Dancing with Werewolves

Dancing with Werewolves






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Dancing with Werewolves

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Dancing With Werewolves (Delilah Street #1)

Delilah Street has spotty recollection of her past, but knows she was named after the street where she was found. Unfortunately, there are no streets by that name in Wichita, KS. Described as a loner in the orphanage, her adult life is much the same--save for a Lhasa Apso anklebiter named Achilles. She's an investigative reporter working the paranormal beat at WTCH TV in Wichita, KS. So, she spends a lot of time watching TV. She's stunned when "CSI Vegas V" comes on showing a cadaver being dissected that could be her twin--right down to the topaz nose ring she wears.

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