Eternal Blood (Mark of the Vampire #0)

Eternal Blood (Mark of the Vampire #0)




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Eternal Blood (Mark of the Vampire #0)

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Eternal Blood (Mark of the Vampire #2.5)

An Original Mark of the Vampire Novella

Gray Donahue is crippled by the guilt he feels for his father's death. An Impure vampire cursed with the ability to hear the thoughts of others, he indulges in blood and sex to stave off the pain of his existence. He is then abducted by the Eternal Order of Vampires, who subject him to a nightmarish ritual. But when he is rescued by the icy pureblood vampire Dillon, he finds something that is worth living for, dying for, killing for....

"An addictive new series."-New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh

Includes a teaser chapter from the latest Mark of the Vampire novel, Eternal Captive, and a letter from the author.

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