Fated (The Vampire Destiny #1)

Fated (The Vampire Destiny #1)




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Fated (The Vampire Destiny #1)

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Fated (The Vampire Destiny Series #1)

 Chasing the secrets of her past...

Josephine Anderson is a 28 year old psychic empath. Isolated and alone, she'd given up on finding love because of her "gift". She's haunted by her vivid dreams about a mysterious man that is her destiny...

Her world is turned upside down...

When she meets Stefan Lifsten, she's surprised to discover that he's the man from her dreams. He's tall, blond and drop-dead gorgeous, but he has his own secrets to hide. He's a millennia old vampire that's been on a quest to find her after his own vision 200 years ago...

Their fates finally collide...

Will their fated love and desire be enough to keep them together as she becomes entrenched in the world of vampires and her past unravels?

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