Divine Misdemeanors (Merry Gentry #8)

Divine Misdemeanors (Merry Gentry #8)




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Divine Misdemeanors (Merry Gentry #8)

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Divine Misdemeanors (Merry Gentry #8)

The tension in this saga continues to mount as Merry, pregnant with twins, rejects the throne and instead chooses exile in the human world with her beloved Frost and Darkness. But though she has left faerie for Los Angeles, Merry knows she can never abandon her people and when someone begins killing the fey, Merry will do whatever is takes to uncover the truth behind the deaths. And yet, even stranger things are happening. The mortals that have been healed by Merry's touch are suddenly performing miracles and Merry finds herself amidst dark suspicions of banned magical activities. Filled with riveting twists, Divine Misdemeanors adds yet another unforgettable chapter to a story that is both epic and breathtaking.

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