched her hips and tried to pull away. It was beginning to feel too good. Lance's free arm wrapped around her waist and held her in place.

"Lance!" she called again.

His nimble fingers continued to work her body, brushing against not only her g-spot, but every spot of pleasure that her inner folds hide. Lilith bit her lip as the heat in her belly exploded, sending her over the edge. Her climax washed over her and her nails dug into Lance's shoulders.

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