The Secret Circle: The Initiation (The Secret Circle #1)

The Secret Circle: The Initiation (The Secret Circle #1)




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The Secret Circle: The Initiation (The Secret Circle #1)

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The Secret Circle book 1: The Initiation

The Circle's Power has Lured Her Home... Cassie must confront a shattering challenge: an ordeal that could cost her life or gain her more than she's ever imagined... Charmed by the Secret Circle, she's initiated into the mysterious "in crowd," a coven of young witches whose power has controlled New Salem for three hundred years. Hopelessly in love with the coven leader's boyfriend, Cassie risks falling prey to dark powers in order to have him. But if she does, her endless love could destroy the coven, New Salem, and her! ...And She Will Emerge the Leader or Perish!

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